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Homebrew WIP - Tàiyángxì Jūn, Red And Yellow Banners (Yu Jing Sol Forces)

Discussion in 'Access Guide to the Human Sphere' started by Del S, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Del S

    Del S Tunguskaball

    Dec 11, 2017
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    First came Nigeria as an NA2, then PanO's Earth Peeps... Now, the State Empire's troops on Earth and Mars to add to the pile of horribly imbalanced fan armies made by just one numpty!

    Google Docs Link

    • Very Bad Google Translations
    • Lazy logos
    • Firefly, Stargate, C&C Generals, and Star Trek references
    • 'PanO Was A Mistake' gags
    • Uprising saltiness
    • Biohazard cleanup teams
    • Obsolete TAGs
    • Biker Mice from Mars Thailand (but they also work on Mars)
    • Korean OG Pretty Marines
    • Mongolian Hi Bikers
    • State Empire Loyal Ninjas
    • Naval Infantry
    • Uprising Veterans
    • Lord Flashheart! Sort of!
    • Weird new hacking program!
    • Hwachas
    • Disposable Jammers!
    • Up to Three(!) Harris Teams (but zero cores if you do).
    As always, WIP because points and fluff can always be adjusted. Comments, criticisms, are welcome. No poll this time though as it's Tycho Free City next, then Neo-Tsarist Russia and my approach to the United States assuming I don't wander off into making silly HI and Ninja only JSA subsections or US Ariadnan Marines... Or Antipodes. Or Black Banner. Or Submundo. Or...
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  2. Mahtamori

    Mahtamori Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Just glossing over the fluff sections. Nothing personal, I do that to nearly all games to preserve my sanity.

    Hwacha. (or a Bolter by another name)
    I'll give you this; it's an interesting speciality HMG, but I think the range bands are a bit generous on either the lower or the upper end of +3 and it seems like a weapon capable of volley should have Speculate Fire?

    While not as vile as a Jammer, I'm on principle against it :)

    I like these, but I don't like special CC weapons on CC15 troopers and their Heavyweight means they can't ever move through doors nor openings created using D-charges.

    Type 61.
    As far as I can tell, I think the 2xHwacha version is easily the one that would be the most popular while the LGL version would see some use. Don't see much point in the Flamer versions that only seem to be there to be a budget Guijia and would have no reason to exist due to the Hac Tao in vanilla.
    Pilot is a massive improvement, though.

    Hwa Brigade.
    As far as I can tell, even the simplest HI have targeting assists to bring BS up a bit. BS 12 is very rare on HI, even Ariadna HI have BS 13. That said, a hypothetical Tanko costs 27 points with a Combi. Losing the Mono CCW should drop that down to 24 points, and changing Fury level to Frenzy should yield about 29. Rough estimate.
    I like the rendering of a Shaolin in heavy armour, though.

    Mounted troops.
    Skipping these entirely. I don't think motorcycles should be as common in Infinity as they already are and I think they have less place in Yu Jing than anywhere else. The only mounted troop I can see having a place is specifically Triad henchmen. I note that the setting seems to have re-interpreted cavalry as being TAGs and having the Mongolian cavalry be represented by light manned TAGs would be more interesting IMO. I'm talking about less shit version of Gecko here.

    Don't like these being here at all. Yes, there's ISS "political officers" in other regiments, but that's what thematic vanilla forces are for. Being present isn't the same as being deeply integrated within the specific force structure of that type of army.

    I like this take on Yu Jing Ninjas in general, and I wouldn't mind seeing that implemented on the vanilla profiles in general. I do seem to recall Takemura not being from Earth/Mars, though?

    Naval Infantry. (Aka I give up on trying to type the names)
    I take it you mean "water naval" here? Would it not make sense to limit them to specifically Aquatic to understate this in that case? In either case, Haidao are specifically naval (space naval) forces, so maybe a small adaption to fake-HI would make sense? Instead of being, pardon me for saying this, budget Djanbazan who doesn't know what role they want to fill.

    Okay.. sure... I can see a reason for them to be here, even though their home sectorial likely being White Banner.

    See Kanren and Naval Infantry.

    Uprising Veteran.
    Looks like confused Celestial Guards, tbh. I think you're trying to mash two concept into one here and one of them is trying to do the job that Celestial Guard are meant to do in vanilla or that Zhanshi would already be doing in this sectorial. I can see some merits to the Forward Deploying versions (aka Totally Not Libertos)
    (edit: I think the sniper is over-priced by quite a bit and I think it's Forward Deployment that's the culprit - LI/MI/SK seem to pay about 1 point for FD, regardless of level, as far as I can tell).

    This unit embodies everything I found wrong with Warhammer 40K. Army specific, army wide bonuses, and random dice rolls affecting stuff that should be known long before the battle, not to mention core synergistic units that makes or breaks the army.
    I would suggest that instead of being army-wide, that it functions more like Deflector that it affects the Daxiao and any unit they are Fireteamed with for specific known effects such as L1 providing Courage and L2 providing Veteran.

    Black Lotus.
    This would be a massive deal for vanilla Yu Jing and would propel the hacking game far ahead. I think this one is priced a bit low when I compare to a Cyberghost, but not by a lot.

    Looks like a very Yu Jingse character. Well designed, tbh. ARM is a bit low for HI, though.

    Xian Hui
    You may want to make one line without Guerilla, just for vanilla functionality so to speak :)
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    Last edited: Feb 23, 2020
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  3. Del S

    Del S Tunguskaball

    Dec 11, 2017
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    Thanks for the input.

    The Hwacha, maybe I'll adjust to Spitfire rangebands and add spec.

    Sweepers could maybe lose heavyweight and perhaps gain some CC

    Type 61, maybe twin flamethrowers would be a better fit, or just having the LGL version take over. Hwacha x2 maybe should become just the Hwacha and maybe chain-colt.

    Hwa probably should be adjusted now you mention that.

    The Mongolian TAGs may be WB special assuming they're not just a Guijia Regiment, and as noted, Shaolin already step on some possible WB fun. I also had an idea for Gecko level TAGs for a different YuJing fanbuild, perhaps the Biker HI could be replaced with them...

    Kanrens were to keep the numbers of new units down as well as partially replacing an idea for Vietnamese Skirmishers that wasn't working out so well.

    The Ninjas are intended to all just be like a branch office here to keep tabs on the Japanese capital, afaik all loyal ninjas are actually Shentang or Yutang based, I think some are even still in Kuramori.

    Naval Infantry and Tigers, maybe the latters role could be somewhat merged with the former more, but dropping to specific terrain profiles and lowering to msv1. Tigers are present mostly again to reduce the new unit count when an adequate unit exists and can be part of the forces.

    Veterans, I think I'll drop spitfires and lower sniper prices, maybe also courage

    Daxiao are counterparts to the same sort of thing in my Earth Bastion homebrew. I envisioned L1 as like a meta chemistry for line troops, and L2 as a way to possibly cover the various nationalities of PanOs earth holdings without dozens of special units. But maybe it could be changed selection only, the dice roll an option, and adding FTO to support units to let them be zhanshi/fusiliers for a little extra price.

    Lotus, maybe a few points increase could be in order.

    Shandian was actually meant to be LI, HI is a typo.

    Xian Hui probably could use that, yeah...
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