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Idle Speculation: Return of The Shock Army

Discussion in 'PanOceania' started by Narkano, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Narkano

    Narkano Armed Shiba-Inu

    Nov 23, 2017
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    This is obviously far in the future, but it I've been wondering how CB plans to re-introduce their OOP armies.
    We know that CB plans to rotate armies to keep SKU bloat down, and hopefully also give themselves a nice jumping off point to keep players interested once all expected sectorials are released. E.G. the year is 2025 Svalhareima was the last PanO sectorial to come out 3 years ago but we aren't scheduled for any new ones. So to keep things fresh CB announces Shock Army is back with its own box set either like MO's 300 point box or a USARF's big starter box.
    What does that release look like? new units (A Regular Dire Foe)? Updated Profiles (looking at you Singh)?
    Obviously SAA did just get a very nice refresh, so isn't in immediate need of fixing. My guess/ideal scenario would be that SAA gets a USARF Style Gencon box featuring some sort of limited edition mini (dismounted Montessa or a Naga?) with a MRRF vs SAA Dire Foe released later in the fall.

    Anyways, how do you think it'd shake out?
  2. colbrook

    colbrook Black Fryer

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Bagh-maris gain a jungle fighting rule allowing them to ignore the burst penalty from saturation zones.

    Akali are able to land in difficult terrain.

    Stephen Rao gains I-kohl level 3 as befitting Infinity's #1 hot dad.

    Regulars get inferior Infiltration/limited camo loadouts with shotguns and D-Charges
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  3. barakiel

    barakiel Echo Bravo Master Sergeant

    May 5, 2017
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    Interesting idea. In some ways it's hard to anticipate, because future editions of the game may have a big impact on how Sectorials are structured and released.

    The bones of Acon are very solid. Even with my love of NCA and VIRD, I actually still view Acon as the most the most versatile (and therefore the most competitive) way to play PanO. I think they're the best TAG faction in the game, owing partly to the Tikbalang, and partly to how well Acon supports the Tikbalang with so many excellent secondary units.

    Part of this will just be wishlisting, but they're changes I would like to see:

    • Reverse the roles of Singh and Rao. Rao gets Chain of Command, NCO or Strategos L1 for a utility boost (all of which are very thematic.) Singh focuses his role on combat, getting a useful point drop too.
    • Akalis given more of a niche. Giving them the capability to wield their E/M CCW effectively, or doubling down on the E/M theme with more E/M tools would be excellent.
    • The role of ALEPH? I don't mind ALEPH troops in Acon, and Nagas are obviously a big draw for playing Acon to begin with. If the lore evolves, and ALEPH and PanO no longer have close ties, I can easily see Crocs (and perhaps AVA1 Zulu Cobra) stepping in to fill the ALEPH niche.
    • The GdA. Once upon a time, the GdA's biggest draw was that it was 4-4 MOV in an era where 90% of Heavy Infantry were 4-2 MOV. Obviously that's long dead, so instead the GdA is now a token smoke platform with some g:synch stuff. I think Tohaa's stolen the crown from the PanO for best g:synch troops, and it would be nice for PanO to take it back. My hope is that a new edition would find ways to drop the cost on the GdA, or give it some tools to help with its close-range role (a BTS bump or Deflector Tinbot would help. The current challenge is that I don't want to pay 50 points for a Rifle, nor do I want to pay 2 SWC for a Spitfire, and so I tend to leave both options at home. If ALEPH went away, there's opportunity for the GdA to expand into the role of Scylla and Drakios. Multiple Auxbots? Different Auxbots? A Hacking option? Red Fury, to reduce SWC cost? All possibilities. A GdA with Red Fury, with the Fury's slightly longer range band, would be quite decent.
    • Incentivize the Bagh Mari link. Honestly I have to give some thought to how to actually do this. Medium Infantry fireteams are a mess... 4-2 MOV, high cost per model, but 1 Wound, mediocre ARM, low PH is basically a formula for all of them to get wiped out by a Chain Rifle. How can that be fixed?
  4. Ayadan

    Ayadan Knight of the TAG Order

    Nov 25, 2017
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    Clipper getting a ASA loadout
    Multiterrain for Guarda de Assalto and his Auxbot
    Montesa getting at least jungle terrain.
    A second loadout for Singh with exotic weapons and equipements (Combi+LRL for example)
    NCO guys and gals getting NCO.
    A Regular SpecOp chararter
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  5. loricus

    loricus Satellite Druid

    Nov 24, 2017
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    It's the fundamental issue of a vastly increased DTW availability since N3 vs. units that are weak against that. It would be really embarassing if they aren't already working on this and I'm guessing stuff is already in testing.

    They've already gotten a lot of haris and tested with the FD1 so it looks like they're looking at it to me. I really loved pinning the map down with a full Wildcat core in the center in the early N3 days but it's much harder now and I don't think CQB MI links were an intentional casualty to the balance.
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  6. Ixidro

    Ixidro Deep agent infiltrated in PanOceanian HQ

    Nov 27, 2017
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    We'll know when Shasvasti arrives. If they return with a JSA style box, that should be CB's favourite format to re-release sectorials. Maybe we wont get new regulars, bagh-maris or akalis sculpts because the latest are pretty good already, but it'll be a good time for GdA resculpts/profile rework.

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  7. Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2018
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    Make Akalis DROP troops not infiltration troops that pay extra. Giving Kirpal superior jump would make sense for the guy who WROTE PANO'S BOOK ON IT (though that does make a lot of sense for the Echo Bravo to be an infiltrator). Missing the drop a third of the time is a big risk and while akalis are pretty cheap, it's dangerous when several factions are only a little below you in the ftf with hack transport AC
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  8. MrNailbrain

    MrNailbrain Relentless Optimist

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Lore-wise seeing SAA pulling a “big damn heroes” moment and saving the asses of humanity against all odds would be ideal.

    Gameplay wise, there are some fantastic suggestions in this thread. I’m particularly keen on expanding the role of each terrain skill. Jungle Terrain ignores the Burst penalty for saturation zones is a neat idea (if a bit of rules bloat). I would love to see suggestions for other terrain types. Aquatic terrain provides an additional -3 to hit while prone in water terrain? Mountain terrain provides Climbing Plus while in rocky terrain? Desert Terrain provides stealth while in sand?

    I’d love to see expanded use of terrain types and rules!
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