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Infinity Character Fiction

Discussion in 'FanFic' started by ZombieSashimi, Apr 29, 2022.

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    Jun 28, 2020
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    I have had one major gripe with Infinity and it is its lack of character stories. There is so much information about the world and its factions, but nothing of substance in the way of stories about those that live in it.

    I made a video about it, but the main reason I am posting here is that I had a go at writing my own story for Victor Messer after finding next to nothing about him.

    I would love to see more short story fiction about the named characters of Infinity, but until Corvus Belli actually make anything, I will have a go myself.

    I included the story in my video, and if you would prefer a more 'Audiobook' style, check out the video at the 9:35 mark.

    Here is the story I wrote about Victor Messer:

    Stealing Candy

    Victor cuts the connection from the Yu Jing vessel ‘Dominant Spirit’. Without a single firewall preventing his access or security protocol from detecting his raid, Victor managed to steal highly classified Military data, which is going to fetch a high price to the right buyer. He spins in his chair, a grin spreading across his face ‘Like stealing candy from a baby!’ But who to sell to… PanOceania would pay handsomely, but it would probably not be worth the attention it would pull. Perhaps the JSA, they are tight lipped, and despise Yu Jing more than anyone else. But they don't carry the creds that other nations do. Either way, it's going to be a good pay day. Time to celebrate.

    Victor was plying his trade on Tunguska, a spacecraft large enough to house an entire nation. One of three that makes up the Nomad fleet. This was where the best money and equipment was, and a wonderful crime syndicate to fence his ill gotten gains. Whenever getting a big score, Victor liked to celebrate, and he would only drink the best. Bakunin Speed Spirits. All the benefits of drowning your sorrows, with none of the hangover the next morning, no matter how much you drank. It just cost a pretty penny, and so was reserved for special occasions such as this.

    As Victor knocked back a second glass, and wiped his chin with the back of his hand, he noticed the girl next to him looking intently at him. She had a mischievous grin and her eyes were wide, boring right into him. He didn't like strangers ‘noticing’ him and she was taking significant notice of him and it put him instantly on the defensive.


    ‘He knows what you did.’

    She nods toward a dark corner of the bar. Not being a foolish man, Victor makes a nuanced glance toward the corner. Dammit… How did he miss him? Well, the Nomad ship had all sorts from the various nations of the Human Sphere visiting on ‘business’ and he probably thought nothing of it, but he should have known better than to spend any time in a place shared with anyone from Yu Jing.

    ‘That isn’t any regular Yu Jing citizen you know. That is an Imperial agent. And I think he has you pegged.’

    ‘I think you have me mistaken for someone else.’

    She leans in close to his ear and whispers.

    ‘Dominant Spirit.’

    Then walks away out the door without looking back.

    Victor’s head started to spin, his palms were sweating and the alcohol hadn't helped. He had grown accustomed to never being caught. His bubble of anonymity had been burst and it felt like everyone in the room knew what he had done. There is no way that anyone traced his cyber attack back to him, he was very careful of that. He takes a moment to convince himself that everything is fine, but his paranoia knew better. He can’t trust the woman, but even without looking he knows that Yu Jing bastard IS watching him. He downs the last of the drink.


    He makes a move for the door to catch up to her and get away from everyone in the bar.

    As he exits the establishment the street outside is bustling. He looks around and cannot see her. Turning back he sees the Yu Jing agent is up and making his way to him. That confirms it… They know and he has to get off the ship as soon as possible.

    Suddenly someone grabs his arm and gets him walking briskly into the crowd.

    ‘You just going to let him grab you?’

    It was the girl.

    ‘This way, I know a way to lose him and any other prying eyes that might be watching.’

    He follows dumbfounded as she leads him through back alleys and corridors he didn’t even know existed. After a maze of turns she stops at a docking bay and pulls him into the shadows behind what appear to be caskets.

    ‘That should be enough, we should be safe here for the time being.’

    She sticks out a hand.


    Victor just looks dumbfounded at the proffered hand.

    ‘I know you are a bit of a recluse, but it is customary to shake hands on introductions.’

    Victor hesitantly shakes, what was her name, Aida’s hand.

    ‘Right… Victor… er… what’s going on?’

    ‘Yes, I know who you are and you are a very capable hacker, but you have pissed off dangerous people.’

    ‘No… I was careful… there is no way.’

    ‘My employer knows about it, and if he knows you can bet that Yu Jing knows. Your life is in danger and I am going to throw you a lifeline.’

    He eyes her suspiciously. ‘Why?’

    ‘Because my employer wants that intel. You do have it on you, you weren't foolish enough to leave it on your workstation I presume.’

    ‘Of course.’ Victor's cheeks burn red as he realizes the opposite is quite true, no matter, he accesses his geist and remotely downloads it into his hacking device deleting the source file and encrypting the received data.

    Aida watches him knowingly rolling her eyes.

    ‘I hate working with cowboys.’

    He smiles back, tapping two fingers to his temple. ‘I have it all right here.’ Along with a purge program in case anyone plans anything untoward.

    ‘Good, now get in.’ Aida opens one of the caskets.

    It's a goddamn coffin. The type they shoot off into space for military personnel that have died whilst serving. He stares back at Aida in disbelief and intense displeasure.

    ‘Look, I am a smuggler, the best of the best, if you want off this ship it is in there. But don’t think too long, you of all people should know that Yu Jing agents don’t give up hunting anyone that harms their empire easily… or ever for that matter. You are going to be a wanted man for a long time.’

    He wished he had drunk a few more glasses of the Bakunin spirits, he felt like throwing up, but reluctantly climbed in.

    Aida closes the lid down on him.

    ‘Nighty Night!’

    As the coffin seals the sense of helplessness stings at his pride. He has always been able to fend for himself. How did so many know about his raid? As his mind swam with thoughts he felt himself get drowsy. Why was that? A gas… it has to be… she has gassed m… Everything fades to black.

    As if waking from a nightmare, Victor begins piecing together the night before. I got drunk, met a girl, and… oh god… he sat up with start, panic setting in. The room was empty, stark. Looking around there was one door, no windows, no decor, nothing. Taking deep breaths to calm himself he felt the vibrational hum emanating through the floor. He was on a ship, nothing as big as Tunguska, but at least the size of a freighter. That meant he was away from Yu Jing’s agents at least. That much was true. He let out a breath and then instantly held it again as the door slid open, a shadow standing there watching him. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he could see alien eyes glinting at him. Suddenly the shadow rushed forward, its face an inch from his. His chest hurt, he couldn't breathe, but that wasn’t the most surprising thing. He knew his life was moments from ending. He looked into the alien eyes of the shadow, and as it moved into the light, he saw its face. His face, smiling just as he had done after his ‘success’ with the Dominant Spirit. ‘Like stealing candy from a baby.’
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