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Maximus - Get behind me!

Discussion in 'Rules' started by DalaiDan, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Zewrath

    Zewrath Elitist Jerk

    Nov 28, 2017
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    Yes, I suppose he’s a great tank when there’s absolutely no reason or incentive to ever focus him and killing squishies next to him will end up either killing him, making him actually vulnerable as he can’t use his stats to mitigate anything, or leave them for dead and not make any use of his passive.
  2. ijw

    ijw Ian Wood aka the Wargaming Trader. Rules & Wiki
    Infinity Rules Staff Warcor

    Apr 25, 2017
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    It's just going back to how almost everyone played him before the FAQ.
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  3. -V-

    -V- A! Team member
    CB Staff

    Jan 31, 2017
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    It's going back to how it was designed to work. We tried to nerf Miyamoto's strategy of getting extra MP attacking him but that originated an awful combo which makes "inmortal" Characters who mustn't to be. So, we're confirming the right way to play Get Behind Me! taking advantage from publishing FAQs.

    I think the kind of tank some of you seem to be expecting will come, near future ─don´t worry─. Maximus is not intended to be 'that' kind of tank. Maximus has the top most :T: and one of the best :W:Defense in the game so he can absorb huge damage. So you have to spend resources on killing him. Yep, he can taunt, but it's not his bread-and-butter tool.

    Yeah, he's slow. Why? Because of his :Q:Agility. He suffers in scenarios like Scorched Earth. But he's the king of KotH (and the more he's gonna be with Mendoza). We wanted Maximus to be able to go wherever he wants, so, a great :Q:Agility comes a slow :U:Speed or we'll have a character scoring every Round. And that seemed a little boring to us.

    Maximus is boring to play -we know- because he hasn't got a great Attack by himself, neither an Action with great impact in the game. No thrilling rolls with awesome Switches. Yes, but he is reliable. He doesn't need to Roll to do his job. It depends on your local meta that Maximus is good or not, as many other chars.

    Anyway, I love this discussion, because every time a character is discussed, there are people who like and people who don't. And I think this is great.

    So, thank you all for your feedback!

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  4. Plebian

    Plebian Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2017
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    Honestly, Green/Blue and Free Shield make Max crazy survivable. I would consider him a pure tank. And while he might not be sprinting the same way as Gata, I get free displaces often enough that he doesn't feel slow.

    Not to mention Scram is one of the most game winning cards out there, especially with Gata or Musashi.
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  5. Tipzntrix

    Tipzntrix Active Member

    Feb 17, 2018
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    SCRAM has made me lose more games than any other tactic when playing against enemy Maximus!

    Maximus allows other characters to do more and take more risks. Granted, the trick of making him take only 1 damage a turn to absorb as many has he wants was a massive boost to his power level, but this really made him over the top on KotH style maps where you pretty much need displacement to do anything, or waste your 4 attacks doing at most 4 damage to Maximus. He still allows your more frail characters to initiate more reckless fights, using him as a soak.
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