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Is Joyimbo your MVP?

Discussion in 'Ikari Company' started by Raising, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. Raising

    Raising Member

    Jun 18, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Hey fellow mercenaries,

    Lately I've been developing a extreme predilection for joyimbo, having him as my MVP at every single game (with little exception), kill no less than 3 enemies up to 7 o 8 each game and doing objectives for lots of missions that doesnt require being specialist.

    The point is the only thing seems to stop him is a MVS2 In aro that endure the gunfight with our other tools (linked Brawler MSV2, Tank ML, ruishi). If there is nothing like that, I just set up smoke with him and the 4 yuan yuan and the bike gets in the smoke, blood, shalshes and crying and half enemy troops are dead.

    Just ignore those that are a dificult target in CC and use speculative smoke with yuan yuan(or joyimbo itself) when direct one is not enouth.

    For me , this seems to be crazy efective and with little defense from most of the people I have fight lately.

    feels like cheating, Are you having the same experience with this character? its kit is extreme for asault , even those crazys to get rid of mines...

    This is one of my lists:

    Attached Files:

  2. East of Irem

    East of Irem Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2018
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    Yojimbo is great, not an auto pick but very good.
    Counterplay to yojimbo? often it's as simple as activating a basic rifle to remove him. But you never know he's one of those pieces that can be outrageously effective and kill 5 times his value.

    I've become more cautious of overinvestment in irregular /AND impetuous with ikari (easy to do there's so many great profiles to compete) so yojimbo is being displaced by the B5 desperado at present.

    Last played in biotechvore. Free moves up field and securing a classified with his character trait, dropped KKs in a good spot. Then absorbed 3 orders of attacks from L2 spitfire cpt haqq himself. Lucky but the array of effective ARO choices helps... That was a great performance but he didn't even kill anything directly (order attrition is not trivial in BTV).

    Rushing up the board and scoring a bunch of melee kills consistently... it happens some times but I don't dare base my game plan around it. I have a local Haqq meta: rough on T1 rambos. Your experience is quite different from mine.