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Infinity Army 7 (N4) Bugs

Discussion in 'Infinity Army' started by Koni, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Zoe

    Zoe You can run, but you can't hide.
    CB Staff Warcor

    Jan 23, 2017
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    Please, give me the code, or the link to one of the lists you're getting error from. I'm trying to reproduce the error, and I'm getting loaded correctly the lists with the Infirmarer unit.
  2. hortanium

    hortanium Major Thomas Williams, USAriadna Marine Corps

    Jul 2, 2018
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    • Army: Ariadna, All
    • Troop: Grunts, Armand Le Muet
    • Browser used & Operative System: ios app
    • Description of the bug: Grunts are 4-2 movement and appear to be the only MI that still are. Same for Armand for every faction Not sure if this is a bug or not.
  3. Ayadan

    Ayadan Knight of the TAG Order

    Nov 25, 2017
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    Here is one of them.
    Though I don't say it out of nothing. I tried by adding an Infirmarer to a list working, saving it under a new name and loading it. Then the bug happened again.

    EDIT: strangely, I've some other saves going well. I don't know what's going on, to be honest.
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  4. Foxbringer

    Foxbringer Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2018
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    Army: MO, PanO, Starmada
    Troop: Santiago knights
    Browser & OS: Firefox, Win 10
    Description: Santiago with combat jump doesn't have parachutist skill. Is it intended?

    P.S. Does anywhere exist some doc with all intentional changes from N3 and exceptions?
  5. Iver

    Iver Human Plus

    Feb 3, 2018
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    ALEPH's Ekdromoi has the same change. Lacking the parachute.
  6. bayushi

    bayushi Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Why does the foxtrot ranger Lt option still cost 2swc? Is this an error when all other camo option Lt seems to have gone down?
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  7. Koni

    Koni BanHammer
    CB Staff

    Jan 25, 2017
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    FIX LIST 29-09-2020 (PART 2)

    · Netrods: changed from REM to LI.

    · Victor Messer: is now showing correctly the Hacker Device Plus in all his loadouts.

    · Seed-Soldiers: Fixed the bugged extra Chest Mines.

    · Kerail Preceptors: removed the duplicated “Peripheral (Sync)” skill on the Mutan.

    · Armand ‘Le Muet’: Fixed the name on “Inactive Symbiont Armor”

    · Caliban: added the Camouflage skill.

    · Bipandra: now added correctly to Varuna sectorial.

    · Father-Knight: are no longer available in the game, replaced by the KoJ.

    · Santiago Knights: added the Wildcard note in MO.

    · Joan v2, Montesa Knight (dismounted profile) & Magister Knights: is correct that they don’t have the Stealth skill.

    · Teutonic Knights: The BS 13 value is correct.

    · Rudras Gunbots: changed K1 Sniper Rifle to K1 Marksman Rifle.

    · Fanous Remotes: changed Mimetism MOD from (-6) to (-3).

    · Ahl Fasid: this troop does not have the Immunity (Shock) skill.

    · Hollow Men: now showing correctly Fireteam:Core in Tunguska sectorial.

    · Su-Jian: added “Remote Presence”.

    · Volkolak: fixed the special fireteam note in Kosmoflot.

    · Daturazi: fixed the last loadout (0.5 SWC) with the addition of the missing SmokeGL.

    · Brawlers: fixed the AVA in Ikari Company.

    · Zhanshi: added the Fireteam:Core in Invincible Army.

    · T-Drone: fixed the loadout in Onyx sectorial.

    · Zulu-Cobra: the lieutenant option is only available for Varuna sectorial.

    · Zeros: the hacker with hacking device loadout now generates the regular order correctly.

    · Zeta: the ECM:Guided (-8) is correct.

    · Kuroshi Rider: the Dodge (+3”) skill is correct.

    · Liang Kai: added special fireteam note on both White Banner & White Company sectorials.

    · Karakuri: their STR 3 value is correct.

    · Ekdromoi: troop retired. Will be available on the 2nd Wave of updates.

    · Diomedes: troop retired. Will be available on the 2nd Wave of updates.

    · Nesaie Alke: troop retired. Will be available on the 2nd Wave of updates.

    · Machaon: troop retired. Will be available on the 2nd Wave of updates.

    · Guard: the skill Guard is now spelled correctly (instead of the wrong “Guardian”)

    · Penthesilea: fixed the Dismounted profile.

    · Deva: the Triangulated Fire loadout (24 points) now have correctly the Sensor.

    · Long Ya: the first loadout (16p) is now giving correctly a regular order.

    · Kosmosoldats: addde the missing special fireteam note.

    · Mobile Brigada: is now showing correctly all the loadouts, with Light Flamethrower on some of the options.

    · Kurgat: this Morat unit is back on the battlefield. Available correctly on Combined Army vanilla & Morat sectorial.

    · Achilles v2: fixed the points cost of the AP Spitfire loadouts from 64 to 66.

    · Oznat: the “Preta Sync” loadout is now available correctly in Combined Army vanilla.

    · Moderators from Bakunin: the SWC cost of the lieutenant loadout is correct in Nomads vanilla (0 SWC). Added the Fireteam:Core in Bakunin.

    · Kerr-Nau: now is showing correctly the UPGRADE: White Noise in both CA Vanilla & Onyx sectorial.

    · Ko-Dali: loadout FTO with Assault Pistol and no MOD is correct.

    · Kiiutan: now showing correctly the SK type on both profiles.

    · Jaan Staar: now showing correctly the SK type on both profiles.

    · Hecklers: fixed the AVA in Tunguska sectorial. Now is 3.

    · Rem Racers: now they’re showing correctly their profile. No more guns in the equipment area.

    · ORC Troops: incorrect points in some loadouts now fixed in Foreign Company. The Boarding Shotgun WinterFor loadout is giving now correctly a regular order in the Svalarheima sectorial.

    · Riot Grrls: added the Fireteam:Core & Fireteam:Duo in Bakunin.

    · Reverend Moiras: added the Fireteam:Core & Fireteam:Haris in Bakunin.

    · Reverend Healers: added the Fireteam:Haris in Bakunin.

    · Bounty Hunters: added the special fireteam note in Druze Bayram Security.

    · Karakuri: Gizmokit (PH=12) should now be showed under Skills.

    · Skiavoros: Lieutenant with Plasma Rifle & Nanopulser cost rised from 52 to 54 points.

    · Treitak Anyat: now have correctly a Heavy Pistol instead a Pistol.

    · Hunzakuts: all loadouts are now providing correctly a irregular order.

    · Samekh Rebots: now have Missile Launcher instead of Smart Missile Launcher.

    · Gangbusters: added the missing Minelayer skill on the MadTraps loadouts.

    · Imetron: being LI is correct.

    · Auxilia: troop retired. Will be available on the 2nd Wave of Updates.

    · Polaris Team & Equipe Mirage-5: they now provides the correct number of orders.

    · Crushers: now they have correctly a loadout with Light Rocket Launcher.

    · Jazz & Billie: Billie now have the Repeater equipment.

    · Wildcats: the Killer Hacker loadout have now Light Flame Thrower.

    · Arjuna: The Shock Marksman Rifle & 2xKiranbots are giving correctly a regular order.

    · Corregidor Jaguars: added Fireteam:Core & Fireteam:Haris in Corregidor sectorial.

    · Alpha Unit: removed from Starmada sectorial.

    · Trinitarian Tertiaries: the Minelayer loadout now gives correctly a regular order. They are only available on the Military Orders sectorial.

    · Khawarijs: added the special fireteam note in Ramah Taskforce sectorial.

    · Overdron: now is back on the battlefield. Available correctly in CA vanilla & Onyx sectorial.

    · Mentor: now have the Counterintelligence skill correctly added.

    · Posthumans: Proxy Mk.2 hacker loadout have now correct SWC cost (0.5)

    · Evaders, EVA Tactical Group: added Fireteam:Core in Corregidor sectorial.

    · Yan Huo: added Fireteam:Duo in Invincible Army sectorial.

    · Rodoks: added Fireteam:Haris in both Morat & Onyx sectorials.

    Thank you for your help, patience and understanding!
  8. Sense42

    Sense42 New Member

    Mar 27, 2020
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    Army: MO, PanO
    Troop: Crusader Bretheren
    Browser/OS: Win10 & Chrome and Android App
    Description: Crusader Bretheren are missing

    Army: Only tried with MO, but I assume it to be global
    Browser: Win 10 / Chrome
    Description: The Units on the right hand side and left hand side on the printed army list are different: The left side is in inches (as intended), while the right side is in centimeteres, but also sometimes specifies troop types (i.e. "Support Troops"/"Charackter"). The troop type is missing from some entries though (in the printout I have in front of me, It's missing on an Infirmarer and 1 out of 2 Trinitarians)
  9. Koni

    Koni BanHammer
    CB Staff

    Jan 25, 2017
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    Missed that one. Now is back ;)

    · Crusader Brethren: now is back on the battlefield. Available correctly in PanO vanilla & Military Orders sectorial.
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  10. RolandTHTG

    RolandTHTG Still wandering through the Night

    Aug 10, 2019
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    Army: Aleph, OSS
    Troop: Samekh
    Browser/OS: Brave and Android App
    Description: Samekh in vanilla and the non-FTO option in OSS are missing the BS Attack (Guided) skill to patch the previously smart missile profiles.

    Also, are the Thorakitai supposed to be missing from Vanilla Aleph?
  11. colbrook

    colbrook Black Fryer

    Nov 23, 2017
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    They should be second wave in November.
  12. Terrenor

    Terrenor Active Member

    Jan 2, 2019
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    I hope you mean now not not.
    Sorry, this is totally not understandable in my option. Every two wound HI got immunity (shock).
    Edit: I just take a look into Army every HI in N4 has Immunity (shock) even the one wound HIs from Ariadna. I know no more nested rules and so on and more options in profil design etc. but I really do not unterstand this decision.
    Compared to the other S5 HIs the Al Fasid losses in all Points.
    #292 Terrenor, Sep 29, 2020
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2020
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  13. Terrenor

    Terrenor Active Member

    Jan 2, 2019
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    Screenshot_20200929-161409_Infinity Army.jpg Army: Nomads
    Browser: Army App
    Description: I filter the Nomad for HI. The TAG although got listed. See picture
  14. RedeemedRyan

    RedeemedRyan Member

    Apr 4, 2019
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    Apologies if this was already mentioned. Tried to scour the long thread to see if it was, so please forgive me if I missed it.

    Army: Aleph, OSS
    Troop: Proxy MK 2 both profiles
    Browser: all
    Description: Troop profile is missing Hidden Deployment, though still has benefits of what was previously TO Camo (such as -6 mod)
  15. AmPm

    AmPm Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2019
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    Army: Druze Bayram Security
    Troop: Authorized Bounty Hunters
    Browser: All
    Description: Does not display Wildcard status
  16. colbrook

    colbrook Black Fryer

    Nov 23, 2017
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    That'll be because of the Iguana's Operator, who is an HI.
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  17. ActionHankDE

    ActionHankDE New Member

    Mar 7, 2018
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    • Army: CA / Onyx
    • Troop: Overdron
    • Browser used & Operative System: Chrome/MacOS and Android App
    • Description of the bug: The Overdron has AVA 1 instead of AVA 2 as stated out in the Sectorial Chart for Onyx.
  18. BingBong

    BingBong VanCity Daddio

    Dec 6, 2017
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    Army: nomads/tunguska
    Troop: hollowmen
    Os: army app
    Description: hollowmen no longer have courage. Is this intentional?

    Troop: Caliban
    Os: army app
    Description: no light rocket launcher profile. Intentional or missed? There is a mini being released with defiance that has the loadout, so i figured it was just missed?

    Also thanks for all the hard work CB and @ijw !!
    N4 is looking GREAT!!
  19. Cervantes3773

    Cervantes3773 Rogue AI

    Feb 21, 2017
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    Army: USARF
    Troop: Airborne Rangers
    Os: Windows, Firefox
    Description: Airborne Rangers missing from USARF

    /Sorry for repeating this one, but I didn't see it addressed in the latest update...
  20. Deadpool

    Deadpool New Member

    Sep 29, 2020
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    • Army:Ariadna/TAK
    • Troop:Vassily Plushenko
    • Browser used & Operative System: Mobile & Chrome
    • Description of the bug: Vassily doesn't appear to have the Courage Skill and lacks a Flash Pulse on the Forward Observe profiles
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