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Heavy Weaponry/Vehicles in Setting

Discussion in 'Access Guide to the Human Sphere' started by Fyeya, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Fyeya

    Fyeya Yakitori over a light flamethrower

    Mar 24, 2018
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    So one thing I've been wondering about is if the Infinity setting includes heavy armor and support weapons, such as MLRS platforms, Main Battle Tanks, etc.

    I've been thinking about recent discussions of conflicts and scale, and it occurred to me that I don't know what kind of war materiel the different nations have lying around, especially when it comes to all out conflict against another major power, such as the EI.

    Is there information on that anywhere, detailing what sorts of equipment and vehicles are still in use? Aircraft/naval vessels/spacecraft, etc?
  2. barakiel

    barakiel Echo Bravo Master Sergeant

    May 5, 2017
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    A lot of Infinity background talks about those types of tech receiving less attention, because the natural stability of the sphere means they don't have as much of a role as they did previously. Most warfare remains clandestine and disavowable, which means huge battle tanks and such receive less budgetary attention than units that are TAG-level or smaller.

    I think we're starting to see that phenomenon decay though. The new Uprising book talks a lot about sustained artillery bombardment, air superiority and carpet bombing, naval blockades, etc. that seem to indicate that warfare is scaling up. The Yu Jing vs JSA schism is the closest to huge, large scale war that we've ever seen between Sphere factions themselves (not counting the conflict vs the CA.)

    As far as published details though, I don't know that they've been officially established in the fluff outside of illustrations of ships and passing references to their type. We've heard a bit about missile corvettes, armed freighters, patrol craft, orbital defense platforms, etc. but I'm not sure there's much besides that. They tend to exist as a setting or as background for the infantry-based combat that Infinity emphasizes.
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  3. stevenart74

    stevenart74 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    The most "Heavy Official Pieces" of Vehicula Ordnance that are NOT just passing "Small Spaceship / Dropships" in relatively rough detaills and unclear images are JUST:

    1°) The Haqqislamite "Luzige" (Locust ?) A.P.C.; a 6-8 wheeled armoured and armed vehicle that is present in the Halqa Mechanized Infantry background fluff and in some few illustrations by @Bostria and other Corvus Belli Artists; judging from the context of the images should be more on the "Army Assault Truck" level of Protection rather than "S.W.A.T. Police Vans"; they appear armed with a couple of twin-linked Haqqislamite H.M.G.s in a upper turret opening. . .

    2°) The "Dolly Dagger" Spaceship from the Outrage Manga; large enough to enter Planetary Atmosphere and exit Orbit and attach to a Circular Ship and anyway nimble enough to outfight far smaller "Meteor Mk2 Zonds" (it is assumed larger and more lethal versions of the Nomads Zondbots). . .

    Large enough to hold a crew of a small "Black Ops Team" AND housing comfortably a modified Anaconda T.A.G. is aremd with multiple "Smart Missile Pods" and what seems a peculiarly large Hypervelocity Autocannon / Railgun. . .

    3°) @Antenociti 's "Azure Dragons" a sort of "Metropolitan Skies Orbital Crafts" roughly enough to be comparable to Large Police / Army Helicopter of our R.W.; while in Infinity Tabletop Wargame Rules are "Stationary Scenery" meant to represent a Landed Dropship as Enter / Exit point of a Faction Squad, in the Art are shown to have either Small Machineguns and / or Rocket Pods on small "Winglets" of the nose fuselage. . .

    That's all that I know of "Official Stuff" at the moment. . .
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  4. AdmiralJCJF

    AdmiralJCJF Heart of the Hyperpower

    Feb 21, 2017
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    The RPG tells us that:

    "The typical array of Classes and their names can be found below. Each Class is typically about twice the mass of the Class below it. Some Classes have two or more accompanying names, depending on the specific function of a vessel. For example, while both corvettes and couriers are Class 2 vessels, their purposes are very different.

    0 Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor, Orbital, Shuttle
    1 Yacht, Lighter, Gunboat, Aviso (and patrol vessel/gunship variants)
    2 Corvette, Courier
    3 Escort, Frigate, Freighter, Ferry
    4 Cruiser, Carrier, Bulk Freighter
    5 Dreadnought, Supercarrier, Superfreighter

    Some vessels exceed even this classification, with the main examples being Nomad motherships and the gigantic Circulars, which are so large that they do not fit on this scale. They’re more akin to terrain than vessels. As a rule of thumb, a Nomad mothership will likely have a Class of 9 or 10; any larger, and they cannot dock with a Circular. The Circulars themselves could be thought of as having a Class of 15, though they are far longer than they are wide, consisting of many massive sections."

    With regard to military units we're given a list of the following as examples:

    Light Infantry Platoon
    Lightly-armed and armoured infantry, ideal for moving quickly through dense terrain and fighting at close quarters.

    Medium Infantry Platoon
    Tough infantry, who can serve as the core of any Force.

    Heavy Infantry Platoon
    Power armoured infantry carrying powerful weaponry.

    Recon/Sniper Squad
    A small group of light infantry, armed with spotting equipment and long-range rifles.

    Light TAG Squadron
    Skilled pilots operating armoured, mobile mechanised suits. These TAGs are relatively small and light-weight, allowing them to move quickly into position in support of other Forces.

    Heavy TAG Squadron
    Skilled pilots operating armoured, mobile mechanised suits. These TAGs are heavily-armed and heavily-armoured, and often found where the fighting is most intense.

    Missile Platform
    A large ground vehicle laden with remotely-guided missiles.

    Gunship Squadron
    Armoured gunships used to provide air support to ground forces and perform tactical air strikes on enemy positions.

    And despite many other examples of different kinds of vehicles it's notable that there aren't any AFVs in the ground vehicles rules... yet anyway.