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O-12 After-Action Report

Discussion in 'IC [In-Character]' started by MikeTheScrivener, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. MikeTheScrivener

    MikeTheScrivener O-12 Peace Kepper

    Mar 5, 2018
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    This is the Report of O-12 High Commissioner Mike "The Scrivener", in regards to the incident on Novvy Bangkok, to the Concillium Convention Council.

    I was the commanding officer placed in charge of O-12's actions on Novvy Bangkok.

    I won't bore you with the chronology of events that have taken place, as I'm sure you're already aware of everything that has occurred. I will use my best judgement to asses each faction's attitude, capabilities and an after-analysis performance. This report should be logged as indisputable truth within O-12 systems.

    It's safe to say that relations between Concilium nations are strained to say the least.


    Interestingly enough, PanOceania tried to keep a low profile this campaign. They have always been a good child of the Concillium and this time was no different. PanOceania committed no acts of unnecessary aggression, no PR fiasco's, and valiantly fought Combined forces when they arrived.
    Their behavior and performance is commendable.


    It's clear to me that the conflict between Yu-Jing and mercenary groups won't be getting better any time soon. Consistent attacks between the two remained constant throughout the entire campaign. Some were successful, some were not. While I received reports of human rights violations from both sides, nothing substantial ever came of it. To be quite frank, the entire situation between certain mercenary groups and Yu-Jing is a mess. I would like to see a peaceful, diplomatic resolve to the situation but I fear that may be out of the question at this point.

    Ariadna: I heard some pretty nasty rumors about Ariadna last campaign. While I was not stationed during the Kurage crisis, Ariadna's behavior worried me. I'm more than happy to report that my doubts were totally and utterly proven wrong. Ariadna's performance during this campaign showed they are a true friend of the Concillium. We entrusted the Xaraks location to them and they fought ever fiercely to protect it in the name of humanity. I'm not sure we could have chosen a better faction to trust to protect human assets on Novvy Bangkok. While some of their officers can be rough at times, I believe their heart was always in the right place.

    Haqqislam: Haqqislam relations to the Concillium are very complicated at this time. After an early aggression on the Xaraks field veiled under reports of shasvastii infiltration, I, and by extension O-12, condemned the vicious acts of Haqqislam. They eventually began to conspire with Tohaa terrorists, which ultimately crossed a line for myself. Their poor performance during this campaign requires some type of reprimand before they can be trusted back at the round table. I advise heavy trade sanctions and a 75% disarmament of the "Qapu Khalqi" naval force. I can only hope that Haqqislam apologizes for their errors and will willingly come back into the Concillium family.

    Nomads: The Nomad nation has never liked us much, but at the same time they see that we are useful to the continuous existence of the human race. For the most part they kept a low profile this campaign. We received early reports from ALEPH that the Nomads were building a rogue AI in the Arachne node. We then received complaints that ALEPH had overstepped it's boundaries in it's investigation. Frankly, all of this is rather muddled. Neither side came out with anything substantial and eventually the Nomad's quietly retreated back to their HQ.

    ALEPH: As noted above, ALEPH saw early problems with the Nomad nation. Eventually their attention was turned to defense against the Combined Army, which they easily over threw. ALEPH once again proves that it is a friend of humanity and their performance should be commended.

    Tohaa: I engaged in early talks with a Tohaa diplomat that promised me a new beginning, that Tohaa was a friend of humanity. This was an error and I understand if I receive a demerit for this mistake. Tohaa cannot be trusted. Tohaa is no friend of Humanity. Tohaa act's in their own interests and that was proven by the atrocities committed at the Xaraks armory. I don't have much more to say on the matter other than that Tohaa should be treated with as much threat and caution as the Combined Army.

    Mercenaries: As previously discussed in my Yu-Jing analysis, the mercenary groups of Novvy Bangkok are an untrustworthy, violent bunch. They seek revenge for how they feel they were wronged and any retaliation is only more fuel to the fire. What makes this situation so much worse is that every man and woman fights a different enemy for a different reason. It's incredibly difficult to pinpoint any singular group and try to isolate and punish them in traditional O-12 ways. it is perhaps worth looking into researching and investigating mercenary leadership and warranting arrests. Time will tell how the situation develops.

    My Report on the Combined Army:
    Very early many nations were pointing fingers and accusing one another of possible combined army infiltration. Time told us this was mostly smoke and mirrors, as combined influence on the asteroid was minimal. Any infestations or incursions we're smashed by human forces almost immediately. The only substantial discover we made was the illegitimacy of the "Shasworth Corporation", which of course was harbored by Haqqislam. In my personal opinion, the war effort against the Combined army is going rather well in our favor. While nations have their differences, it pleases me greatly they are always willing to fight the alien menace.

    This is the end of my report to the O-12 council. My fellow O-12 officers are free to add anything else they would like, O-12 should record it as indisputable fact.

    If a member from any other nation should like to dispute any of this, or would like to add more – please file a report below. Add your name, the nation you are representing and your Concillium Identification Code.

    Any further requests for P-0NY's will be vetted for myself and denied.

    Thank You.
  2. OrpheusNXCI

    OrpheusNXCI O-12 Task Force Commander

    Aug 21, 2019
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    While I absolutely agree with your assessment of Haqqislamic conduct in general, I must also say that there was some great nobility demonstrated in addition to their confusing aggression towards other Sphere members. Notably, the Waqf al-Badawi, which was staffed by numerous off-duty Haqqi servicemembers, continued to provide aid and treatment to civilians of all nationalities, making no discrimination based upon nation.

    While it is immensely disappointing that some major elements of the Haqqislamic community were hell-bent on carrying out an unsanctioned "investigation" of the Ariandan Expeditionary Corps at Xaraks, their leadership did eventually withdraw as requested by our delegation. I am honored to have staffed a humanitarian corridor into and out of the Pakngein NBIS and several other locations during Phase 2 of our operations on Novyy Bangkok, and was able to witness first hand the merciful side of Haqqislam.

    However, I will have to completely agree with you about the perfidious Tohaa. While many of their commanders are friendly in diplomatic channels, their actions of unwarranted and unchecked aggression against AEC and O-12 forces in the Xaraks area are beyond the pale. Whether or not this conduct was instigated by the Trident, the Sentinels, or the Triumvirate, someone must still answer for their crimes. Until this reckoning has occurred, I can assure you that my task force will retain a healthy suspicion of any and all Tohaa for the years to come.

    I would also again like to restate my commendation for the valiant efforts of the AEC at Xaraks and Pakngein, in their investigation of Shasvaasti corruption, they shed much blood. And let us not forget that Ariadnan sons and daughters cannot come back from death as ours can. Let their honorable memory live on with all of us.

    -- Cdr. Elijah Brooks, Task Force Kopis
  3. Lady Numiria

    Lady Numiria Cyberius TaskForce

    Sep 12, 2019
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    My heart and prayers goes the same for our Ariadna brothers and sisters that fought so far away from their homeland and loose their life in order to maintain Human Sphere independance against the Combined Army. I hope that PanOceania, behalf on

    I do not share your opinion about the so-called Waqf al-Badawi and nothing could excuse the poor attitude and warcrimes the Haqqislam representatives held on Novyy Bangkok. I'll do my best to put all the evidences we acquire and defend that topic in front of the Oberhaus if needed back on Concilium Prima.

    It seems also urgent to me that the diplomatic mandate and forces of the Tohaa in our quadrant has to be severly examined, controlled and revised since this operation. We can't let us be attacked on several fronts by not only one alien race, but two. Good Trust is hardly gained, and such a show of forces had proven that Tohaas are not to be considered trustworthy anymore in that regard.

    Lady Numiria
    Cyberius TaskForce Officer
    Former member of O-12 Commission for Novyy Bangkok
  4. theGricks

    theGricks Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    Haqqislam apologizes that you regret allowing us to conduct a very legitimate and necessary investigation to determine speculo agent infiltration into the AEC. We keep hearing this word "war crimes" many times, and would love to know the definition. If you speak of our weapons, then perhaps we can return some reports and evidence of your own AEC pet using such weapons as well? The Haqqislam Medical Corps has long provided aid to all humans within a zone of conflict. The Malak Alramah risk their own safety for friend and foe alike.

    Haqqislam itself will be reporting the O-12 Commision here for repeatedly ignoring requests for aid in this investigation and allowing it to spiral out of control. All threats to humanity should be investigated thoroughly. Not finding anything should be celebrated, rather than held as a cudgel. Perhaps next time these threats will be ignored, and the Xaraks Batteries turned on incoming civilian vessels coming into the NBIS. You may take all you wish to the Oberhaus, Haqqislam has plenty of diplomatic and legal ammunition to work with. We both know the outcome if we announced weeks before we wished to investigate the Batteries. Ariadna would still have fought us, still attacked our medical checkpoints. Thus why we asked O-12 for assistance, and we received silence, followed by cries of condemnation. With Ariadna's extreme hostility, it's no wonder the Hachib has concerns. In the end, Haqqislam followed its promise of withdrawal when ordered to, even when we had a great deal of animosity towards that order. We complied.

    As for the request to disarm a portion of the Qapu Khalqi, perhaps you forget the massive portion of this armed service losing their lives during the 3rd Offensive to the point of only being able to provide security to the Caravansaries? I would love to know the O-12's recommendation on what to disarm. Perhaps we can make the Silk shipments more available to pirates and raiders? Perhaps this is simply a means to an end to being able to finally get your hands into the Silk Trade routes? If Haqqislam cannot provide enough forces to defend their trade routes, perhaps O-12 is "willing" to step in and aid it?
  5. YueFei23

    YueFei23 Durian Inspector

    Nov 29, 2017
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    Your estimation of the reach of Shasvastii infestation of the asteroid is woefully incomplete. Perhaps this is because your force was too small to venture into the more lawless areas of the asteroid without an escort.

    With our own expertise tracking criminal conspiracy and relative freedom of movement granted by our deputised Invincible Army units, we were able to uncover a considerable conspiracy of Shasvastii seed-embryos packed inside fruit shipments passing through the Main Strip. Apparently O-12 representatives find it distasteful to inspect and defrost Durian shipments to check for possible contamination, but we have no qualms about doing so. We disrupted and destroyed these shipments wherever possible, and found it necessary to seize control of Harry's Bar to do so.

    If you believe this Shasvastii activity was mere "smoke and mirrors" you have been listening too closely to Ikari and Tohaa propaganda, though you've already made your own assessment of their trustworthiness. Their protestations that we were acting to suppress the Japanese population of Novyy Bangkok were the smokescreen to attempt to block us uncovering their own criminal operations in the strip and to build legitimacy for their own territorial ambitions. In addition to the trafficked contraband we found, the Shasvastii polluted multiple regions of Novyy Bangkok with rotten fruit in an attempt to incite a popular rebellion against Yu Jing forces.

    It is obvious the Ikari sought to profit from this conflict just as they can always be relied upon to see a way to spill blood for money. Using our investigations on the Main Strip as an excuse Mr Yokoso and his rabble launched a full-scale attempt to seize the Jiyuan Pit Operations Hub, though we are pleased to report this was not at all profitable for them. Despite outnumbering us and having assistance from their Tohaa allies, the Ikari Company and other mercenary forces were no match for the discipline and tenacity of our own elite troops.

    We are still unclear what the Tohaa were trying to hide, but a number of suspicious shipments routed to an Artichoke Lou's franchise on the asteroid may have something to do with it. Our attempts to interrogate Jager Nadim on the subject were thwarted by his repeated messy deaths as he attempted to attack our Rui Shi assault remotes. We expect he'll be back. He always is.

    Hsien Yue Fei
    Durian Investigation Unit
    Imperial Service
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    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  6. Luisjoey

    Luisjoey High Marshall of Wotan

    Mar 3, 2017
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    Do agree strongly with this report and shall make commendation on this, Be blessed for your enlightment O12 officer @MikeTheScrivener

    Thanks for your commendation, Panoceania has been the law enforcement since flamia against banned weaponry by concilium O-12 convention and fighting on battlefield and the smuggling (that YJ and Haqq call commerce) of illegal weaponry. We work for peace and in peacefull behaviour; all our officers and troops shall receive the PEACEKEEPER recognition. We held aleph in need as it was attacked by NOMADS while were fighting the true menace the combined army; they called for us and we attend to the call of duty. We stood on Liberty Cargo making the best delivery service in all the Human Edge and our holding stand despite the attacks of mercenaries and criminals.

    Haqqislam have show his true nature, it was always pacting with everybody to become lore of illegal warfare selling all those forbidden weaponry, from the Hexahedron a support will be issued to the Disarmament and Ban of QAPU KHALQI mercenaries forces, also the investigation by the respective bureau of the Shasworth Corporation regarding of their doings and sinister acts, remember that combined army use any weapon able even negotiation to root the base of human sphere; History show us that mighty empires fall not only by force but by burocratic failures and even cultural stagnaments.

    Thank heaven you have your mind enlighted! thanks for the support

    Father Knight Luisjoey of the Santiago de Leon Order

    Liberty Cargo.jpg

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  7. theGricks

    theGricks Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    :looks at @Cabaray and @cazboab : I guess the existing evidence and investigation is...not enough? I do not know where you have been Mr.Luisjoey in...a great deal of discussions, but this has been a talking point for some time. Shasworth Financial was a Panoceanian based company operating out of Haqqislam NBIS as it was the only commercial spaceport. Since the arrival of evidence all Shasworth assets and personnel have been seized and will be turned over to O-12 authorities.
  8. cazboab

    cazboab O12 prisoner 627

    Nov 30, 2017
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    Indeed, Haqqislam are to be commended on how quickly they found out that they were totally innocent and it was all someone else's fault...
  9. theGricks

    theGricks Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    Haqqislam does recognize that Haqqislam facilities were being used by Shasworth and Dark Star. Like many, many other companies. We cannot simply break contracts on hunches, otherwise no business would trust that they could operate within our territories. We do sincerely thank the Ariadnans for providing the material and evidence of Shasworths duplicity, and have taken actions.
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  10. TheDiceAbide

    TheDiceAbide Thank you for your compliance.

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Flattery will get you nowhere. ;)
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  11. Apps0206

    Apps0206 Kazak Sneeki Breeki

    Apr 19, 2018
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    Be still, my heart.
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