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GWT Ruhrpott 2018

Discussion in 'Events & Tournaments' started by mosch, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. mosch

    mosch ---Top Schnur---

    Nov 30, 2017
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    Shift in the Shaft! (this is actually a german phrase "Schicht im Schacht!" which means "its over!" "Till here and not further!" or something similar)
    the GWT Ruhrpott 2018 (Ruhrpott is the local slang for the ruhr areal) in Recklinghausen is finishing the first GWT Series.

    32 Players found their way into the 'Pott' and had the chance to play on 16 stunning Tables, which where brought from different Communities. Thanks a lot!

    Incendiarius (from the Starlords) and me (mosch, TopSchnur) had the oppurtunity to organize this great Event. With the support of our Groups we managed to entertain you in every reason.

    The Flatrate of 5 €, which included Coffee, Softdrinks, Pies and also Currywurst (on of the Foods which is 'Pott' is well known for) was pretty well used!
    In the End we had an overflow of 100 € in our bank, so we also got the chance to donate this Money -in typical Top Schnur style- to "Mikado" which is an local organisation which provides home and shelter for Kids from abusive Families.
    Again, Thanks a lot for this oppurtunity!

    Cause of the generous support of Corvus Belli, Customeeple, Battle Kiwi, Laser Army Scenery and Minyarts - Miniatures & More we where also able to field a tremendous Prize Pool! I repeat myself when i say: Thank you! Thanks a lot! You Rock!

    It was a hell of a ride, organizing this big Tournament! And we are looking forward to ride this b*tch again 2019!
    Dont miss it! See you there!

    mosch & Incendiarius

    [​IMG]thank you
    [​IMG]1. Round
    [​IMG]the lone wolf

    More Pics?