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Neo-Tiki Motel, Office, Upgrade Pack and Bundle

Discussion in 'Antenocitis Workshop' started by Antenociti, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Antenociti

    Antenociti Well-Known Member

    Jan 8, 2018
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    Come stay at the Neo-Tiki Motel! The Neo-Tiki Motel is a two-storey, six-room motel building, complete with all the functionality one needs for Infinity; swinging doors, removable roof, total and partial cover etc.

    Neo-Tiki Motel 2.jpg

    Every motel needs a little office for payment and keys, and so we have the Neo-Tiki Office, a micro-office with a central desk, sliding from doors and a rear swinging door. The roof slides off, and a gigantic sign hangs off the sign. The roof is big enough for a TAG to stand on, and the sign is big enough to hide them. The raised sign at the front of the office will provide partial cover to S2's, allowing a small sniper perch.

    2.jpg 7.jpg
    And last but not least, the Neo-Tiki Upgrade Pack can be used on both buildings to upgrade it with interior detail. This gives beds, showers, computer terminals, and advertising to every room in the Motel. It provides a vending machine, weather chart, computer and payment screens to the Neo-Tiki Office. In addition, two magnetisable signs come with the Upgrade Pack for adding to the roof of the Motel.

    4.jpg 8.jpg 3.jpg
    All of these can be bought separately, but they can also be bought together as a little bundle, saving £14.50 over the cost of purchasing them individually.

    Available now: https://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/product-category/dfi/
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  2. Ceilican

    Ceilican Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2018
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    Argh! I still need to get the Blue Suburban Office, but I think I want this more.
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