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N3 tactical guide to Qapu Khalqi, The Men of the Gate

Discussion in 'Haqqislam' started by Errhile, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Errhile

    Errhile A traveller on the Silk Road

    Nov 25, 2017
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    This guide originated in 2ed at the Infinity forums, and was also posted at DataSphere.
    Please consider it a living guide - it gets updated periodically, which also means there might be some overlooked lefotovers from the bygone days (and thus not exactly up to date).
    Not yet covering Daedalus' Fall-data.

    Artwork by Killeet. Used under permission from the author.

    Qapu Khalqi

    Qapu Khalqi - which can be translated as "Men of the Gate" - are the military force of the Funduq Sultanate: the part of the Haqqislam that is responsible for Silk transport and commerce in general, including protecting the Caravansarai space stations, Haqqislamite trade fleet and whatever trade interests the Haqq state does have out there. This includes letters of marqee, allowing Haqq-aligned corsairs to prey upon competitive shipping. A good deal of the Silk Route's protectors are private security companies, contractors and soldiers of fortune - mercenaries in short - who are also used by the Sultanate military.

    General overview:
    Qapu Khalqi are masters of Fireteam shell games due to Hafza's ability of Holoprojecting as someone else and linking with any QK Fireteam: Core or Haris. There are also two MI units with Fireteam: Duo ability.

    We are short on Infiltrators (only the al'Hawwa), trustworthy AD (Yuan Yuan make excellent finger in the eye disruptions to enemy line, and are super-cheap, but not exactly reliable or easy to control, Bashi Bazouk are somewhat limited with AD 1), so a Ragik Spitfire blitzkrieg is out of menu, and almost deprived of Mines (only al'Hawwa Sniper, though the Ghulam w/ Deployable Repeaters and one of the Bashi Bozouk pack E/Maulers).

    Our TAGs are lightweight and inexpensive - not the MBT category - requiring a skillful commander to make good use of them.

    Light Infantry review:
    Light Infantry are our main troops. They are fragile with their ARM of 1-2 and W 1, but not too fragile. And they are quick. MOV 4-4 means you can move them a lot and get into position where they will be in an advantage. Also, they are typically inexpensive, so you can recruit specialists for a sensible cost.

    Al'waziri, the Corregidor's Algulaciles, Nomad Mercenaries in QK service. Cheaper than Ghulam and not linkable, they make good Order Monkeys, and can be used to bring in a Hacker a few points cheaper than Ghulam. However, they are typically only 2pts cheaper than equivalent Ghulam loadouts, which makes them a little less attractive than they once were. AVA: 4, no Fireteam ability.

    • 10/0 Rifleman. That's the Order Monkey of Qapu Khalqi, does great when you need a cheap model to sit on its butt and generate Orders. On his own, he's roughly as competent as a Ghulam, so feel free to press him into action against a target of opportunity. However, the inability to work in Fireteams makes him less than ideal choice for offensive operations. Makes a good, inconspicuous cover for a Hafza Lt.

      10/1 Lieutenant. Unless you are looking for a cheap Lt. for a fully Merc QK force (some folks like to put together QK lists with no Haqq models in them for that mercenary feel), don't bother with him. He can't work in a Link Team, costs SWC, is rather squishy and his WIP is substandard to Haqq.

      12/0 Forward Observer / Deployable Repater. It is the cheapest Forward Observer QK can field. However, the Ghulam FO makes up a very strong competitor - more competent and just 1 point more expensive, though not carrying a Deployable Repeater.

      12/0 Paramedic. With a wide access to Doctors (Ghulam Doc being 4pts more expensive, and more effective by a whole order of magnitude), I can't really see a point to field Algulacile Paramedic.

      14/1 Grenadier. Skip that option, equivalent Ghulam Grenadier is 1 point cheaper and can work in a Fireteam.

      18/1 HMG gunner. If you have a hole exactly of that shape - i.e. you have 18pts and 1 SWC to spend, and want an additional HMG, this is a viable option. Otherwise, a Ghulam HMG costs 20 pts and 1 SWC.

      18/0,5 Hacker. The cheapest way to field REMs in QK, as he is 2pts cheaper than Ghulam Hacker - that's his edge. Otherwise, there are better Hacker choices in QK, but depending on the role you plan for your Hacker, it can be a viable choice. If he is there merely to enable the drones to be fielded, he's a logical choice, and he's an average Hacker on his own.

      18/1.5 Multi Sniper Rifle. SWC costly, and without the Fireteam bonuses, but she packs a MultiSniper punch compared to her Ghulam equivalent. Naturally, you could also use a Kaplan, if you want a MSR in QK with all the trimmings...

      15/1.5 Missile Launcher gunner. While this choice is 2pts cheaper than a Ghulam equivalent, the ability to Link tips the scales definitely in Ghulam ML's favour. Skip this one.

    Bashi Bazouk. Corsairs, pirates and general up-to-no-good. Difficult to control, yet cheap AD Irregular (though not as cheap as Yuan Yuan), but he has a nice survival ratio thanks to Holoprojector L2 and ARM 2. Bashi Bazouks are potentially devastating, but using them requires careful planning: AD 1 Parachutist's entry zone has to be determined during deployment phase. They can be naturally fielded on the table, skipping the AD part (this will allow them to use their variant skill, Zero-G Terrain), and even use their Holoprojector L2 in L1 mode to pose as someone else. Keep in mind that mines (and similar devices) in N3 explode automatically whenever there's a legal target in range. you can use a Holoecho to blow them up!
    Besides, Bashi Bazouk are not as unruly as our other AD-capable troop, the Yuan Yuan - basically, they can do a skirmisher's job. In fact, the only thing they lack is a Specialist profile. AVA 4, no Fireteam ability.

    • 15/0 Boarding Shotgun. My favourite variant back in 2ed, this Bashi Bazouk will do great wreaking havoc in enemy's rear. Boarding Shotgun allows to engage any target up close and personal, especially if you can take a shot against its back, and 15 points I'd consider cheap for such an unit.

      16/0 Rifle + Light Shotgun. Here comes the standard Haqq gun. For one point more you get longer effective range and more Burst, or - if you choose - a weaker Shotgun blast (and no AP Slugs). Less universal regarding your victims, but effective on wider choice of distances.

      17/0 AP Rifle, 2 Breaker Pistols, CCW. Might be interesting if you expect to send the Bashi against numerous Heavy Infantry, and the twin Breaker Pistols aren't half bad either!

      17/0 CombiRifle & E-Mauler, CCW. An AirDeployed E/Mauler makes this profile an effective counter to mechanical threats (HI,TAGs, REMs - though others won't like getting EMPed either), provided he can survive getting into range...

      12/0 Submachinegun & Chain Colt, CCW As SMG in HSN3 becomes an ultra-short-ranged MultiRifle (i.e. with AP or Shock Ammo choice, optimal up to 8", and acceptable up to 16", capable of suppressive fire) this loadout has the potential for becoming my favourite Bashi. He can go after any target, he can set a Suppression Fire zone (and do so after landing in enemy table half!), and being ultra-cheap... Arrr!

    Ghulam, Haqqislam's basic line infantry, and IMO one of the better basic infantries in Infinity, even if a little costly compared to Algulaciles, Fusiliers or Zanshi. They have decent stats, and access to a wide array of specialists - including an inexpensive Sniper Rifle, a Panzerfaust and a good ol' HMG. Don't miss the Ghulam Doc, she'll be doing a lot of good job saving butts of your soldiers. Ghulam are the bread and butter, and a well-managed Ghulam Fireteam is a force to be respected - in smaller games, often the game winner, and in larger - they can still do a lot of harm to the enemy. Any enemy - hail of bullets from a linked HMG can take down even a TAG. AVA: Total, Fireteam: Core

    Ghulam as Core Fireteam: in a small-sized game, they are your go-to Fireteam. In larger games, they are often used as a defensive Fireteam (armed primarily with Sniper Rifles and Missile Launchers), blocking long lines of fire and providing Orders to your other units. Their ARM and BTS don't give them much staying power, unfortunately.
    As offensive Fireteam, they can do fine (usually armed with a HMG), plus they have aplenty of specialist profiles to choose from. Still, in a large game, you usually have better offensive models than the humble Ghulams.
    In my eyes, defensive Fireteam should have at least 2 long-ranged weapons, preferably 3. A Specialist of some kind is a good addition, though the Doc should be rather on her own (to be able to use her Nasmats). The remaining should be made up with riflemen.
    An Offensive Fireteam needs a HMG, another support weapon isn't out of question (keep the Panzerfaust profile in mind, she's good for that kind of job) and one or two Specialists. Having a Doctor in an offensive Fireteam is very useful. Make the rest up with Rifles.

    Ghulam as lone models: primarily useful as inexpensive specialists. The Doctor is as good as any other Doc in QK (save perhaps for Janissary Akbar Doc), and trumps the Kaplan Doc in terms of pure healing prowess. The Hacker is a bit more expensive than Algulacile Hacker, but also has that +1 WIP. You might want the Forward Observer for the same reason. The Sniper is a cheap mean of providing long-ranged ARO no one actually likes to take. The Deployable Repeater guy is one of our few models with Deployable weapons (E-Maulers), in addition to making up a repeater network, but he's no Specialist.

    • 12/0 Rifleman. Most basic of the basic, he's valuable as a part of a Ghulam Link Team and cover for a Ghulam Lt. Remember (as with any Haqq rifleman) to carefully wage your chances when deciding whether to use his Rifle, or Light Shotgun - up close, a salvo from a linked Light shotgun is going to be devastating.

      13/1 Grenadier. A very cheap upgrade compared to the Rifleman, only 1 point more, which makes the model a good choice in small games. And Speculative Fire can be used by a Link Team member (BS mod applicable, though Burst mode is not), huzzah!

      15/0,5 Panzerfaust gunner. A cheap, disposable alternative to the Missile Launcher, Panzerfaust works great as a deterrent - no one likes to be AROed with AP EX, and especially - not one fired from a Fireteam. 2 shots only (which means that in most cases it is one go), but a viable choice. Besides, if you keep a Kameel REM at hand, it might be able to resupply the Panzerfaust gunner with extra ammo (as per Baggage rule).

      16/0 Doctor. The cheapest of our Docs, she's however very effective - her prime medical education (represented by Doctor Plus skill) allows her a success ratio that will turn other factions filed medics turn green with envy... Also, having a Doc in the Link Team does indeed pay off - she's going to be close to possible casaulties. Assigning her a Nasmat Assistant REM (G: Servant) is a good idea, though you might like to keep her outside of a Link then. Combining Link and a Nasmat requires some tricks to be effective 1, and will be a heavy toll on your Command Token pool.

      16/0,5 Sniper. Compared to Multi Sniper Rifles commonly used by the more advanced armies, the humble Sniper Rifle may look underpowered. Well, strictly speaking, it would be great to have DA ammo on it, but the old-fashioned Sniper Rifle is still an excellent weapon (and inexpensive!) - consider that, in ARO, it has the same Burst and DAM as a HMG, plus superior range. Being Shock Ammo weapon, it poses a deadly danger to most light troops. Bring two of these in a Fireteam (just 32/1 points) and even enemy TAG will think twice about poking its ugly head around the corner. Think of Ghulam Snipers in terms of area denial rather than offensive power - they might not be killing enemies, but the very possibility of a high-powered ARO with long range is going to keep enemy models from moving into his LoS. If you have nothing better, a Linked Sniper Rifle makes an acceptable offensive weapon for long-range engagements. Switching to regular Rifles will make sense once you close into their optimum range, provided the target is not heavily armored.

      13/0 Forward Observer - inexpensive, and very competent in his trade (thanks to WIP 14), FO is a very interesting addition that came in N3.

      14/0 Deployable Repeater - apart from the Deployable Repeaters, this fella packs E/Maulers too - a cheap and nasty way of playing merry hell with high-tech opponents (if you can get close enough). It is not as good against light troops, but we have other tricks for these.

      20/1 Heavy Machine Gunner. This is the cornerstone around which a Ghulam Fireteam should be built, if it is to have reliable offensive power. Long range, high Burst, excellent stopping power - this is the weapon you use to kill things from away. All kind of things. Beware, however, of targets that close into your sub-optimal range. There, his team buddies with Rifles and Light Shotguns will have to do the job.

      20/0,5 Hacker. Well, he's not the best hacker we can field in QK, but he's inexpensive and thanks to WIP 14, noticeably better than almost any other basic infantry's Hacker - equipped with the standard Hacking Device, he's an all-rounder. Plus, he's just as competent soldier as any Ghulam Rifleman. If you can squeeze him in a Fireteam to give him 6th Sense L2, he's a viable option.

      17/1.5 Missile Launcher gunner. With Fireteam bonuses to Burst and Ballistic Skill, a Missile Launcher makes an effective weapon - kind of Panzerfaust with additional Blast Template mode and unlimited ammo. If you manage to score a hit with is, most targets are as good as gone. Scoring, however, might be problematic due to low Burst - and stepping into favourable range band won't be that easy in N3. Still, recently I find the ML to be very useful weapon against a variety of targets, especially if they are grouped (this forces a Face-to-Face roll from each of them in ARO!). Also, I keep a very good record in blasting Total Reaction remotes with it - full Fireteam is usually able to obtain range advantage and Fireteam advantage while maintaining cover, and putting the Reaction Bot in range disadvantage (resulting in 2 shots at 14-or-less, if the REM is in cover, vs. typically 4 shots at 5-or-less).

      12/0 Lieutenant. Inexpensive and effective, plus he's easy to hide in a Fireteam. He's often overshadowed by Hafza, but he's still a viable choice.

      20/0.5 HMG Lieutenant. An interesting option, if you want your Lt. to see some action. Since using the Lt. Order means kicking the Lt from a Fireteam, it will be a kind of a desperate move to use it. Still, you are sometimes that one Order short from eliminating a vital target...

      17/1.5 Missile Launcher Lieutenant. Again, interesting option, but I wouldn't call it outstanding.
    Hafza, disciples of the finest Military Academy in the Sultanate, make excellent field officers. They are the Link Team SuperGlue(TM), which makes for their most useful ability: you can make Hafza (one or two) join a Fireteam (Core or Haris) with any Fireteam-capable troop of Qapu Khalqi (except for Kaplan and the Druze), or one Hafza with any QK Haris Team! This isn't much when you link them with Ghulam, but link them with, say, Jannissaries, and you might be getting a Link Bonuses of a 5-man Team for one copper fiq. Good infantrymen on their own, they make the best Lt option in QK due to their ability of hiding as somebody else (keep in mind they can also hide as "someone nasty you really don't want to mess with", like a HI with a heavy weapon, so your opponent will avoid him as a clear threat. At least as long as the Silhouette value does match). Also, excellent ground to recruit a Husam SpecOps trooper. AVA 4 Fireteam: Core, Special (can include 2 Hafza into any QK Core Fireteam, or 1 Hafza into a Haris Fireteam not composed of Mercenary troops. These are now identified as Kaplan and Druze.).

    Hafza as Core Fireteam: skip it. Hafza aren't that much better than Ghulam to make a fireteam made up entirely of Hafza worth it. Especially given you need to use a (Hafza-based) Husam SpecOps to reach the 5-man Fireteam.

    Hafza as Fireteam: Special members. Hell yes, that's what Hafzas are for. Use them to give your Fireteams Core & Haris one of the following things:

    • 1. Fortify an expensive Fireteam to full size for a few points.
      2. Give a Fireteam the Specialist (FO) it wouldn't have otherwise (very useful for Odalisque Fireteams!), or even a cheap backup specialist,
      3. Equip the Fireteam with a heavy weapon (Spitfire and/or HRL) it can't have or can't afford otherwise.
      4. Hide your Lt in a Fireteam - for a penny. Note that he can as well be a fake Lt - once your opponent finds out there's a Hafza in a Ghulam Fireteam, he'll put him in his crosshairs as probable Lt. Which makes the Ghulam Lt. next to him way more survivable.
    Hafza as single models - three major uses:
    • 1. Hide your Lt. away as something that isn't likely to be a Lt, and likely won't be bothered anyway (like an Algulacile rifleman).
      2. Pretend to be a big scary model (like a Djan Sniper or Janissary HMG) no-one's willing to bother.
      3. Have a nasty surprise (usually a HRL or Spitfire) hidden away as something inconspicuous.
    • 16/0 Rifleman. The cheapest option, and AFAIK most common. Used primarily to bolster Fireteams on a budget, even though he can look menacing (for example, holoprojecting as a Jannissary HMG) to keep enemy at bay.

      16/0 Lieutenant (Rifle). A cheap (+4 pts over a Ghulam), effective (WIP 14) Lt. who can mask as another unit and join any Fireteam? Yes please! Hafza officers are one of the most common Lt. choices in QK lists, and thanks to their Holoprojectors, Fireteam protection and decent stats (plus the anonymity - it is the Lt, or just a Link fill-up?) they tend to have acceptable survival ratio.

      17/0 Forward Observer. Apart of being useful in scenarios as an inexpensive Specialist Troop you could add to any Link Team, the FO has an excellent defensive weapon in the form of Flash Pulse - with WIP 14 he has a headlong start against most possible opponents, so there is a good chance for winning an FtF in ARO, and you may even blind the opponent for the rest of the turn...

      22/1 Spitfire. Same as the Rifleman Hafza, but this fellow brings a small Squad Automatic Weapon for a small cost that can be either camouflaged or, which is more interesting, used to give a backup machinegun to an expensive Fireteam intended for another task. On the other hand, in most cases he'll be not as good Spitfire / HMG user as a member of the unit he joined...

      22/1 Lieutenant (Spitfire). While he brings the best combination of all, I'd consider him to be the most risky - the opponent will likely not know him to be your Lt, but he will want to have him down to get rid of that Spitfire. Still if you have some leftover points - why not? Still, being the LT is already harrowing enough, making him even more high profile is not helping things.

      18/1.5 Heavy Rocket Launcher, Assault Pistol. The HSN3 addition, this Hafza brings heavy firepower to any Fireteam - and for a really reasonable point cost. Not to mentiion - we really can use another HRL! Even though it leans heavily on your SWC allowance - the points cost is very affordable though.
    Kaplan. Haqq is the faction of elite LI, and Kaplan are the most elite of them (also, most expensive, but you pay and they deliver!) with their own Doctors and Engineers, unparalelled BTS, and loads of hi-tech weaponary rarely seen in Haqqislam. Note that their Mimetism gives them a distinct edge in FtF shootouts (unless the enemy has MSV), and Courage keeps them cool under fire.
    Keep in mind that Kaplan use CombiRifles instead of standard Haqq Rifle+light shotgun combo.

    Your enemies will learn to fear the Sultan's Tigers. AVA 5 Fireteam: Core, but can't include Hafzas

    Kaplan as Core Fireteam: one of the most popular setups among QK commanders AFAIK. Due to their cost, they don't make much sense as a defensive Fireteam. It usually gets based around a Spitfire, but personally I do often make them around the MSR. Out of a Fireteam, it provides you with an excellent long-range firepower, and up close, teamed CombiRifles are good enough. Taking both these weapons is fine, but a mite expensive, especially SWC-wise.
    A team can well use a Specialist, usually a Doctor (to have him close to potential wounded), but for some missions you could prefer an Engineer (especially if you have a TAG on your list). And if you're investing in a Kaplan Fireteam, why not both? The rest is made of Riflemen, and I suggest having a mix of Blitzens and ADHLsin your Kaplan Fireteam. Nobody likes getting AROed with either of these.

    The downside is you can't cheapen a Kaplan Core by using Hafzas.

    Kaplan as single models: actually not that very interesting. Kaplan Doc, while very good by general Infinity standards, is inferior to other QK doctors, lacking Doctor Plus skill. He's as competent combatant as every other Kaplan, but in the general roster he's kinda neither fish or fowl.
    The Engineer is an interesting choice, as his competition is either bland (Najjarun) or comes with a TAG in tow (Cordelia).
    If you want a MSR, the Kaplan Sniper provides a more survivable and deadly alternative to Algulacile MSR, but personally I don't think it's worth it.

    • 23/0 ADHL gunner. This is the cheapest Kaplan option. And still viable. He has D-Charges, so he can perform demolition jobs and blow up the stuff he glued with the ADHL. Teamed ADHL really makes for a nasty ARO.

      23/0 Blitzen gunner. Same as above (save for D-Charges), these guys make the staple of a Kaplan Fireteam. The difference - and choice - is yours, it really depends on preference: Blitzen has better range, and EM/2 warhead - makes for an excellent TAG, HI and REM stopper, but the downside being limited ammo (2 use only) and the fact some targets aren't vulnerable to EM. ADHL has unlimited ammo and is effective against everything, but big bad guys stand bigger chance agaisnt it, and the range's shorter.

      27/0 ADHL Engineer. The best frontline Engineer in QK is a Kaplan, but basically this trooper is your standard ADHL Kaplan with additional training in Engineering. Take him, and he will be close to whatever needs defusing, repairing, unlocking and what-not.

      27/0 Blitzen Engineer. Same choice as before - you want to glue stuff down, or fry the fuses on hi-tech gizmos? Keep in mind this fella comes in with no D-Charges (a rare combination for an Engineer).

      27/0 Blitzen Doctor. The Kaplan - as befits a Haqq unit - have their own medical support at hand. The Kaplan Doc is a good choice as a member of the team, as he'll be there to patch up any downed fellow Tiger (he's just less competent than most Haqq doctors, as he has no Doctor Plus, but with WIP 14, he's still very good compared to other factions). Plus, he brings another Blitzen - really, jumping a Kaplan squad with a TAG or HI is asking for trouble...

      28/1 Spitfire gunner. Kaplan use the small and maneuverable Spitfire as their Squad Automatic Weapon. Since SAW is something a squad should be buildt around, I'd consider it an essential choice.

      30/1.5 Multi Sniper Rifleman. Another weapon rarely seen in Haqq hands, the MSR is expensive, but in a Fireteam it can inflict tremendous damage on any distant target. Thanks to decent BS and Mimetism, this fellow might even make sense as a lone sniper. Still, Kaplan aren't cheap, and I used to rather base a team around a Spitfire, plus Doc and Engineer and a pair of riflemen, with a mix of Blitzens and ADHL. However, if you want some really long-ranged firepower, a linked MSR really does the trick.

    Najjarun Engineer, well, he's an Engineer. 'Nuff said. AVA 1, no Fireteam ability.

    • 17/0 Engineer. The standard Haqq Engineer is plain vanilla - basically a Ghulam with D-Charges and training in Engineering, but he cannot form a Fireteam with Ghulam (or, in fact, anyone). On his own he doesn't have much chance and is generally overshadowed by the Kaplan as a combat engineer. Ah, but the Kaplan is 10-11 points more expensive, which makes a valid point. If you are on a budget, Najjarun is just as competent in jury-rigging stuff as the Kaplan (same WIP 14). Assign him a Nasmat Assistant REM, and he will do.
      Curious thing that came up in N3 - Najjarun gained Courage, so they can repair stuff even in Retreat situation (well, patch up a TAG and you’re pretty likely to be out of retreat).
    • Keep in mind that being an Engineer, he can detonate D-Charges set by anyone else.

    Odalisques. You will love the girls - apart from being just so cute, they are your "pocket HI", with NWI (effectively 2 wounds - just watch out for Shock or Viral ammo - and build-in Courage), a choice of 360-Visor or 6th Sense L2, iKohl L3 (which makes them a real pain in CC - they don't excel in it, but generally nobody wants to engage in CC with them). They can also form a Haris Fireteam, and pack a good choice of weapons. You want to take the fight to the enemy, you will like them.

    Keep in mind the Valour: No Wound Incapacitation means it is a disputable point in wasting orders on administering medical aid to wounded Odalisques - a botched roll will kill them, without it they are still going and able to dispose of your enemies. On the other hand, any QK field medic has WIP 14 and (save for Kaplan) Doctor Plus, giving the non-Kaplan Doc an 85% chance of succeeding, and Odalisques having Cubes, so you could re-roll is by spending a Command Token.
    Mind that, however, in N3 weapons capable of firing shock ammo became dangerously common.

    6th Sense L2 was usually preferred in 2ed, in N3, 360-visor seems to be equally viable option, especially for area control (and think about setting up a Suppression fire with a 360-Visor!). AVA 5 Fireteam: Core & Haris

    Odalisques as Core Fireteam: semi-Heavy Light Infantry, with a plethora of light weapons and excellent survivablility (at least untill Shock or Viral munitions starts flying around)? Another QK staple offensive team. Usually it is buildt around a Spitfire, giving the team a powerful, high-Burst weapon with decent range. Having one Rifle isn't a bad idea either. Then you need to fill it up with other loadouts, though I'd suggest keeping at least one Boarding Shotgun around for room clearing. SMGs with Shock ammo are useful to mow down light troops, and the AP mode gets handy against well-armored point targets - the cost differences, however, are minimal, so it is more a matter of personal preference.
    Keep in mind that if you want a Specialist on the team, your only option is a Hafza FO.
    Odalisques don't really work as a defenisve fireteam, due to their lack of long-ranged weapons.

    Odalisques as Haris Fireteam: well, that's the original unit for Haris in the game. They are just as good as in the full Core Team, save for the BS bonus (you can choose 6th Sense L2 as Odalisque skill anyway), but not blocking your Core slot, so they're good. Purely an offensive choice though. Since there are maximum of 3 models in a Haris, you need one Haris / Rifle Odalisque, plus I'd suggest a Spitfire one (for longer range fire on approach), and whichever third fits your taste (in my case, usually a Shotgun) or a Hafza FO as a Specialist.

    Odalisques as single models: they're fast, and save for the Boarding Shotgun Odalisque they all have guns capable of Suppressive Fire. Now, a well-situated model with a Suppressive Fire, 360-Visor and NWI is pretty a pain in the butt for your opponent. Most of the time, it was the Spitfire, but these days, a Rifle or SMG (actually preferable, thanks to the AP or Shock ammo choice the Rifle lacks) would do just fine in the same role!

    • 23/0 Boarding Shotgun & Nanopulser. DAM 14 AP slugs are nothing to whine at up close and personal, and neither are shotshells. Unless you are trying to get a TO Camo hiding in Cover (or need to squeeze off an Intuitive Attack), I'd prefer the shotgun to the Nanopulser. Useful for cleaning out rooms as described below (but gets more oomph than the Light Shotgun), the AP slugs come handy when you come across a really tough target, but Odalisques aren't the first choice I'd go for when there is a TAG on the rampage (not that my BS Oda from a Haris hadn't scored a wound off a Lizard in ARO).

      24/0 Rifle & Nanopulser. This package doesn't excel in anything, there is better range than with Boarding Shotgun, and the Light Shotgun comes in handy for room-to-room fighting - Nanopulser is nice, but gives you no chance of winning a Face-to-Face roll. Shotgun does, and still can affect multiple targets.

      25/0,5 Haris, Rifle & Nanopulser. The special one - you need her if you want to field an extra team of 3 Odalisques, the Haris Team. This is a very useful option, allowing you to use the Girls as fast-moving, hard-hitting force in addition to another Fireteam. Besides, she works just like her Rifle-packing colleague above.

      22/0 SMG, Contender & Nanopulser. I like it less than I did back in 2ed, but still, it is a nice package for short-range combat. SMG provides you with a close range AP or Shock capability (now the girls can even try their luck against a TAG), and Contender is useful for ARO (being a DA weapon with Burst 1) as well as for making doors where there are none: it gained Anti-Material trait. Due to low Burst it is better to leave active-turn shooting on distances beyond SMGs effective range to other loadouts.

      30/1 Spitfire & Nanopulser. An essential package - this weapon allows the girls to effectively engage targets outside optimal Rifle ranges. Plus, when used from a Core or Haris Fireteam it gets the Burst bonus. Weight of fire can force anyone down...

    Leila Sharif, Husam Operative - a post-Red Veil arrival, Leila is an interesting addition. While of Daylami background (making her more at home in the Hassassin Bahram... and generaly considered a great boon there), she's a valuable asset in QK as well. AVA 1 (Character), Fireteam: Core (counts as Ghulam).

    • 20/0 Killer Hacker Device, Shock Marksman Rifle, D-Charges. Leila is a virtual toolbox - she counts as Hacker, packs a deadly gun with extra range, and can both plant and deotnate D-Charges (remember, this means she can also detonate charges laid by other friendly models - an N3 change - so your al'Hawwa can get a bit more aggressive with their D-Charges). She and the Druze are our only entries into the killer hacker field (includign access to Impersonation - via Cybermask). The Marksman Rifle allows for a Shock Suppressive Fire. The main problem is whether to make her go in with a Ghulam fireteam, or let her operate solo - she has serious advantages in both roles.
    Husam SpecOps. Introduced to Paradiso Campaign and ITS Season 4, our SpecOp can come form one of the following backgrounds:

    • 12/0 Ghulam Rifleman. Whatever has been said on Ghulam, can be repeated here. Ghulam are fine, and are the cheapest SpecOps option for us, but I wouldn't consider recruiting your Husam there.

      16/0 Hafza Rifleman. All the advantages of a Hafza and then SpecOps bonuses on him? I consider it crazy good. We QK rely on Fireteams - this fellow can be out in the field with any of these teams. The only drawback is that his Holoprojector L1 is incompatible with Mimetism, so Mimetic Husam isn't an option with Hafza.

      24/0,5 Hassassin Muyib Panzerfaust gunner. The most expensive, and while he comes with a built in Panzerfaust, I do include him here for completeness sake only (although if you want a "lone wolf" specialist in Infiltration, this might be an idea). He cannot join a Fireteam with anything in QK.

    Medium Infantry review:
    A note on MI - I'm not a fan of them in general. Covering long distances with MOV 4-2 hurts your Order stack, and they don't bring the HI's resilience in exchange. They are too damn slow for me.
    On the other hand, fielding a Fireteam allows us for a greater economy of Order consumption - one Order moves a whole Team, up to 5 models. And ARM 3 on every of our MI isn't something to ignore.

    Djanbazan. The strong arm of the Muhafiz, the Security and Intelligence Agency. Think of them as the Haqq counter-terrorist brigade. They kick doors and speak mean words - and have a well-earned reputation for going over the top. In my opinion the most useful of the MI bunch, especially the HMG gunner.

    Their distinguishing features are Multi Spectral Visor L2 and trademark Regeneration. Keep in mind though their Regeneration succeeds 55% times, so if possible, you get a much better better chance with a Doctor. Regeneration does also include Shock Immunity. An ability often overlooked is Multiterrain - the Muhafiz shocktroopers can be equally at home under any conditions. AVA 5 Fireteam: Core

    Djanbazan as Core Fireteam: they're good, if a little slow, offensive Fireteam. Base the team around a HMG and add a Sniper Rifle (or Marksman Rifle) if you wish so. A Doctor will be handy, too. Hacker is rather a specialized loadout. Fill up with Riflemen (and /or Hafzas, they're cheaper though not as durable).

    Djanbazan as individual models: HMG and Sniper are staple (I guess the Marksman could do as a poor man's sniper if points are tight, but he's fine operating as solo model, and being rather active). Doctor could do as a resilient healer with optional "get up on my own" capability. Similar with the Hacker.

    • 27/0 Rifleman. Not very interesting on his own, he does fill Djanbazan Fireteam though, although he could be competing with the cheaper Hafza for that role. With ARM 3 and Shock Immunity, he’s significantly tougher than Hafza.

      27/1 Lieutenant. He has to stand competition against Hafza Lt just the same.

      31/0 Doctor. The Djan Doc is unique as the only QK doctor who can regenerate. Therefore when she's down, you have a chance of bringing her back - any other QK Doc would be out, and your force left with no medical support (well, unless you brought doctors to spare!). She's also indispensable if you want a Doc up front with your Djan Fireteam - and being a Doctor Plus, she’s average by QK standards… but excellent by anyone else’s (not to mention - Regeneration has 55% chance of success on Djanbazan, Doctor is 85% successful, and can use a re-roll if the patient has Cube)!

      31/0.5 Sniper. MSV L2 is an useful ability for a Sniper - no Camo or Smoke will stop his bullets (watch out for Albedo, though!), and the bullets are of Shock quality. Regeneration is also very interesting here - the usual problem with snipers is that they tend to be located on some perch where a Doctor or a Nasmat REM can't get in any sensible time. Therefore, in most cases, a downed sniper is considered to be neutralized for good. The Djanbazan however can Regenerate from being Unconscious, and go back to shooting (way less likely to succeed than some attention from a Haqq Doctor, but still). This makes him an interesting choice even on his own.

      35/1,5 Heavy Machine Gunner. The Djanbazan you do see most often - either as a cornerstone of a Djan Fireteam, or even on his own: the combination of MSV L2 and a HMG is a godsend when there are ODDs and TO Camos involved. Just remember to keep enough distance between him and his targets.

      35/0,5 Hacker. Useful, if you want a hacker in the thick of things, accompanying your Djanbazan Link Team, but nothing special on her own: standard Hacking Device makes her a jack of all trades, but master of none. Still, having it on top of a standard Djan package ain’t too shabby either.

      29/0 Shock Marksman Rifle. Sniper's little brother - essentially the same, trading Sniper Rifle's Damage for a slightly shorter range (it is optimal up to 24") and superior Burst. Oh, and Supprssion Fire capability!
    Druze Shock Teams, are a bunch of tough bastards (especially given they have ARM 3 & BTS 3 now), who are pretty nifty in a long distance fight thanks to their X-visors on the basic few profiles. They have good ARM, 3 - if you position them in cover, and with clear field of fire, they become pretty effective defenders. Also, keep in mind that the Druze can form both Core and Duo fireteams, being one of our two options for Duo (Sekban being the other). It, of course, remains to be seen how the Duo is useful - but so far I've noticed it is an effective way of getting two certified badasses where the action is, and having one cover their bacon.
    Keep in mind they all have Fatality L1, so their bullets are pretty nasty when they hit.

    Another is a Specialist combat team - a Hacker to activate the objectives (and hack anyone who gets nearby), and someone to provixe firepower with a Combi (or HMG...).
    AVA 5 Fireteam: Core, Duo ( however Hafza shenanigans are not allowed).

    Druze as Core Fireteam: They're good in long-range shootouts (assuming we talk Rifle / Spitfire's "long range". They're capable of pulling off Light Grenade Launcher shenanigans like nobody else in QK. This makes them a pretty multipurpose Fireteam - good for both defense and offense. Though I'd consider it rather a waste of points to keep them in a purely defensive role.
    Build the team around the Spitfire, add a Hacker for specialist (Assault or Killer Hacker, depending whether you want to save points, or get some real offensive hacking capability) and it should be worthy to bring the Shotgunner for up-close-and-personal work. LGL is optional in fact.
    Keep a Doc of some kind with Nasmats nearby in case medical attention should be needed.

    A pity they can no longer include Hafza (like they did back in 2ed), but it wasn't much of a points reduction anyway.

    Druze as Duo Fireteam: basically a specialized task force moving on a single Order. Either a Hacker (as Specialist) and someone to cover his back in a take-and-hold scenario (Druze are tough enough), or Shotgunner to Immobilize, Isolate and shotgun-to-death high-value targets, and again somebody to hold his back. Then again, this someone might as well be a Hacker.

    Druze as single models: the LGL is potentially interesting, if you want to play Speculative Fire games. There's also our sole Killer Hacking
    device (save for Leila), and our only source of EM Grenades. But I wonder why wouldn't you want a Duo Fireteam for that!

    • 23/0 Rifleman. He packs a Chain Colt and a Viral Pistol. The bread and butter of a Druze Fireteam. He's not a bad shot, but nothing to write home about
    • 25/0 Panzerfaust, Combi Rifle, Chain Colt. The basic Rifleman with an AT tube - and again, with an X-visor. If you can affod him over the basic one, defintely worth having.
    • 27/0,5 Grenadier. Good BS combined with X-visor make this fella an useful choice on his own, as the range penalties on LGL start pretty close, and X-visor allows to mitigate them a bit. Definitely the go-to man if you want some Speculative Fire, now permitted by the HSN3 Fireteam Rules (and if you have a 5-man Fireteam, the +3 BS bonus does apply. sadly, the +1 Burst does not). Also, he has EM Grenades for the laucher, which is a great bonus. The Nimbus grenades, honestly, aren't that much useful, at least in my opinion.

      29/1,5 HMG gunner. The SAW of a Druze Fireteam. Pretty nice, especially with the Fatality L1. He does also have a Chian Colt, just in case 9because sometimes a target might get difficult to hit with that Viral Pistol, or sometihng...).

      28/0,5 Assault Hacker, Combi Rifle, Pitcher, D-Charges. If you want an Assault Hacker in a Druze Fireteam, he's your man. If you definitely need an Assault Hacker in the rear (keep in mind it means you'll need to set up Repeaters: luckily, he provides a Pitcher for himself), he's your man. He can blow stuff up, too, but carries no X-visor.

      27/0 Shock Marksman Rifle, Chain Colt. The long ranged option with no SWC, I think he does really well competing with our Snipers. Thanks to the X-visor, he doesn't get a range penalty until over 40" away (though of course range boonus is from 8" to 24" away), and an extra Burst is notihing to whine at.

      25/0 Killer Hacker, Combi Rifle, Pitcher, D-Charges. QK's only Killer Hacking Device entry (save for Layla Sharif). It remains to be seen how useful she is. But the Pitcher is always a good way to get you some extra Repeater coverage.

    Sekban. A volunteer special defensive force of the Caravansaries, they belong to the Navy's command.
    I used to disregard them table-wise - but that was back in 2ed. In N3, they are quite interesting: 360-Visor means you can't get on their backs, Suppressive Fire is going to work all around, and outstanding BS 13 that puts them on par with HI regiments. Combined with good ARM it makes them potentially effective defense troops. They don't pack light shotguns, they bring Direct Template weapons instead - Chain Colts. Which actually doesn't work in their favour in a boarding action situation - shotgun would allow to win FtF rolls, Chain Colt doesn't. Still, they have Boarding Shotgun profiles for close combat, should you decide you need them do that.

    They also bring AP Rifles in a Fireteam on the cheap (Tristan's observation).

    With good armor, 360-visor and HRL (not so much with Spitfire, though it is an option, too) plus Haris they make an good rear area security team, capable of providing long-range fire support. Whether they will provide just as good location for a Doc, is yet to be seen: if the 2ed regulations (using a Nasmat kicks the Doc out of Link) remain in force, I'd be against it, as re-linking eats up the valuable Command Tokens...
    Still, they can form Duo links too, just like the Druze!

    AVA 5 Fireteam Core, Haris & Duo.

    Sekban as Core Fireteam: they can do fine as an offensive as well as defensive Fireteam. The HRL gives the team the long-range firepower, tohugh you may prefer to have a Spitfire too (or instead, to save on SWC. Keep in mind the HRL carries an Assault Pistol, so up close he can unleash a hail of bullets not much worse than the Spitfire). It is always worth to have a Doc on the team (both for patching up downed men and as Objective-operating Specialist), though I'd preferred if he had an AP Rifle rather than Boarding Shotgun... having a Shotgun is very good anyways (for room cleaning and close-up work, keep in mind the Sekban's AP Rifles lack Shotguns), but I'd prefer not to endanger the Doc by pressing him into this role.
    Fill up with Riflemen.

    Sekban as Haris Team: I prefer these as a defensive setup. Haris Rifleman is mandatory, then add HRL for long-range punch and then it's your choice. Another Rifleman (often a Lt), or a Doc to give the team some extra staying power. Good positioning is the key.
    For offensive role, I'd actually prefer Spitfire and, obviously, Doctor (the only specialist in the Sekban Unit). Of course either option could use a Hafza for a small point drop (plus, the Hafza pack Light Shotguns for close-up work), but you lose the 360-Visor then.

    Sekban as Duo Team: haven't tried that yet, you could probably use it in a similar way as a Druze Duo: Spitfire and Doc, and go after objectives (or hope you'll be able to save the Spitfire gunner once he falls...). Better BS speaks in the favour of Sekban, but Druze tend to have X-visors. Luckily, you can have more than one Duo Fireteam.

    Sekban as single models: their main advantage seems to be the 360-Visor, and weapons capable of Suppressive Fire (especially AP Rifle), but I wouldn't write the HRL off either.

    • 20/0 Boarding Shotgun & Chain Colt. A good choice of weapons for close quarters battle and room cleaning.

      21/0 AP Rifle & Chain Colt. Better range than above, and works against well-armored targets. But just so-so in room-to-room fighting.

      21/0 Lieutenant. He packs same weapon set as his subordinate above. An obvious choice, if you want a Lt. in your Sekban Team.

      24/0 Doctor Plus. He carries the Boarding Shotgun & Chain Colt too. It is always good to have a Doctor in the Link Team.

      22/0 Haris. Packs the Rifleman's set. You have to field him if you want to field a Haris Fireteam. A noticeable difference when comparing to Haris Odalisque - he comes SWC free.

      27/1,5 Spitfire gunner. Always good to build a Link around a machinegun, plus with 360-Visor he's really good in Suppressive Fire mode.

      23/1,5 Heavy Rocket Launcher gunner. Okay, so it is no longer the only HRL in QK (a Hafza carries another one), and it is an excellent weapon - especially if you give it to a Fireteam... The fellow also carries an Assault Pistol for close-in encounters. Noticeably less expensive than the Spitfire.
    Heavy Infantry review:
    2 Wounds and good ARM - at least 4 - what's not to like? This makes them pretty resilient to conventional damage. Naturally, EM becomes a threat, but EM weapons aren't all that popular, and our HI have reasonable BTS of -3 to protect them. I'd call it a fair exchange.
    Oh, and since we're in N3 - it would be wise to have a basic Hacker at hand: Fairy Dust supportware is going to be pretty useful for defending your HI against enemy Hacking shenanigans.

    Azra'il, the Sultan's disgraced bodyguards, or elite penal company if you prefer. Equipped in bulky, clumsy and slow outdated power armors they no longer are the budget Heavy Infantry (and I actually liked them back in 2ed). These days they are heavily armored (ARM 5), SWC-consuming, Silhouette 5 HI in similar league as Sorogat Tempest Regiment (and I sorely miss the easy-on-SWC Panzerfaust profile from 2ed).
    But it doesn't mean they're bad. They can be used as very well-protected defensive models, as in cover they will be very difficult to dislodge - and they pack long-ranged weapons with quite a punch, especially well-suited to the anti-armor role.
    It pays to have a Doc hold an Azra'il's back, for while these guys are resilient, they also tend to attract loads of enemy firepower...
    AVA 3, no Fireteam ability.

    • 41/2 AP HMG. If you want a heavy-armored AP HMG platform, you can try this guy. He shoots just as well as a Janissary, is better armored and slower. Due to his large Silhouette, he is also more difficult to hide. Thanks to the gun, he makes a great asset against heavily armored targets.

      39/1,5 Feuerbach gunner. This is an interesting, long ranged weapon with a punch (DAM 14 AP DA). Keep in mind that it now has an EX mode - and the ranges are slightly more favourable from far away. The Azra'il Feuerbach does not shine as brightly as his AP HMG colleague, but he's a very effective ARO piece - well-armored, with good BS and wielding an DAM 13 EX weapon with great range (+3 up to 32", and then 0 to 48") - he's a real roadblock. Keep in mind he's not going to spend a lot of Orders shooting, though.

    Janissaries. These are the guys who are apparently the most iconic - or stereotypical - Haqqislamite Heavy Infantry: big, mean Religious (which also grants courage these days, but also means sometimes they will hold their ground when it would be wiser to hug some extra cover. Still, thanks to Haqq-standard WIP 14, they should be pretty reasonable about that) guys in HI armor. They are a heavy assault regiment, and they have all the tools for that trade - mobility, resilience and firepower.
    One note though - a rarity among HIs, Janissaries lack Cubes. So if your Doc botches his roll, the trooper is gone: no option to spend a Command Token and re-roll that.
    Also, they are Religious (sole Religious troop in QK, IIRC) so they might be problematic when it is time to fail a Guts Roll and drop into hiding. In N3, Religious troops must pass a WIP test to fail a Guts Roll and hide....
    The "Pain Train" of Janissaries - a Core Fireteam - is going to be expensive (still, not as much as in 2ed). Here, you have two options: either use Janissary Shotgunners for the full cost / full resilience, or bring in some Hafzas that cost about a half of these points... but doesn't have that resilience. AVA 5 Fireteam: Core.

    Janissaries as Core Fireteam: they are a bit pricy to be kept in the back as a defensive Fireteam, so in my book they are a list's main assault force if I field them. Base the Fireteam around either ML or HMG for long-range firepower (actually, I prefer ML these days... longer range, hits harder, and the range does often offset Burst disadvantage) - or both, if you can bear the cost. A Doc is practically a must - both to keep the men alive and kicking, and as Fireteam's Specialist.
    If there's even a remote possibility of a Hacker interference, you should always bring a TinBot (on whichever platform).
    I prefer to have at least one (sometimes two) Boarding Shotgun on the team - comes handy up close and fills the Team on the cheap.
    Alternatively, there are always Hafzas, if you want to fill the slots at half the price of a Shotgunner Janissary, and they may provide cheap Specialists too.

    Janissaries as single models: Primarily the Doc. He's tough, he's a Specialist, he packs an AP Rifle, he can use Nasmats if on his own - and he provides excellent synergy for Azra'il with his Akbar Doctor. The other loadouts face strong competition from the Mobile Brigada, even if the Brigada tend to cost a few points more (but have Cubes and Courage rather than Religious troop).

    • 36/0 AP Rifle + Light Shotgun. The basic loadout - he should be equal to other armies’ Heavy Infantries, and definitely deadly in a close-in combat or room-to-room fighting.

      36/0.5 Lieutenant. Packs the same AP Rifle +LSG as the guy above. Now if you want a resilient Lt,, bringing in a Janissary to lead your force might be an idea - especially if you can hide him in a Fireteam. There's SWC cost to that, but it is definitely bearable.

      40/2 Heavy Machine Gunner. Big, tall and nasty, he's good shot and you might want to take him solo, if you're not building a Fireteam around him - but solo, he has a competition in the form of Mobile Brigada, and less direct one in the form of an Azra'il.

      39/2 Missile Launcher A profile that came with the Janissary Box. Pretty expensive, compared to HMG, but offers quite a punch, especially in ARO (though over long ranges and against crowded target zones it is pretty interesting in active turn, too). Janissary's BS 13, plus Fireteam bonuses and natural resilience of a fully-developed HI make him a choice worth consideration.

      31/0 Boarding Shotgun A cheap profile that in other HI units serves primarily as a Fireteam filler. While he’s useful in close-quarters combat, I feel that the standard Janissary does the same thing good enough - AP Rifle + Light Shotgun may have a bit les punch than Boarding Shotgun, but are generally better ranged. Then again, if you want to waste a TAG or similar well-armored target at point-blank range, a Boarding Shotgun is perfect, and the extra point of damage can give you an edge in room-to-room fighting. Plus five points less than the AP Rifle variant are five points less. So it is a quite situational profile, but my recent experiences with shotguns suggest that having one in your team is not a bad idea. Adds to diversity of your options.

      37/0.5 AP Rifle + LSG, Tinbot A Essential trick in the N3 era of combat hacking, I’d consider him a must have for a Janissary Link, if there’s even a remote chance of enemy Hacking interference.

      32/0,5 Boarding Shotgun, Tinbot A A new profile released with the Janissary box, it is merely a matter of your taste whether you'd like the TinBot to accompany a Shotgun or AP Rifle Janissary (well, you could try taking some extra shotgunners to accompany your heavy weapon to keep cheap, and have one bring a Tinbot instead of spending 5 points more on an AP Rifle Janissary).

      41/0 Akbar Doctor. Also packs AP Rifle +LSG. One of the best doctors in the game, and the only one with Akbar Doctor so far (I'm still shocked Avicenna does not have this skill!). Apart from being a good addition to a Janissary Fireteam (he might actually use the Akbar Doc ability here!), you might also want to take him solo: it is a tough, resilient Doc (thanks to his proper HI armor) who isn't going to panic when everybody else runs away or get disorganized (Retreat or LoL). This might give you a chance to get to your wounded and bring them back into the fight, perhaps making your force stick their head above the Retreat threshold and grasp the breath they need to fight on. I'd consider a Nasmat Assistant an essential add on for that purpose, as it is significantly faster.

      He’s also the best medical specialist in the core book: WIP 14 and Doctor Plus allow him to heal on 17 or less, and Akbar Doctor makes an interesting alternative: at his base WIP of 14, he can heal an Unconscious model (like a fellow Janissary) back to full Wounds (mind the Command Token Reroll for Doctoring Rolls, if the patient has a Cube. Doesn't work for Janissaries, but if you're healing a Mobile Brigada, or - especially - an Azra'il, it can really make a difference!). Our enemies are going to hate him with passion, so keep him well-guarded.
      He also can be useful as highly-resilient objective grabber (he's a Specialist under ITS rules, and can pull the Experimental Drug objective too) in a Janissary Fireteam, much more survivable than the alternative - Hafza FO. He will be also able to act in Retreat and in LoL, allowing to achieve objectives at last moment, no matter what - and this can mean the difference between winning and losing an ITS game (thanks for Maru for these observations).

    Mobile Brigada the oddball Nomad HI used to make an interesting alternative for the Janissaries, but N3 changed that. Regarding stats, they're almost identical (save for WIP, but that is understandable), but now Janissaries turned out to be cheaper. Keep in mind the Brigada carry knives, not CCW's like Janissaries, so in case of a Close Combat Janissary would be better. On the other hand, with PH 14 even a knife isn't that bad - and besides, none of them is a dedicated close-combat specialist.
    Overall, in N3 they seem to lose to Janissaries. AVA, 1 no Fireteam ability.

    • 33/0 Boarding Shotgun. Having short range, this loadout makes little sense in QK (in Corregidor, it is an inexpensive way to build up a Fireteam's strength).

      39/0 MultiRifle & Light Flamethrower. The only LFT available to QK. And if you really want to have a MultiRifle on table, it ain't bad either.

      39/0 Lieutenant. Packs the MultiRifle & LFT set. While his WIP is substandard in Haqq, he's just as resilient as Janissary Lt, costs no SWC and - in my personal opinion - is better armed. Also, he's a highly improbable Lt - difficult to guess since the N3 rules no longer require to disclose Lt's WIP when rolling it before the game.

      42/2 Heavy Machine Gunner. 2 Points more expensive than equivalent Janissary, and having Courage, while being just as good shot with the HMG - his main advantage is the Cube, so you could re-roll a failed Doctor rolls on him. However, Courage instead of Religious makes him more controllable when under enemy fire: Janissary has to actually pass a WIP roll to fall into cover in a Guts Roll situation (true, with WIP 14 Janissary has a good chance of passing the roll). Courageous Brigada will do whatever you want in the same situation.

      34/0 Combi Rifle. Like the Boarding Shotgun, this is the cheap Fireteam filler loadout in CJC. Doesn't bring anything interesting to QK.

      37/0,5 Combi Rifle + TinBot B. Like his Janissary equivalent, he brings a Firewall protection for himself (and, in CJC, his team-mates). He does that better than the Janissary. Still, with no Brigada Fireteam option in QK, I'd say he makes little sense.

      40 / 2 Missile Launcher. If you want a non-linked ML, Mobile Brigada is a good option. With Cube and Courage instead of Religious, she's way more survivable than her Janissary equivalent - for just one point more.
      Alas, that is in the case of both of them operating solo. IMO benefits of a Fireteam are strongly in Janissary's favour.

      43/0,5 Hacker. Carries a regular Hacking Device & Combi Rifle (which is a pity, I really hoped she could get a MultiRifle + Light Flamethrower loadout). A very interesting, tough Hacker, who can withstand some punishment (having Heavy Infantry Armor, some BTS - as the only of out Hackers - and 2 Wounds) and generally take care of herself. She'll be useful for both running Supportware programs and hacking offensively herself - and with HI mobility and resilience she'll be a good Specialist in the line of fire.

    Our Warbands are limited to

    Yuan Yuan, who is pretty nifty if you consider him to be a Warband with AD rather than AD elite - which most AD are. Just drop him (I prefer AD 2 to AD 3, as it is not random - and not vulnerable to Hacking! - especially since they are Inferior Combat jump troops now, giving them a 55% chance of hitting designated Drop Zone - and even less if their dropship gets hacked) and let him rip thorough enemy Order Pool. Also, this is the only source of Smoke in QK. Occasionally, you will be able to get some useful bit of Booty, but don't base your battleplan on it. Just be mean and nasty, and use his Imperous and Irregular to your advantage.

    You have to declare spending a Regular Order to stop Yuan Yuan's Impetous Order deployment. The point is - your opponent will know there's Yuan Yuan in AD. You will have no element of surprise that is typical for most AD. You can, however, use it to your advantage as a Damocles' Sword (3). Also, landing AD troops is done with their own Order - you can't therefore use an order from the Order Pool to do that, which means Yuan Yuan can enter the game at the start of your turn, or not at all (making him a little less flexible than most AD units - a point for the Bashi Bazouk). In N3, they do generate the Irregular Order the moment they hit the table, which is pretty important.

    Keep in mind this prevents your Hackers from affecting AD L3 Yuan Yuan's drop with Gadget program. However, if you have an EVO Hacking Device (EVO Kameel) on table, this still works!
    Excellent for swarming an LT/LI Fireteam /Sniper nest. AVA 3, no Fireteam ability.

    • 8/0 Chainrifle. There are two variants with either AP or Shock CCW. Personally I lean towards AP, as it will give some edge if there's and kind of body armor on the opponent. But if I were to hunt Shasvasti, Shock might be an option. Still, this is the cheapest and most obviously useful Yuan Yuan variant. You drop him, use Smoke to cover your approach and blast your targets (preferably Order Monkeys and medical / engineering specialists) with a Chainrifle. Occasionally you make Intuitive Attacks with it. Sometimes you charge into CC. If Yuan Yuan is still alive after that, rinse, repeat. If not - 8 points aren't going to be a big step towards your Retreat Treshold, losing an Impetous Irregular doesn't affect your Order Pool, and dead mercenaries don't come back to request their paycheck anyway. He's cheap, he's nasty, he's disposable.

      9/0 Chainrifle, DA CCW - same as above, just with a DA CCW. With no Close Combat skills save for the raw CC 19, he’s not much in a brawl. Still, if you drop some smoke, you might be able to jump an unaware opponent and make him into minced meat.

      14/0 Rifleman. Let's be honest: Yuan Yuan are lousy shots. With BS 9 they aren't likely to hit a broad side of a barn. You want a Rifle-armed AD trooper, you can have a Bashi Bazouk for a similar point cost. Well, no Smoke Grenades then.

      16/0 Boarding Shotgun. Same problem as above, but less Burst, shorter range and even more expensive. Sure, within optimal range and with no FtF, even a Yuan Yuan can score some hits...

    Our Skirmishers are limited to

    al'Hawwa, the Naval Recon unit and apparently a kind of Haqq Air Marshalls. As Camo Infiltrators they are pretty competent and get the job done, but remember they are rather fragile - I have a low survival ratio in this unit. Then again, Naval Special Reconaissance is a risky business, and rescuing a downed Infiltrator usually means a long raid to save him - and therefore tends to be abandoned as too hazardous.

    Al'Hawwa shotgunners are a godsend in games with forward objectives requiring Specialist attention (in most cases both Hacker and Forward Observer count as Specialist), and any time you can jump somebody close-in with a Shotgun. Being Multiterrain, they don't mind what enviroment you need them to operate in. AVA 3, no Fireteam ability.

    • 21/0 Forward Observer. He packs a Boarding Shotgun and D-Charges, and is an OK choice for a guy who is meant to jump things with his trusty Shotgun using Surprise Shot. The Forward Observer allows him to point targets for Speculative Fire or Guided Missiles (but this calls for a Shaytanyah REM and a rather specialized list). Flashpulsing from a distance - with his WIP 14 - remains an option, too. However, in scenarios having a Specialist Troop (and FO is one) infiltrating near the objective can give your opponent a serious headache. He's perfect.

      26/0.5 Assault Hacker. Does pack Boarding Shotgun and D-Charges too, which makes for an useful combination: if you manage to Hack something, you can then walk to it and strap some explosives to it. Boom! He's as competent fighter as the FO variant, but having a Camo Infiltrating Hacker with the typical Haqq WIP of 14 makes for one of the most interesting Hackers in QK - and one of two who pack Assault hacking devices (the other one is Druze, and I consider him meh)..

      27/0.5 Sniper. She packs the standard Haqq Sniper Rifle and AP Mines, making her the single mine-equipped model in QK (there are two with E/Maulers, too). I had to give her some practice: she's pretty effective with her Mines. Just as any other Camo Infiltrator with mines (plus her Haqq WIP boosts her chances in Intuitive Attacks against Camo Markers. Why she got a Sniper Rifle for that, remains a mystery - she's not remarkable with it, a plain Rifle or Boarding Shotgun like the other al'Hawwa carry would be far more useful. Or some other short-ranged weapon. But she is what she is, well... Think of her as of a Minelayer, not a Sniper, and use the Sniper Rifle only against targets of opportunity - when you have someone outranged, not facing you or simply desperate situation calls for desperate means.

    Our REMs are the standard Haqq choice.
    They do the job, though I envy other armies their specialized combat REMs like PanOceanian Armbots or Nomad Sputniks. REMs are usually fast and good in a given application, but not very universal. A few interesting points:

    Fanous. This is the Mobile Repeater REM and a very cheap Order generator. AVA 3, no Fireteam ability.

    • 8/0 Repeater. At MOV 6-6 it is the fastest thing we can field and - thanks to Multiterrain - isn't going to get stuck in some nasty stuff.. While it is not properly armed, it carries a Flashpulse weapon for self defence. Combined with Mimetism, it actually makes for a decent ARO shot (keep in mind that Flashpulse, being a Technical Weapon, uses WIP for attack rolls. Fanous' WIP 13 is quite good!). Still, it is not meant for combat - it's primary role is to provide a highly mobile repeater. It can also lay down Sniffers - this is a new functionality, and I'm yet to make my mind about them. Definitely they have a downside in the form of being usable only for Sensor-equipped models, and in QK this means a sole Rafiq REM.
      As a cheap Order generator, Fanous competes with Kameel Minesweeper, which has some utility functions.
    Kameel the Baggage REM. Just having it on table - active, that is - means your army counts as 20pts larger when calculating Retreat Treshold. Baggage skill allows it to run Casevac duties without worrying about casaulty's PH rating: yes, they can tow a TAG. And do whatever they can without dropping it. Also, Baggage allows you to resupply a trooper armed with some kind of Disposable Weapon (Panzerfaust, DEP, Mines, Deployable Repeaters…) once he had spent his ammo. With ARM 2, they are more resilient than the rest of our REM - but slower. AVA 2 no Fireteam ability.

    • 8/0 Minesweeper. A cheap Order generator (just as cheap as a Fanous, but does also have other functions. On the other hand, Fanous is 50% faster. Still, a full set of 2 Kameel Minesweepers and 3 Fanous gives you 5 Regular Orders for 40pts, if you wish so), it does also provide the Minesweeper ability - it does not remove mines (Koalas, E/Maulers and other deployables) like Engineer would, but actually makes them change colours and work for you.

      25/0,5 EVO Hacker. In N3, EVO Hacking Devices have some uses, but are significantly different than in 2ed. What you can actually do with it? Actually, quite a lot:
      • Make Coordinated Orders using Hacking.

        Use it as a Repeater. Since EVO Hacker / Baggage REMs are slow and unarmed, they usually work in the secure rear area - not much use for a repeater there nine cases out of ten...

        Spend a Command Token to reroll a single failed WIP roll when using a hacking Program. While it might be useful in a life-or-death situation (like, Overlording a TAG that would otherwise be stomping you to death), usually your supply of Command Tokens is too short for this kind of sheningans.

        Get +3 to AD: Combat Jump deployments (non-cumulative with Trajectory Assist, but requires no Order use).
        This might be actually useful, making Yuan Yuan land on PH 14 (ie. nullifying the effect of their "Inferior Combat Jump") - in other armies you'd be probably doing this with hacker's Trajectory Assist program (not cumulative with the EVO's bonus), but for Yuan Yuan you can't do that as his Impetous landing is carried on before a Hacker could set an Assist Supportware for him.
        Then again, would it be worth to bring in an EVO just for a lone Yuan Yuan (or even two of them...?). But if you brought both pieces of this puzzle anyway, there's no reason to not make use of them.

        Allowing all Sat-Lock rolls be made at +0 WIP instead of -6 WIP. Shiny, but only one unit has Sat-lock ability in QK: Rafiq REM. And we can take only a single Rafiq REM. In my eyes - too much fuss for too few gains.

        Now this is an interesting trick: if you aren't moving first, you can spend a Command Token to start the game with one EVO-Gadget program active. Apparently, this can be combined with negating two of the opponent's Orders first turn (but on the other hand, it costs you half of your Command Token stack).

        Use it as a Hacking Device (thus permitting you to take REMs), and utilise Sword L1, Shield L2 and Gadget programs, as well as EVO-Gadget programs, of which there are 4:
        • Kaleidoscope - this applies -3 WIP on enemy hackers trying to attack your hackers. Not cumulative with Firewalls. Seems kinda situational.

          Overclock - all friendly REMs on table are Burst 2 in ARO - provided they have Repeaters (so, Shaytanyah is out), just as if they were affected by an Enhanced Reaction supportware. TR REMs (Shihab - if it had a Repeater - and TR Kameel) don't really benefit from it, so basically it only affects our Rafiq, and Fanous' Flash Pulse. All in all, nice thing, but too few models make any use of it.

          Reboot - all your Hackers, REMs, Hi and TAGs declaring a Reset impose an additional -3 WIP on enemy hackers in FtF rolls. Can't say we have much of these to worry about...

          TeamPro - effectively, as long as it works, all the members of your Fireteams get N2 ability. Can't really say this fully justifies the includion of a 25 / 0,5 SWC pts Evo Hacker Device but this is an ability very useful to an army leaning so heavily on its Fireteams as QK.
        To sum it up, I consider EVO Hacker Device Kameel to be only of limited usefullness in QK. Sure, our Yuan Yuan would like to have a bonus for AD L3. Our Link Teams are likely to put the TeamPro to some good use. It wouldn't hurt to have a bonus to Sensor. But all in all, 25/0.5 for these seems a bit pricey.

      21/0 Rifle, Light Shotgun, Total Reaction. Seriously now - I can't see much point in this one. No 360-visor, armament - unimpressive. And for 4/1 pts more you could have a Shihab. Maybe if you want to protect your rear-area from an AD raid. And I suppose an Armed Recovery unit for Casevac purposes would be better than unarmed. Oh yes, and you could use it with Assisted Targetting for some close-range Shotgun sheningans.

    Nasmat - these little wonders are Doctor's - and Engineers - best friends. AVA 2 Ghost: Servant

      • 3/0 Ghost:Servant. Fluffwise there are different models to assist Doctors and Engineers, and even the models do differ, but game-wise it's all the same. You assign one ot your specialist and then he can be virtually in two places at once! However, using Nasmats is not compatible with being in a Fireteam, so it must be well planned. Be sure your Doctors and Engineers are equipped with Nasmats if they ooperate on their own.

    Rafiq. This is the Sensor / Forward Observer REM. AVA 1, no Fireteam ability.

    • 16/0 Rifle+Light Shotgun, Sniffer, Deactivator, Sensor, Forward Observer, Sat-Lock. It is the standard Sensor REM like most armies use - and a real toolbox on legs. It can detect Camo, defuse Mines, mark targets, but also for direct assault - should someone make the mistake of lining up a Link Team behind a corner, it makes for an excellent target for Rafiq’s Light Shotgun. Add to it the right Supportware and… Definitely useful if you go against a Camo-heavy army, and a good thing to have if you bring in a Shaytanyah REM.

    Shaytaniah. Our Smart Missile REM. AVA 1 no Fireteam ability.

    • 18/1 Smart Missile Launcher. That's it. Building a list around a GML requires to... build it for the purpose. But it isn't half-bad as a long-ranged ARO unit, especially with the right Supportware...and ona certain level of metagaming the danger of you spotlighting a target (via Hacker or FO) and actually firing a Smart missile salvo at it is going to keep your opponent on his toes...

    Shihab. Our Total Reaction REM - make excellent defenders, that's what they are meant for. And no one likes to mess with a Total Reaction, 360-Visored HMG - especially, if you're fielding two of them (a very good counter to horde-type armies, if the table is open enough). AVA 2 no Fireteam ability.

    • 25/1 HMG. Basically, a defender. Keep in mind that in N3, these are no longer Repeaters.

    Our TAGs are of the light variety, so they fall down pretty easily. That's not a problem as long as you mind this and have something else up your sleeve. They are cheap enough to leave you room for that.
    Keep in mind that in ITS Season 9, all TAGs got Fatality L1 skill. Suddenly, TAG-carried guns (save for Direct Template weapons) started having some extra punch!

    Iguana, a heavily modified Reptile-class TAG on rent from the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command. AVA 1 no Fireteam ability.

    • 71/2 Heavy Machine Gun & Heavy Flamethrower. Iguana is rather fragile for a TAG (2 STR, and is completely destroyed once it loses 2nd Wound - no Unconscious state for it). There's no point in trying to Repair it then (as a Manned TAG, you can't re-roll Repairs with a Command Token), so unless you expect there will be EM or Glue there to stop it, don't bother bringing an Engineer for it. However, once the Iguana is out, it ejects the Iguana Operator, a pilot wearing HI armor and carrying the TAG's HMG. And while the Operator is active, he still generates a Regular Order and the TAG doesn't count as lost. So yeah, the opponent wasted your TAG. But the 71pts it was worth aren't counted against your Retreat threshold. Let him celebrate, in the meantime apply your backup attack force and get him. Iggy packs a classical TAG weapons package - a HMG and HFT (actually, the only HFT in QK). Interesting feature - it has a Repeater too, so if you have a Hacker on the table, you might pull some shenanigans with this.

    Scarface & Cordelia, Mercenary Armored Team, aka Psycho & His Fairy Godmother. You get them both for the price, they generate separate Orders. AVA 1, no Fireteam ability.

    • 51/1,5 Scarface, double Mk12, Panzerfaust. In his customized Ramhorn TAG, John "Scarface" Turner makes a point in being a disposable TAG choice. First, he has anger management issues (Frenzy) so he might be difficult to control. Besides he drives a rather unimpressive TAG: the twin Mk12 give him roughly a Spitfire's firepower if with HMG's stoppoing power, while at 1,5 SWC. He's not a good shot either, BS 13 being the level of a typical HI. Yet, still a TAG, and you can perfectly afford to lose him if he makes a dent in the enemy force big enough. Then, like it was with Iguana, apply your secondary offensive element. He has a TAG's mobility, and resilience is on the level of a Gecko. One more thing - if the TAG is downed, Scarface will be prefectly willing to get out of the suit and blast someone with his trusty light shotgun. He's way better at this than other TAG pilots are, so let him.
      New trick for Scarface is his Assault ability (and with DAM 15 AP Close Combat attack, and CC of 19 he isn't half bad) - he can charge 10" and still swing his machete, provided he had LoS to his target at the beginning of the Order. Sounds like a highly situational ablility (likely it will be mroe advantageous to just blast away with the twin MK12s most of the time), but if you find yourself less than 10" from a target in ODD or TO Camo or similar stuff that makes it difficult to hit with gunfire, it remains an option.

      17/0 Cordelia, Combi Rifle & ChainColt. She's not as good Engineer as Najjarun or Kaplans, but she has a good chance of survival. Still, she seems most useful providing repairs to her brother's TAG (assign her a Nasmat, it is legit).

    The Tricks:
    1. Doctor & Nasmat and a Fireteam. Nasmat REM are extremally useful - and can be assigned to any Doctor or Engineer. HSN3 clarified the matter though, saying that a Nasmat operator cannot be a member of any Fireteam.
    Yes, it sounds nasty and unjust. But these are the rules.
    Now, a question: what do we need a Nasmat for? The answer: to be - or to quickly get - the helping hand somewhere you can't get the Doc / Engineer in person. Nasmats are faster than any of our Doctors or Engineers, and there is no range limit for operating them.

    Here, it depends on your List build.

    • If you have an offensive Fireteam, you should be able to include Doctor into it. This way he'll be moving on with the team and be close to potential casaulties.
    • If you have a defensive Fireteam, you could prefer to have a separate Doc with Nasmats - Doc next to the Fireteam, and Nasmats operating forward, being able to reach your advanced troops and save them.
    Luckily, we're blessed with a choice of Doctors. You can provide almost any Fireteam with their own Doc (save for Odalisques, Druze and Hafzas, if memory serves me... and with Hafzas, it is a bit more complicated), and then have another Doc handling the Nasmat operation (usually Ghulam Doc, to cut costs).

    2. Offensive Fireteams and Defensive Fireteams. Since QK rely so much on their Fireteams, building them up is an essential skill. The first question you have to ask is what role you expect your Fireteam to fulfill - either be offensive in nature (to take the fight to your enemy and operate primarily in your Active turn) or defensive (bunker up and block lines of sight with powerful AROs, also, generate Orders in your Active turn rather than spend them).

    An Offensive Fireteam should be buildt around a high-Burst weapon - the HMG is ideal, Spitfire does the job too. Using the Fireteam bonuses, its gunner will be able to maximize the effect on your chosen target. There is little point in setting two such weapons in a Fireteam - only one can be used actively at any given moment. A Doctor is also a good addition. For long range, it ain't a bad idea to have a HRL - they're nasty both in Acrive and ARO, and given the Hafza HRL getting on board in HSN3, we can have a HRL in virtually any Core or Haris Team.

    A Defensive Fireteam doesn't necessarily need a HMG - you assume that most of its actions will be in ARO, so Burst will be low, down to 2 (including a Fireteam Bonus), anyway. This suggests Sniper Rifles - they are cheaper then HMGs yet just as good in ARO. In case of a Fireteam, actually multiple weapons do make sense - all the members with LoS to the active model will react. Ghulam Missile Launcher or Sekban HRL (or Hafza HRL) do make a scary ARO weapons too (to say nothing of the Janissary ML. Besides, a ML does often outrange HMG, so in a Fireteam it is a pretty reliable method you can use to get rid of Total Reaction REMs and similar nasties)! But I say you shouldn't rely on a single scary ARO weapon - a ML plus a Sniper Rifle or two makes way more sense. Doctor can be useful, but isn't necessary.

    You may, of course, build a Fireteam that can serve both defensive and offensive purpose, acting as your backup active force. Or just allow it to be effective against a target of opportunity. However keep in mind that if you press your backup force into action, it usually means the primary force is down and out. Now it depends on game size and Fireteam's worth - but it may mean you are in Retreat or too low on Orders and can't really act. This has to be taken into consideration - maybe it would be better to save some points by building a link as a purely Defensive one, and use them to strenghten up your offensive element?

    3. Damocles' Sword. Our primary AD - the Yuan Yuan - lacks the element of surprise that is usually associated with AD troops. Simply - as Impetous troop, he has to either deploy at the very beginnig of your turn, or spend a Regular Order to stop that deployment. And you have to declare spending that order - meaning that your opponent will know there's a Yuan Yuan in the air.

    This could suggest that you should deploy him as soon as possible to make the biggest possible use of these 8 or so points. True, this is one option.
    The other is a mind game - one of these we in QK are so known for. Damocles' Sword is a mythological reference - a sword hung over one Damocles' neck by a singe hair of a horse tail. A menace that can fall upon one in any moment and without warning.

    If your opponent has been raided by a Yuan Yuan before, he will know how nasty this troop is. He will take precautions to prevent you from raiding his order pool, support troops, or main battle line from behind. This means - he will have to place troops on watch, covering the lines of approach, plant mines and so on. This means Orders spent on something else than attacking you or pressing mission goals, and troops that aren't supporting the mian task, for they are safeguarding landing zones. You aren't destroying the opposing force this way, but you are binding these enemy assets down - all with a 11pts model who does so by not being deployed.

    Keep in mind that this is not a wonder trick - if you notice your opponent is not safeguarding against the attack, exploit the situation. If its all guarded and protected - keep it that way. Yuan Yuan may do the most for you by not doing anything.

    However, in N3 you have to spend a Regular Order from your Order Pool to stop an Extremelly Impetous troop like Yuan Yuan (in 2ed, it was possible to use his own Irregular Order for that). Therefore, keeping Damocles Sword in the air will be consuming your valuable resources, making this tactic less than ideal. Weight your options carefully, for in N3, it may be better to just let loose this dog of war. You don't need to cry "havoc!" doing that, Yuan Yuan know all too well how to cause a lot of havoc...

    4. The Funduq Body Shuffle. It is perfectly doable to have in your list 4 Hafza and up to 6 other, linkable troops - say, Djanbazan HMG (for anti-Camo work), Sekban HRL (for fiery template rain), Druze LGL (for Speculative Fire), Janissary HMG (for stompin' the faces), Kaplan Spitfire (for quick offensive operations) and Ghulam Doctor (just because), then switch who's in your Fireteam every turn depending on the situation. This has, of course, its limitations (first of all being quick depleting your Command Token stack), but on the other hand gives a very elastic Fireteam combo - a tool for every job plus link bonuses. Of course since HSN3 you are limited to 3-man Fireteam, so it is way less stellar than before.

    5. Lt. in a Fireteam. While not list-breaking, having your LT in a Fireteam is a potential risk for if/when the enemy is toting template weapons. This doesn't mean the list is unplayable, just that it's a potential weakness that a canny opponent might exploit. However, Fireteam Lt will benefit from 6th Sense L2, so not all is lost. A Defensive Fireteam should be a perfect place to hide your Lt, an Offensive one is much more risky, unless the Lt is really durable (like Janissary).
    Also, keep in mid that a Linked Lt who uses his Lt Order will be out of Fireteam.
    In QK we don't have many Lt's capable of doing much on their own (there are Hafza Spitfire and Ghulam HMG or ML variants), so I'm undecided here.

    6. Knocking out the teeth. This is not a QK special, but a general tactic. Some lists tend to have distinct division between the few, the proud teeth and then Order-generating shell hidden away. These lists rely on hard-hitting offensive element to act, and hidden away cheerleaders to provide them with Orders to do so. While Order deprivation is an old and honored tactic of dealing with that, sometimes it is difficult to execute - too many Orders required to get to them, mined approach routes and the like. In such a case a viable answer is to attack directly the offensive pieces. Since they are few, it takes less Orders than to put a sizeable dent in enemy Order Pool. And once they're gone, the opponent is likely to concede the game due to loss of his offensive potential.
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  2. Envihon

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    Nov 23, 2017
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    I am glad to see that all the useful posts are slowly making their way over here from the new forum. I remember this post helping me start QK.
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  3. Errhile

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    Well, we do learn on mistakes. I made this tactical guide so less people would have to do it on their own mistakes.
    ...learning on other people's mistakes tends to be way less painful ;)
  4. Barrogh

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    I gave this document a quick and very dirty look, so I have little to say. So far I've only noticed 2 minor things: general overview entry mentions that it's Ghulam FO profile that has E/maulers (whereas it should be deployable repeater profile), and that Kaplan as single model entry mentions Cordelia which QK doesn't have anymore.
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  5. Errhile

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    @Barrogh - Good catch on the Ghulam & E/Maulers :)

    As for Cordelia... why wouldn't QK have her anymore?
    I mean, Scarface & Cordelia were a part of the QK roster since they became released back in 2ed. It had nothing to do with TAGline, and as I've checked Army just a few seconds ago, they were still available to QK...
  6. Barrogh

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    Right, this is me being stupid. Somehow I went to check if QK still has them and failed to notice the entry in the list.

    I wasn't around for N2, so there's that.
  7. Errhile

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    Allright, so the new Druze are in town. Not all the profiles available to Druze Bayram Securities are available to QK too, but still, seems the most important ones got here.

    What we get:
    • Combi, ChainColt, X-Visor
    • HMG, ChainColt, X-Visor
    • Combi, Light Grenade Launcher (Nimbus & EM), X-Visor
    • Assault Hacker, Combi, Pitcher
    • Killer hacker, Combi, Pitcher
    • Shock Marksman Rifle, X-Visor
    • Combi, ChainColt, Panzerfaust, X-Visor
    All of them do pack Viral Pistols, too.

    What we don't get:
    • Haris, Combi, DEP (which saddens me only because I have the old Druze DEP model, now jobless...)
    • Multi Sniper Rifle, Mimetism
    • Paramedic, Combi, Chaincolt, X-Visor
    • Lt. Combi, ChainColt, X-Visor .
    So - nothing really important. All the good stuff is there. Time to re-evaluate te Druze now :D

    However, they are no longer listed as Fireteam Core in QK, only as Duo.
    Which is either a change (the Profiles 3.8 list Druze among QK Core Fireteams, but it predates the release of Druze Bayram Securities), or an error, I can't tell.
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    Looking in the army, with this new profile druze spitfire is lost.
  9. Errhile

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    Yes, but Spitfire is not present in the Druze options in the Bayram either.
    And personally I prefer the HMG anyway. Call me an oldtimer :P

    Also, note that with the X-visor, the HMG has no -3 range up to 8" - it is 0 from 0" to 16".
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    I agree with you. People who has old spitfire mini con proxy HMG option.
  11. Errhile

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    Exactly what I'm going to do.
    I guess I'll have to get an old Druze mini somewhere, and convert myself a Marksman Rifle though.

    The old DEP model could do as an universal proxy / Panzerfaust - in a pinch.
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    My Odalisque Spitfire knifed Saito Togan to death yesterday.

    It was awesome. Straight up shanked him.
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    No X-Visor on the HMG...sadly.
  14. Solar

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    That Fatality L1 HMG is pretty nasty though

    Really tears stuff up.
  15. Errhile

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    Thanks for the observation, I'm updating it right away :)
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    I really enjoy the astetics of this sectorial. I am a fairly new player and even more so to Haqqislam. I have the starter set from red veil and beyond plus a guhlam box and a Magi. so i have played a few games with vanilla. only as far as 150 and a few 200 point games. I have have heard you tubers say that QK is one of the weaker sectorials in Haqq. Is this true? and if so is it more a learning curb statement or a pure mechanics statement when it comes to ITS. Oh yeah has any one herd that their might be another sectorial release or upcoming army box
  17. Errhile

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    It is false on a purely logical basis: if so, what other Haqq sectorial does count among the "weaker" ones?
    The answer is - there are only two Haqqislamite Sectorial Armies at the very moment (Hassassin Bahram and Qapu Khalqi). Playing both, I can't really say one is weaker than the other, although I'd agree with a statement that QK is easier to use than HB. Still, the difference isn't what it used to be back in the days of 2ed.

    As for ITS, I can't comment: I don't play it.

    Regarding new sectorial release - yes, we are expecting the release of Ramah Task Force (Caliphate's army, Arabian-themed) with the enxt book. Rumors are "winter 2018-2019", but when exactly it will happen, I do not know. No info on an army box, personally I find it unlikely (since the Ramah starter is essentially the new Haqq starter box that was a part of the Red Veil box set).
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    Thank you for the info. I feel right now Infinity is in a major flux and things can change at any moment. It is a really good time for new players as myself to get involved I just wish the game would take off in america or at least in my area as much as other silly games lol.
  19. AssaultUnicorn

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    Nice guide!

    Sooo, Daedalus Fall has been announced, along with some changes to QK. Mainly that you can link Sharif KHD with ANY link team, apparently including Janissaries Core (at this point, pain train is not enough, they're honest to Allah exterminators). Any chance for the guide to receive some corresponding updates sometime in the future?
  20. Errhile

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    I'll be working on it - but first, I must get my hands on a complete update. So far, Bostria has only flashed some details, and there is certainly more to it.
    I'm not going to alter the guide based on rumors! :P