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New in infinity and aleph

Discussion in 'ALEPH' started by Chapuzas, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Chapuzas

    Chapuzas Member

    Sep 22, 2019
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    Hi :)

    Well, after giving Aristeia a great game, I'm going to go deeper into the world of infinity ...

    I really liked this faction about the whole sector of the steel phalanx and I have some questions:

    1º What would you recommend me to start? since I currently have nothing of infinity.

    2nd Is it a good faction to start? since the fear that gives me is the density of the rules of this game

    3rd Is it possible to mix the entire faction or does it have to be divided by sectors?

    Regards, and thank you very much :)
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  2. Stiopa

    Stiopa Trust The Fuckhead

    Feb 21, 2017
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    Hi there, welcome to the game and the forums ;)

    First step would be to decide whether you want to play a vanilla faction, or a sectorial; vanilla is the full unit mix, more flexible but without fireteams and maybe few sectorial-only options. Sectorials are less flexible to some degree, but more focused and powerful (mostly thanks to fireteams).

    Aleph is a very good faction right now; it has a wide selection of units, making it very flexible (The degree varies; Steel Phalanx is quite restricted, while Operations SubSection is almost as versatile as vanilla); most of our units are very durable, and thus a bit more forgiving to play; our specialists are top quality; some of our units are actually as close to broken as it gets (ekhm, Posthumans, ekhm; I strongly suggest to first learn to play without them). In general it should serve you well.

    Good first purchases would be: for Phalanx the starter and 300 pts box, if you can find it somewhere; for OSS the Operation Coldfront set (trading the Kazak half away), and a Dakini box. For vanilla - probably a mix of both worlds. Play with some proxies first, try to figure out which units fit your playstyle best.

    My personal recommendation would be to go with OSS and Coldfront, but I'm a fan of the sectorial, so there might be some bias. Just saying ;) Also, all Operation boxes include an introductory campaign, which does a great job of introducing the game one special rule at a time, without overwhelming the player.

    Last thing - check if there's a Warcor in your area, we introduce the game to new players and answer any questions you might have about it. Have fun :)
  3. yoink101

    yoink101 Chandra SpecOps Complaint Department

    Jan 20, 2018
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    Welcome! I recommend starting with vanilla ALEPH (when you click on the ALEPH symbol in the army builder, it’s the first of three options). That will give you access to all of the different options and let you experiment and figure out what you like. It will also keep you away from fireteams to begin with, which can be clunky and add several extra rules and complications.

    Ideally you can start with one of the two player box (eg. Coldfront) learning missions. They are a fantastic way to start learning the core mechanics and each mission will add just a few rules.

    So, to mirror the above post, get the steel Phalanx starter, the aleph half of the Coldfront box (and the Russians make a pretty solid set of mercenary proxies if you want to hold onto them) and the Dakini SWC box. You could also get the old ALEPH starter. It is dated, but I still use the non Dakini models in that quite a bit. That will give you a solid smattering of units to try out and proxy.

    For your third question, I recommend starting without a sectorial and just go with ALEPH until you have a grasp of what you like, but that’s a decision you can make for yourself. Plenty of players start with a sectorial and enjoy it.

    Once you’ve gotten a handle on the starter missions, I suggest playing some games at 150, then 200 points. When you start playing 300 point games, it’s not a bad idea to stick to one combat group of ten models to start with so that you can get a solid grasp of things early on. It’s also a good idea to be up front with any opponents and let them know that you’re new and still figuring things out.

    For your next round of purchases, regardless of your choice in sectorial, remotes will be a necessity. One box of Probots and 2-3 boxes of Rebots will make appearances in most of your lists. I also recommend the original release of Achilles, but that’s just my personal bias.
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  4. Chapuzas

    Chapuzas Member

    Sep 22, 2019
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    thank you very much to @Stiopa and @yoink101

    I got the starter box of 300 points so start from there

    Thanks again
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