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Infinity PbP - Sunz of VaudeVille

Discussion in 'RPG' started by Solodice, Feb 10, 2022.

  1. SCTerranPlayer14

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    Apr 9, 2022
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    Taisa alerted the ninja of what had happened and her current situation. She hoped to be back in the game real soon.
  2. Solodice

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    Dec 25, 2017
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    Infinite Jester


    Before Kenn could respond to Kidd he was gently dragged away by Padre. Igor silently followed behind.

    Padre had timed their approach where they'd catch Sanjay by himself. Before the wardriver knew what was happening he was being pinned in by a Tohaa, his servant, bodyguard, and the erotica section.

    The inquisitor made the introductions and remained as vague as possible about why this Tohaa "representative" wanted to speak to him. It wasn't clear if this was for a job or some sort of cultural exchange.

    "Wow, nice to meet you!" Sanjay said as his hand shot out with confidence for a handshake. "Name's Sanjay Brown but I think you already knew that." He winked at Padre. "I think I would be the last person to be singled out to exchange words with a representative of an alien species. Now if it involves a job, one that pays of course, then I think you made a wonderful choice." His mouth finally stopped moving at a mile a minute for a smile to appear. His teeth were an unnatural white that almost glowed.
  3. Golem2God

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    Nov 25, 2017
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    So this was the hacker? Kenn though he didn't look the part of a nefarious person playing around with the Sunz security. But look are deceiving as the Tohaa himself learned growing up among his brethren. And Eddie's own tips & tales on Bakunin also came forth in his mind. Perhaps simply getting straight to the point was better than walking on eggshells. Especially to test if this hacker was seriously trying to be helpful. Kenn reached out his hand and returned the handshake of Sanjay. Then after introducing himself as Kenn he open fire so to speak...
    Kenn "I'm going to rip the bandage off, Why did you try hacking into the security measures my bodyguards set up? We know that you did some work connected to the FC, the Fifth Columnists. Do you know of any information concerning Loren Dixon? I would like to exchange some words with her and you could be of help in making that a reality."
    Ok that might have come across as a question salvo. Not a threatening one in any stretch of the mind. But hopefully Sanjay was cooperative in this endeavor. Kenn would like to have him as an ally or friend. Like that Chimera boutique lady he meet when he first entered Bakunin. That would certainly be a plus instead of Sanjay continuing at trying to poke at their security network.
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