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Product Review - Holo Ads

Discussion in 'TerraCutter' started by Ceilican, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Ceilican

    Ceilican Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2018
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    I recently bought these products from Terra Cutter:



    And thought i'd share my experience since this area's kinda empty.

    Review In Short: Happy with the product, Happy with the store, am making another order soon.

    Ordering - The store interface isn't that difficult to use, but it does not automatically calculate Shipping. You'll order the items, then a few days later the store will send an invoice with shipping included. It adds a couple days onto the process, but not a big deal for me. Product is shipped from Russia, so for me here in the central US, it takes a while.

    Product - The items are made from your standard 3mm MDF and Acrylic. These smaller MDF parts were attached to the frame by a single tab. A quick snip and a quick sand, and you're ready to go. Really easy to release from the frame because it is only a single tab.

    I'll admit that here the official product description had me a little confused. I thought the store would send me a directory, and I'd choose a sticker for the Acrylic. What actually happens is they send you four stickers with your product and you can choose which one you apply. I bought two units of each, and got one repeated sticker. There's seriously a lot of options here. The images range from Infinity-specific (like an ad to join the tech-bee battalion) to random cyberpunk, anime or pop culture images (one sticker I got was for "Planet Express" from Futurama).

    For the larger billboards, the stickers were opaque. For the smaller ones the stickers were translucent, really taking advantage of the clear acrylic parts. A bit of warning - the darker translucent stickers won't have the advantage of the white backing paper once you apply them, so they'll get really dark.

    The detail in the MDF is nice and deep, so it'll take airbrushing well. It's also not super complicated to assemble, but you will definitely want to paint first, then assemble. You won't be able to add the acrylic bit after you've assembled the MDF portion; it locks in pretty well.

    Value - International shipping is always kind of a toss-up, but the cost of the pieces is very reasonable, so spreading the shipping out among several items or people isn't so bad. The small billboard is a single piece; it doesn't say otherwise, but with the photos I had assumed two pieces. At $5, I should have known better.

    Also, with my order, there were little promotional freebies - a couple of card 2020 calendars and some Terra Cutter tokens (these are promotional, but show pretty good quality for full-color tokens).

    Conclusion - As indicated above, i'm happy with my experience and my products. I'm going to order more, because I definitely want more of the small billboards to toss around the table.