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Honour and Justice: Kurage with Yu Jing

Discussion in 'StarCo' started by Shiwen, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Shiwen

    Shiwen Commissar, Yu Jing General Political Department

    Dec 31, 2017
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    yu jing seal s.png

    Commanders of StarCo!

    Your reputation across the Sphere is well-known, when injustice raises its head, when a righteous cause begs aid, it is you who rise to the occasion!

    We understand that the Japanese Secessionists have made an offer, more promises atop promises born of their 'Uprising'. We know your motives for aiding them there, for it is true that they were treated as second-class citizens, denied full rights and subject to biases by our institutions. Yu Jing does not eschew self-criticism, we embrace it, and criticism here was truly due.

    But you have fought alongside the Kuge, you have seen the new Japan they have wrought. Is it righteous? Is it just? No, it is not! The most wealthy, the so-called Kuge, have sacrificed the lives of their people in order to preserve their own power, to ensure their own extravagant wealth is not re-purposed to serve those in need! It is their interests, not those of the people, the 'Uprising' has served.

    And now they call once more upon you, but this time the truth has already been laid bare. You know their nature, and if any reminder was needed you see that they do not hesitate to recruit those of immoral standing, such as the Ikari Company, to serve their interests. A victory for the Japanese on Noviy Cimmeria is a victory for the Kuge, for oppression, for injustice.

    The StateEmpire offers you a different path. You are mercenaries, of course, and our vaults burst eager to offer payment, but there is a greater cause than mere Yuan. The StateEmpire of Yu Jing pledges to correct its missteps, and remains devoted to serving the people, the Kuge of Japan engineered their rebellion to avoid correction, justice, to cling longer to their power and privilege.

    To serve under one's own banner is a point of pride, this we fully understand, but the Rising Sun banner is not yours, no matter what promises it makes. Do not let the Kuge manipulate you, painting themselves as the just and the oppressed while they gleefully perpetrate injustice and oppression. In this Kurage Crisis, join with the StateEmpire, subscribe under our banner and battle in our name! The cause is just, and the rewards will be rich indeed.