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LEAGUE Mod v2 idea

Discussion in 'AGL' started by HarlequinOfDeath, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. HarlequinOfDeath

    HarlequinOfDeath Tha Taskmastaaa

    Dec 14, 2017
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    Hey all!

    After reading the new league rules I wondered how to achieve a league without playing mirror matches. My ideas for such a league (I hope my English explanations are understandable :)):

    LEAGUE Mod v2

    The general AGL3 LEAGUE rules apply with following draft modification and to avoid mirror matches:

    In theory this mods allows a league for a player count of "Aristos divided by 4". For balancing and to avoid odd player numbers it is maybe better to play with maximum 6 players because of the Aristos points distribution as well.

    But uf you have more players participating in a league you could spread them to multiple league sections (for example two sections of 4 players who draft and play the first rounds individually) and merge them later as soon as every player has enough characters to avoid mirror matches (see below).

    First round draft with 48 audience points for each player. Every character can be picked. If a character is picked, it is blocked for the first round draft but can be bought later.

    (Rule for audience points: You cannot buy sponsors or equipment if you don't have 8 character slots filled.)

    => This rule is to be discussed. It is aiming towards filling up the 8 slots as soon as possible.

    If one or both players of a match don't have 8 character slots filled Zlavin mod is active but: The players first round draft picks are protected from counterpicking. This means: If any player buys the first round characters of another player and picks it in their match but the other player cannot get a full team because of that, that player who hadn't the character in his first round draft has to choose another character.

    If both players have 8 character slots filled, Zlavin is active and there is no first round draft protection anymore.

    With Zlavin active for all players of two or more league sections you can finally merge them.

    Miyamoto is banned from first round draft.

    What do you think about this modification?
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