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General PanOceania Tactica: Your guide to vanilla

Discussion in 'PanOceania' started by Judge Dredd, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2018
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    PanOceania Guide

    Welcome to Judge Dredd's Amazing PanOceania Guide! In here you will find in depth examination of the generic PanOceanian forces.

    Why play non sectorial vanilla PanOceania? To utilize access to the best variety of available units from the sectorial armies of PanOceania. While redundancy is limited, the variety of units more than makes up for it.

    What should you expect? Access to the best shooting pieces this game can offer. Plentiful protective modifiers. Strong multispectral visor options. Excellent remotes you won't want to leave home without. Strong defensive abilities and stats.

    What shouldn't you expect? You will not find line of sight obstructing equipment. Your hacking will be weak compared to most high tech factions. Claiming objectives can be a frustrating experience.

    The heart and soul of Panoceania. Many of these guys will be making the backbone of your lists and bringing vital options to your lists. These may not always seem like the sexiest option, but you'll never leave home without them.


    Armed with Combi Rifle and auxbot with a heavy flamer. This is in many ways PanOceania's warband. Excellent at guarding flanks and flanking maneuvers but lacking at midfield combat unless the terrain is particularly dense. They are easily the worst shot in PanOceania and rely on confronting your opponent with a choice between dodging the flamer or shooting the auxilia. While punishing a single opponent is a good way to tear down a tough enemy, it's important to remember they can split up a short distance and engage in two directions. You can place supportware on the auxbot but it is rather unecessary outside of niche situations where a shock heavy flamer becomes valuable. If a dire situation comes up, you can always sacrifice the auxbot to clear a mine to save on orders. This becomes important when going for objectives to clear the way for your specialist. One of the best parts of these pairs is the difference between a regular auxilia and a forward observer is the one point cost that you will almost always spend to upgrade. This gives the auxilia not only the specialist classification, but a better range and slightly more accurate aro with flash pulse. I would consider this a foundational unit to a PanOceania list as taking one almost never hurts but opens up flexibility and provides much needed template weapons for few points. The lieutenant option is baffling as it is 4 points more than a fusilier and 1 SWC for no reasonable benefit. Auxilia attract way too much danger and head steaight into it to be a realistic choice for lieutenant to begin with without taking cost into consideration.


    The plucky fusilier makes up the backbone of PanOceania in more ways than one. Many people say that TAGs is what PanOceania specializes in, but I would argue that our biggest advantage is in our line troops as exemplified by the fusilier. While their WIP leaves much to be desired, their Ballistic Skill is the PanOceania 12 and this should be capitalized on. They should be moved and put into suppression fire as quickly as possible to begin locking down the board making sure that their ranges cover their fire lane. Assuming your target is in cover, each shot in 0 range is 12.5% more likely to succeed than the alternative line troop in suppression fire. This is what pushes them into being considerable threats to even more skilled troops of other factions. The basic combi rilfe is neither amazing or terrible but will get the job done against anything but the heaviest armor. While the fusilier has access to special weapons in vanilla, it is often best to save the SWC for better gun platforms as the fusilier neither inflicts mods nor removes them. The HMG may be the best corner case weapon to take if desired as it can suppress and can make use of the solid Ballistic Skill stat for only 1 swc. As far as being a specialist, in base army the forward observer is preferable for 2 points as the flash pulse adds the the ARO potential and he comes armed with a nifty deployable repeater. Special notice should be given to the fusilier hacker. 18 points and 0.5 SWC gets you supportware on the table and access to remotes. It doesn't matter if you're running remotes or heavy infantry, this is the go to guy for support for being so point efficient. Keep him away from hackers at all costs or he will get blown out of the water with his mighty 12 WIP and 0 BTS. The fusilier Lt is generally one of my go to Lt choices whenever I have access to it. PanOceania has some very odd Lt profiles and most of the time come with an opportunity cost. Always consider it as a strong candidate. Ava total means take as many of these “cheerleaders” and show your opponent some ARO cheer.

    Acontecimento Regulars:

    Naked smarter fusiliers. These boys and girls traded in body armor for books and despite looking similar, they offer some significant options not available. In vanilla the primary profile you'll be looking at is the minelayer. Minelayer always makes a strong argument for itself by being a great deterrent to would be warbands looking for easy kills but be mindful, camo on the PanOceania table is obvious. There's nothing sneaky about it. Use them to mine up your deployment zone and then throw them into suppression fire for a wall of headaches. They also provide sensor which will further help disuade camo tokens and grant triangulated fire. The sapper multisniper is an interesting choice due to the nature of sapper allowing you to create super cover where needed, but competes with the Nisse for the role and is just no comparison although 12 points cheaper. The hacking light grenade launcher is an efficient SWC profile, but has limited potential for being outside of a link and on it's own making it extremely order intensive. The spitfire makes no sense when 7 points more buys you a bulleteer. The Lt option here has the problem of being a sore thumb compared to the fusilier due to the AVA 2. The minelayer sensor is a clear winner on all fronts.

    Kamau Amphibious Intervention Teams:

    Recently reworked, the Kamau occupy a weird space in vanilla. Many of their profiles are quite interesting but start pushing into Nisse territory in terms of points where the decision of whether or not to take an MSV troop becomes paramount. So let's highlight the key aspects of the unit: Ballistic Skill 13, mimetism, high BTS and light infantry movement. The HMG offers a nice bundle at 28 points and a cheap 1 SWC but the Bagh Mari is -1 Ballistic Skill and gets MSV1 for 26 points 1.5 SWC letting you decide what best fits your needs. The MSV2 sniper Kamau is 2 points less than a Nisse and 2 points of armor less as well. The SMG Heavy Rocket Launcher profile is actually unique in PanOceania and offers some solid versatility for ammo types. While the HRL gives some nice template action and good range, the SMG in suppression fire can be quite deadly between the Ballistic Skill, the mods and ammo type making this a very attractive piece for attack and defense. The Kamau hacker offers strong protection from would be killers and against other hackers combining high Ballistic Skill, solid WIP, mimetism and high BTS making it an attractive choice even for just a regular hacking device. The Kamau also has two other specialists with the forward observer and the paramedic.

    Order Sergeants:

    Primarily a Military Orders staple, most profiles experience an SWC cost increase in vanilla compared to it's sectorial and as a result are simply not worth taking. The two profiles worth taking a look at are the heavy rocket launcher and HRL with auxbot. These present very flexible assault pieces as they have assault pistols for close range brutality and good reach with the HRLs. The addition of the auxbot makes it a deadly combatant capable of tossing out multiple templates at various ranges for a bargain price.

    Hexas, Strategic Security Division:

    The hexa is sadly a bit of a straight forward piece for a supposed secret police. A TO trooper with a few special weapon options and some hacking capabilities. Place in hidden deployment then roll out when necessary with the spitfire or reveal at an opportune time with the sniper rifle to catch someone out of cover or a stray link member. Quickest way to stack mods with surprise shot, TO and cover for a -12 to land a hit on just about anything not toting some sort of MSV. The killer hacker profile was for the longest time our one and only, but now we have 2 other profiles freeing the hexa up to be a cheap TO assassin once again. Still not a bad choice if you want a killer hacker with a nasty marker state.


    Standard issue doc with WIP 12 and Ballistic Skill 12 making it an oddly reasonable shooter. Doctors in PanOceania are quite effective at healing as long as you have command tokens to spare due to prolific cubes, but that's a serious resource investment to get a model back on it's feet. It is debatable whether trying to get a model up in the first place is worth while in a game of extremely limited resources so use with caution.


    It's like a doctor but for robots! Again WIP 12 and Ballistic Skill 12 like our doc. Unlike the doctor, it presents multiple reasons to take it. Obviously it can hammer bullets out of a mother board and with command tokens it might actually fix the robot it's working on because almost everything is remote presence. It has D-charges to accomplish the classified objective. And possibly the most forgotten piece of equipment, the deactivator. It can knock out mines, net rods, deployable repeaters, you name it but does so slightly worse than other engineers with WIP 12. You will take one every time you throw a TAG down on the table as insurance to back up a 100 point invesment.


    Inspirational in more ways than one, this dame is support for support. She's the only in faction irregular. 5 points nets you flash pulse, a specialist and +1 WIP to your engineer and crabbot. Bring with Joan in order to make her into a cheap regular order. If you have 2 points left after buying your warcor, go ahead and upgrade. Fairly marginal choice otherwise even for buffing the engineer. If you want 20 points for a WIP 13 engineer go ahead, but it's not a wise investment.

    Fusilier Indigo Bipandra:

    A fusilier who went to medschool instead of just learning how to shoot a syringe. Bipandra has a long history of being underwhelming due to costs and unfortunately her recent update hasn't really helped matters of making her worth taking even though she has gotten cheaper. Now, she is a WIP 13 doctor that is linkable in NCA with some armor and bts to keep her head up and a nanopulser for some template action. That's all fine and good, but this isn't NCA. She's on her lonesome in vanilla. As a result she becomes an awkward specialist that will cost an extra 9 points over her competitor the trauma doc. So let's see if that 60% markup makes sense. Her nanopulser leaves her open which will cut her career short and her defense consists mostly of her slightly improved armor. An extra point in physique helps dodging, though shooting will likely stay the more common reaction, and her extra Close Combat will not save her from anything. Her WIP is 1 higher which will help with button pushing but healing wise, command tokens will still be a mainstay of making sure the heal goes through. The odds of successfully healing with a doc and one command token is 84% vs Bipandra with 87.75%. A less than 4% difference of a relatively small failure chance. All of this makes for a tough call investing in her. She is marginally better in several aspects than a trauma doc for a price. Now what many players find to be a stickler with her, is that she doesn't really do anything special unlike her counterpart Dire Foes. She's a linkable doctor where as other similar models are still specialists, but bring smoke or unique weaponry to the line troop link they go with. Outside of their links many of these troops fall short of their awesomeness in link but are still fairly unique pieces. Bipandra inside of the link is an okay specialist and outside of the link is just a marginally better doc.

    Indigo Borther Konstantinos:

    Where as Bipandra just falls flat, Konstantinos puts effort into at least looking interesting. He comes in two flavors, infiltrating and not. He's our only option to start MSV up the table outside of the current ITS MI deployment rule. His weapon loadout makes him quite formidable at close range with an assault pistol for good burst and a combi rilfe to let him enter suppressive fire. He even has D-charges to do a classified and some missions. Mimetism will help him push odds in his favor but if he's infiltrating it's not going to save him from getting flanked like a marker state would. If you do decide to spend the points, it would be wise to set him up as a tasty trap for your opponent to wander into some hidden AROs. The biggest problem with him is he competes with crocmen in price who outclass him in the midfield handily for slightly less points and a far better camo skill.

    Authorized Bounty Hunters:

    These guys are always a risk as to whether or not the booty roll will work out. It oculd end up being an expensive irregular combi rilfe fusilier you brought to the table. You might actually get smoke grenades in PanOceania! Any loadout you buy will be highly questionable compared to a PanOceania equivalent unless you roll well. However, the sniper rifle is actually worth a look if just for being a cheap special long range weapon in PanOceania. This is actually quite tempting for getting more mileage out of our SWC.

    Warcors, War Correspondents:

    3 point flash pulse. There's not much else to say other than areocam will help defend your deployment zone being a 360% visor. If you have 3 points buy it. It will never let you down. Joan should take one automatically as a 3 point regular order.

    Miranda Ashcroft:

    Combi rifle, boarding shotgun, nanopulser, monofilament CCW for weapons and no reliable way in faction to get her close enough to bring it to bear. ODD and stealth will allow her to make her way up field if you're willing to spend the orders and the table is dense enough, but she just doesn't jive with PanOceania without some way to protect her for delivery.

    Krakot Renegades:

    This is about as close as PanOceania gets to warbands. These guys rock. Impetuous is fairly rare in PanOceania and helps this guy sell as an extra order because he will rambo until dead. Price point ranging in the mid teens to mid twenties his big winner profiles are easily the submachine gun or the red fury. Chest mines make him an excellent trading piece if he ever gets into Close Combat as he will either kill or be killed and then kill you. Or he can simply berzerk and all but guarantee the trade as every profile has a DA CCW. Metachemistry lvl 2 is absolute gravy with a third of the results on the table resulting in an even faster Krakot or else he just becomes more durable. He presents an excellent source of shock for a cheap package.

    Knauf, Outlaw Sniper:

    Ah, it's good to see the prodigal son. Knauf like so many other pieces available in vanilla PanOceania is competing in your list with Nisse. Knauf actually brings an interesting loadout to the fight. While only MSV 1 and mimetism, his multi sniper rifle may seem a bit underwhelming, but weilding marksmanship lvl 1 makes his rifle shock in addition to either of it's ammo types making it quite a threat to single wound infantry. Knauf poses a simple question of how much you value MSV lvl 2 compared to stopping power. Much of the rest of his profile is somewhat odd with a heavy investment into Close Combat without having enough to really make it desirable for him. A lesser armor score is quite a problem though for competing in PanOceania. The Nisse is unfortunately a defining unit in the faction that pushes out interesting things like Knauf because of how close they are to each other. He presents an interesting alternative if you're willing to sacrifice effectiveness in some areas though.

    Cube Jager:

    A nice AD infiltrating specialist. Cheap on points but the SWC may be hard to swing. Submachine gun with e/mitter or boarding shotgun loadouts are both appealing for going on the offense and stealth will make sure you can get behind enemy models for prime shooting opprotunities. WIP 13 is pretty standard for PanOceania specialists so using him as such is no great harm. The monofilament CCW is really just for show as Close Combat 14 will get you stabbed as often as the enemy. His unique loadouts, cheap cost and specialist status lets him compete with our own AD troop specialists.

    Aida Swanson:

    Smuggler extrordinaire. Aida brings a couple things that are fairly rare in PanOceania. Her loadout is chocked full of shock and viral ammo making her lethal against single wound infantry. She's really more of a skirmisher than her light infantry role in army implies. Forward Deployment lvl 1 gets her enough up the field to make her efficient at what she needs to do. Her primary goal is mining up the board and eliminating midfield presence. It should be noted her mines are viral making them risky for even HI to take a hit from. Dual smgs and mimetism makes her an excelent close range gunfighter. Her Martial Arts should be looked at as perhaps more defensive and utility granting her stealth and courage as her Close Combat of 19 is just shy of getting bonuses and her dual smgs are more deadly. If an opponent chooses to get a melee expert in against her though, MA lvl 1 and a viral pistol may make that a fatal choice or at least an uncomfortable one. Don't expect to use her scavenger too much if she's doing the fighting.

    Echo-Bravo, Rapid Reaction Unit:

    Our newest and arguably best drop troop. Four different loadouts with some highly versitile kits and the unique wild parrot. The biggest “con” of this unit is it's Airborne Deployment is lvl 2 meaning it has to walk in. This isn't anywhere near as bad as it may seem as all our AD is PH 11 making it rather unreliable (Rao being our “stellar” AD troop at PH 12) to jump even with assisted jump and as a result most of them walk on anyway. In actuallity this means that he's paying less for the skill and spending more on the weapons. So what does this bring us? For around 25 points we get a non specialist Ballistic Skill 13 gunfighter with either boarding shotgun + light rocket launcher or a red fury. For 27 points you get either a paramedic with a combi + light shotgun and wild parrot or an assault hacker with combi rilfe and DEP. All of these proflies clock in at least half an SWC but overall they're fairly cheap for their punch. The shotgun+rocket combo is perhaps the most appealing due to the range band coverage as well as thorwing templates all over the place. The paramedic's wild parrot is nothing to overlook though. Tossing out an em mine 8” before shooting a target from behind can cause some nasty problems for TAGs, HI or links. A backp WIP 12 specialist to push buttons doesn't hurt either. The redfury shouldn't be overlooked as a high burst mid range weapon that kills is nothing to ignore. The hacker is possibly the weakest offering very little offensive power and only being WIP 12 with an assault hacking device means certain death against killer hackers.


    Possibly my favorite unit to come out of the new Varuna releases, the Zulu-Cobra brings so much to the table it's a shame you can only have one in vanilla. In many ways he's comparable to the heckler in Nomads but he has an advantage in true camo allowing him to retoken. His only notable defense is his camo so this is key to keeping him alive. Forward deployment allows him to protect your deployment zone with a variety of loadouts clocking in at mid to high 20s for cost. Let's move from least notable to perhaps the most impactful profile. The spitfire presents itself as a cheap camo spitfire to rival the Hexa. A slightly better Ballistic Skill with a downgrade in camo level means the point cost difference is justified and the ZC simply presents a more cost efficient model. The forward observer offers up a reasonable specialist that packs a punch with a breaker combi. It should be noted that the breaker combi profiles can actually hit rather hard against many targets even TAGs who often are only BTS 3 against this weapon. The Shock marksman rifle with x-visor is superior to the spitfire as it only sufferes a penalty to hit after 40 inches but is one less burst. I feel that the shock ammo as well as the superior range bands, especially in suppression fire, and the lack of SWC cost place this as a superior option in most cases to the spitfire. The killer hacker is where the Zulu really starts changing up the PanOceania game as it introduces our second Killer Hacking Device at abour the same cost but with superior kit to our hexa Killer Hacking Device. Forward Deployment makes it a more efficient specialist and the breaker combi as stated previously makes it deadlier. The ZC is a solid WIP 13 but has no BTS so he should be surprise hacking as often as he can to avoid getting his own brain blasted. Finally, the sensor jammer profile. Nothing makes a player's butthole wince faster than the words, “I ARO jam.” Combine this with the sensor skill and you have a versitile piece capable of dealing with camo and unwanted pests with ease. But it doesn't end there. Sensor grants triangulated fire which is decent for a combi rilfe on a pathfinder who has Ballistic Skill 11. But the zulu-cobra scoffs at such a pitiful shot. He's packing Ballistic Skill 13 and if that wasn't enough, he's got an assault pistol to make it a burst 4 attack AND he has the camo state to set this up reliably. This profile can also be you Lt for an SWC offering a cheap camo Lt for the taking. Keeping in mind that you only get one, the sensor or Killer Hacking Device profiles should probably be your goto just for how unique they are in the faction.

    Helot Militia:

    Our totally voluntary militia from Varuna. You can only bring one of these little guys, but that doesn't make them any less effective. You have to choose between limited camo and decoy, so either a single use camo state or single use holoprojector. With neurocinetics there is no doubt as to what these guys do and they do it well, ARO. Decoy is usually the best way to go as you can potentially waste more orders with your opponent dealing with fakes. There really isn't a bad choice to make with these guys as to which loadout you want to take but the multisniper is probably an overinvestment given how expendable you should expect this guy to be. The light rocket smg profile is a nice bargain for 9 points and is light on SWC at ½. The shock marksman rifle is a nice medium at 13 points, good range bands and reasonable burst of 3. The red fury is a bit of an investment at 1 swc but nets you burst 4 aros. The key to making these guys work is playing an effective mind game with your decoys.

    Medium infantry are well known for packing on extra gear and ours are no exception. We have a reasonable range to pick from but most you'll find are gunfighters. Most of our AD resides here.

    PanOceanian Black Friars:

    The black friars present two very different roles with their options. One is a MSV2 sniper. There's really not much to say about this. It doesn't have a unique role in vanilla and is pushed out by pretty much every other sniper option available. The other profile is more interesting. A combination of MSV and biovisor lets the black friar peel through any marker state fairly reliably. Drop bears allow for some fast mining, but physique only being an 11 means you will likely miss one of your three mines. Multi rifle gives ammo flexibility and deadly punch backed by Ballistic Skill 13. Albedo allows him to operate freely in front of MSV troops like riot girls but pressures him into being used first turn or the ability is wasted. The big draw back of the black friar is mainly the lack of defensive mods to help out it's sniper profile and it's lack of speed or deployment options to help out it's drop bears. Can be useful in situations where it's given the chance to shine. The current season of ITS helps his drop bear profile pushing him up the field up to 4 inches making him much more efficient.

    Neoterra Bolts:

    Woo boy is this a game changer. Going from zero to hero, these guys suddenly became very interesting with the recent update. The basic profile still doesnt have much utility to vanilla, but pretty much everything went down in cost for starters. Their notable feature of drop bears is on two fairly cheap profiles. The rifle+shotgun drop bear profile is worth consideration for its ability to suppress and lock down a sector of the field himself. Their sniper stayed the same but picked up MSV1. Their hacking game went up significantly. They diversified from a regular hacking device to both assault and killer hacker profiles. There is a bit of a trade though as the now have E/Maulers instead of E/M grenades. This compliments their drop bears by giving them a mine that's dangerous to HI and TAGs. This doesnt even necessarily hurt their offensive capabilities either as they now cant spec fire but they can plop the mine on the corner and come around with a shotgun to cause aro troubles. Their big drawback are their wip 12 close quarters load out with shotguns and the usual MI movement making them marginal specialists and less than stellar hackers but their bts 6 can mitigate this a bit. The big impact is the 27 point chain of command. This opens up several interesting lanes of list building that were restricted before. TAG Lt suddenly become significantly less scary to run as if they go unconscious or isolated, the order pool stays intact to fix the issue. Joan gets back up while running around. DeFerson... well it's not super fatal when he bites the dust to a KHD. Aggrsive Lts start opening up in the faction and it's quite a breath of fresh air.

    Bagh-Mari Unit:

    While the tiger hunters are primarily a staple of Acontecimento, they can still find a niche in vanilla PanOceania. Given their limited movement, it is best to equip them with their long range weapons so either the hmg or the sniper. The hmg presents a fairly cheap and effective midboard killer as the MSV 1 will strip away or at least reduce modifiers while the mimetism forces them onto your opponent. This can make him very effective at dealing with midfield camo markers. The multi sniper loadout offers additional defense of your deployment zone with minelayer and you can continue to mine as needed with him offering a flexible role. They may not be go to units to spend SWC on but they do make strong arguments for their point costs as alternatives. The ITS Forward deployment can be a bit of a trap with them, so use with care. The sniper's minelayer really likes the extra 4 inches to deploy and synergizes with Zulu-Cobra.

    Crusader Bretheren:

    Mostly a generic drop troop boasting strong stats, the Crusader offers some uniqe options. The HMG drop troop is a left over from old profile designs in previous editions but has gone missing from most drop troop profiles. Many tables are laid out so the front to back firelanes are much more obstructed and side to side and as a result the HMG may be a prime weapon to walk in from a side table. The other unique loadout is the multi rifle + light flamethrower. The ability to force a choice in ARO is rather uncommon in PanOceania and this unit has some decent defenses to be able to risk the hit to deliver a template onto an opponent. Any other loadout than these is best served by taking the cheaper Akalis as there is very little to be gained in the points difference.

    Akalis, Sikh Commando:

    Our basic cheap drop troop. Notable for Ballistic Skill 13 and a 21 point boarding shotgun or a 28 point/1.5 swc spitfire. Religious might be a detrimental aspect to him unless you've got him stuck in suppression fire. Only PH 11 meaning drops are still rather risky with support, you'll scatter 30% of the time. Best to be walked on in most cases. Don't expect miracles but can be a nice surprise against your opponent who is expecting TO to show up not AD to walk on.

    Kirpal Singh, Akalis Sergeant:

    A boosted Akalis with 1 more PH, Martial Arts lvl 2, chain of command and an assault pistol. He's noted for being pricy at 35 points and for being the worst chain of command model in the game. This is due to the check for loss happening at the beginning of the turn and walking him on after is pointless. Worst yet, AD troopers tend to operate on the opponent's side of the table meaning your new Lt would be easy pickings. Mysteriously passed over during the Acon rework.

    Lt. Stephen Rao, Bagh-Mari Unit:

    Pretty much a Bagh-Mari lieutenant. Has an assault pistol instead of a light shotgun. Doesn't really offer anything worth mentioning in vanilla PanOceania.

    Armand Le Muet, Freelance Killer:

    This little artichoke looks really good on paper. ODD, multisniper and either minelayer or MSV1 with solid Ballistic Skill 13. However, his cost puts him in an uncomfortably high price point. To put this into perspective, the Nisse sniper costs 11 points less and packs MSV 2 and better armor. As soon as Muet loses a wound he loses all of his defenses and he's pretty much done after that. On the other hand, he's got a nice array of weapons with the multisniper, nanopulaser and dual breaker pistols. Whether it's better to invest in that or go for a cheaper more focused package is up to you.

    Svalarheima Nisses:

    This unit is one of the prime reasons to play vanilla PanOceania. Lean mean gunfighting machine. If you're taking him, you're taking either the HMG or the Multi Sniper because you want to capitalize on his kit. Ballistic Skill 13 MSV 2 and mimetism for mid 30s pricce point is a package no other faction can boast. This piece can dominate either as a sniper providing powerful ARO threat or as an active turn killer with the HMG. It can also exert lane dominance with the HMG in suppression fire. As powerful as this piece is, don't leave it alone unsupported, make sure it's flanks are covered. He should be paying big dividends.

    This is where we pack a lot of our tech. High powered visors, top of the line camo and more combined with multiwound heavy armor. None of that bulky armor other factions like to boast of, everything is sleek and compact.

    Orc Troops:

    Considered by many to be the template heavy infantry. Has 14 Ballistic Skill and PH making it a strong gunfighter with reasonable dodge but is sadly overshadowed by much else in the faction because it doesn't bring much else to the table. Only WIP 12 means they will duck at the first sign of danger often leaving lanes exposed as a result. Notably gained the Feuerbach recently but not enough to make them super enticing in vanilla. It's a basic HI that will be a brick to chuck at your opponent. The HMG is reasonably cheap for no frills Ballistic Skill 14.

    Kights Hospitaller:

    Comparable stat line to the orc but with significant boosts in Close Combat, WIP and BTS. Has Martial Arts lvl 2 and Close Combat 21 giving him decent close combat abilities and more importantly stealth and courage. This allows him to move about the table and stay in position or fall back when taking fire as needed. Key aspects for heavy infantry. Frenzy is a bit of a downside however. As soon as he starts doing his job, he just doesn't want to stop and forget about cover making him much more vulnerable. Doctor profile should be worth considering though as HI doctors are fairly rare and WIP 13 makes him pretty reliable especially when stacked with cube rerolls. Even better, his palbot friend can actually make him quite good in Close Combat as their tag team gives you burst 2 dam 16 DA attack and tosses out a -3 mod to boot. You can also use the palbot's electopulse if he's unopposed to inflict immobilize lvl 2

    Military Order Father- Knights:

    These guys suffered a profile trim recently and possibly for the best. The big highlight of these guys is how damn tanky they are with Arm 5 and BTS 9 sure to give your opponent a headache with only the most moderate amount of luck. Solid Close Combat stat backed up with only Assault skill makes him good against things that he should really just shoot in most cases. Don't send him against melee specialists unless you want him to become a flagellant. He's most attractive as one of his specialist profiles but his spitfire isn't a bad choice with his high defenses and Ballistic Skill 14. His assault hacking device is coupled with d-charges making use of that Close Combat 23 agaisnt TAGs or destructible objectives can inflict some serious damage and his high BTS makes him quite durable against other hackers. The forward observer lost it's nimbus grenades to some sneaky Varunan but is also a lieutenant option now. With Duo as a base profile skill now, you can team pro to run one of the specialists with say the spitfire, but that's quite a few points for a low payoff.

    Aquila Guard:

    Our finest officers trained to be the best of the best. Don't know where all that command school training went though as the only command about this is the multirifle can be your Lt. Boasting the astounding Ballistic Skill 15 and MSV 3, this piece is frightening to any sort of camo or ODD. Automatically uncovering TO and shooting it with an HMG on such a high stat is a sure way to wipe something from the table. While multirifles have their use, such an expensive piece needs to be hitting as hard as it can and as such will be best run as the HMG. If points becomes an issue, the Nisse is a great alternative as it may not have the raw stat power, it tosses back a visual modifier. The extra armor, BTS and wound does help the Aquila survive much better though. Nothing too fancy in all actuallity, just point and click at things you want dead.

    Swiss Guard:

    The guards of the Neo-Vatican. Another HI packing Ballistic Skill 15 but this time with TO camoflage make these a true terror. Hidden deployment of such a nasty piece only becomes more problematic for your opponent when yo have the potential for so many things for it to possibly be. The mere threat that a Swiss Guard might be out there is enough to affect your opponent's entire game plan. However, you can use this to your advantage in vanilla by reserving about 70 points worth of other models to throw them off and you have access to a vast pool of units to do this with either in their own TO or AD. So why do people fear this piece so much? He can pack two big guns, either an HMG or a missile launcher. The HMG makes for an excellent attack piece chucking out surprise shot in cover will throw down an immediate -12 before range comes into play and you should be in your good range band so you start on an 18 before any defensive mods they have kick in. The Missile launcher has the capability to appear and obliterate entire link teams when they're out of cover. It can also add to AROs suddenly from other pieces, say your opponent tries to engage your nisse HMG and has a good chance at getting rid of him, but aftter he moves the Swiss reveals and now he has to decide if he's willing to trade pieces or if he's going to try and split burst. The swiss guard presents lane control without even existing. A small note here to theAssault Hacking device, it's an okay option, but PanOceania really wants big guns on the field.

    Guarda de Assalto:

    He guarda. He assaulto. But mostly he granada del eclipso. The last of our non character Ballistic Skill 15 heavy infantry and one of our more unique HI. Armed with a heavy flamethrower, d charges and either a multirifle or a spitfire, he is accompanied by a unique auxbot that has a light shotgun and light eclipse grenade launcher. He is the only natural source of smoke in PanOceania. That said, it is possibly the least reliable smoke in the game, at best hitting on 13. He is a very close to midrange gunfighter but doesn't offer any mods or mod stripping potential limiting his actual fighting power. Most useful is his ability to shoot and chuck smoke simultaneously. Defensively it's a bit light of a frame being only arm 3 BTS 3. This all can lead to a very hit or miss experience with all of the unreliable factors this model provides.

    Sacred Military Order of the Knights of Santiago:

    These guys got a big overhaul with the Military Orders and they're quite nifty profiles in vanilla PanO. The core of this model is a reasonably strong melee troop with Close Combat21, PH 13 Martial Arts 1 and DA CCW. 360 visor means no sneaking up on him and that can really become a boon when in suppression fire. Zero-G comes in handy as a terrain skill for some mission and kinematica helps his dodge. Your options are either a combi rilfe Killer Hacking Device with d-charges, nanopulaser and a tinbot A or a spitfire, nanopulser, em grenades and d-charges who is a specialist. Either way, the loadout is a highly versitile HI capable of multiple classifieds and button pushing. The Killer Hacking Device is our potentially most devastating of our three due to the tinbot. If you cybermask, you can pop a -9 mod on an enemy hacker with redrum. This basically transforms his redrum into lightning. Top that off with his stealth from Martial arts and he's quite the formidable Killer Hacking Device. The spitfire is an excelent brawler and the EM grenades gives him an edge against HI as he can chuck them over walls. The nanopulaser also allows them to force bad AROs against light infantry around corners. Frenzy means that the Killer Hacking Device will lose the ability to cybermask and they will become more vulnerable without cover, but with proper management around them, they should still be able to get some work done before they burn out.

    Equestiran Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre:

    Another recently altered knight, the Sepulchre Knights. Their primary feature is the holoprojector lvl 2 equipment which will be covered further down. There are two main modes for this guy, either a forward deployed HI “skirmisher” of sorts or a chain of command backup. It's important to note how holoprojector level 2 works and what a holo copies and what it doesn't for when you're hiding the identity of the model. It's also important to consider whether to make two copies or just be alone pretending to be someone else. These mind games will rely on you knowing your opponents and being able to play with their heads. The safesty bet is to hide your chain of command as three fusiliers.It's also helpful to know of the suppression fire trick that you can do with regenerating holos to pop suppression fire around a corner into a firelane without provoking AROs. The “skirmishers” come with either a spitfire or a combi rilfe and light grenade launcher. Both are solid options as one give you a good gunfighter and the other gives you access to a strong specfire piece in the midfield. It's important to remember you can surprise shot with his spec fire. The chain of command lets you roll out late game with that Lt order and a WIP 14 specialist and a reasonable gunfighter. The spitfire is a nice piece to have as a backup but the breaker rifle isn't too shabby when it comes to damage. But lacks the burst and rangebands. He is good when used with some sort of aggressive Lt like Joan or even a TAG who will drop that order over to him, but he also helps protect the little fusiliers from getting assassinated in multiple ways by pretending to be three of them and picking up the torch. These guys are also no slouch in Close Combat at 22 and MA lvl 2 and unlike other knights, they lack frenzy or impetuous.

    Sacred Military Order of the Teutonic Knights:

    While many knights got a nice rework, these knights were sadly left behind. Let's get this out of the way, they're still lack luster. They cost in the mid to high 30s and their Lt will cost you SWC for some reason. Their loadouts are pretty straightforward with a combirifle and panzerfaust or a spitfire. One combi rilfe profile totes an explosive CCW. Their melee is notable for having berzerk which works best on their explosive profile. The spitfire gained an alternative NCO and a specialist operative profile with haris was also added, though that may be in error for vanilla. The big problem is he doesn't have a reliable way to get into melee without stealth or smoke and when he's there, he's hurting himself as much as he's hurting the enemy. The result is he struggles to trade up reliably. In theory he can be scary with a panzerfaust to pop things at long range on that good Ballistic Skill 14 but it's a single shot and as such, it's not reliably winning any face to face.

    Magister Knights:

    Unlike the Teutonic Knights, the Magister actually does his job better. Martial Arts allows him to sneak around and engage unaware opponents from behind. Hyperdynamics gives him a monstrous dodge of 17. He starts impetuous helping his order efficiency. It's best to treat them as a sort of HI warband.

    Montesa Order Motorized Knights:

    Biker Knights from Mars! Well not really. Originally from Aconticemento, they've spread out all over the place finding their way into 3 sectorials. The first HI to get on a bike and one of the few bikes with no smoke. To make up for that they have mimetism. Two loadouts as either a multi rifle or a boarding shotgun both with a chain colt and no access to the paramedic option of the secotrials. Solid Close Combat with 22 MA lvl 2 DA CCW and a low Ballistic Skill for our heavy infantry of 13. This guy gives us speed and pain on an 8-4 movement platform with stealth. The boarding shotgun seems to be the popular choice at the moment and it's not hard to see why. Running up across the board and shooting someone on 19s and a template is a hard argument to counter. The multirifle does have the advantage of shock ammo, burst and range bands over the shotgun but lacks the +6 mod of that close range. Both have their advantages but the boarding shotgun will save you a few points. It's recommened to wait until 2nd or even 3rd turn to peel out with this bad boy as AROs will be a problem for him without cover or smoke leaving him very vulnerable.

    Father-Officer Gabriele De Ferson:

    Our most expensive character. This guy is a super specialist when it comes to classifieds being able to fill a multitude of type requirements and able to designate and hack. He can be your Lt or not, there's no difference between the two. One of our strongest melee pieces with MA lvl 3 and a templar CCW (it's not the best but hey) and he's a good gunfighter with Ballistic Skill 14 and a spitfire AND he's a good hacker with WIP 14 and an assault hacking device with a Killer Hacking Device hacking program. In theory he's quite powerful, but he's got a rather nasty achilies heel agaisnt killer hackers who are oftern cheap as chips and just as common. As a result he's often seen as not worth taking due to how common his hard counter is. In vanilla, there are multiple support pieces that can make running him much easier such as the Zulu-Cobra sensor to pop pesky ninjas out of hiding and isolate repeater remotes and killer hackers that have wandered up. As a result he might be a better choice here than in Military Orders where his support is much more limited.

    Patsy Garnett:

    Brand new orc character. This ain't your daddy's orc. Similar stat line with a boosted WIP 13, she's a forward observer with an interesting kit that looks similar to the old Father Knight FO one. Notably she has stealth to help her operate in the midfield. She is armed with an SMG, nimbus plus grenades and d-charges. Being an FO she is also granted a flash pulse to give her some ranged ARO capabilities. HI specialists are nice for being hard to remove and she's no slouch when it comes to killing with her SMG. Her Nimbus grenades help combo with other units to help take out threatening link team AROs lowering their burst to 1. For 37 points she's not a bad choice even outside varuna where she can go inside of fireteams.

    Jeanne dArc:

    Joan, the star of the show. What isn't she good at? She's our #1 melee expert at Close Combat 23 and MA 3 with DA CCW. She's at peak gunfighter stats with Ballistic Skill 15. She's quite tough at 15 PH, 5 ARM, 6 BTS and no wound incapacitation. Her as a lieutenant changes the way you look at lists. She provides an extra SWC and she has inspiring leadership. Inspiring leadership turns irregular orders into regular making the warcor and techbee auto includes for 8 points and with the helot release, he's arguably a third. Further, you can use Joan's Lt order as a free combined order but she must be part of it. She's a super lieutenant and when you want to take her she will alter your list on a basic level.

    Jeanne dArc v2 (Mobility Armor):

    Much of version 1 applies here to her Lt profile with a few exceptions. Her +1 SWC turns into a spitfire discount. Her 6-2 movement allows for some excellent manuverability and lon cautious moves. She can also be used as an all out assault piece with her EXP CCW profile posing a massive threat with her speed, accuracy and damage potential without worry of losing her.

    This will cover some basics for running TAGs, for more information check out daboarder's TAG tactica stickied in the PanOceanian forums. Our TAGs are known as terrors amongst the innersphere for few match our TAG's diversity or power.

    Squalos, PanOceanian Armored Cavalry Heavy Lancers:

    Our basic battle TAG, the Squalo is the blueprint for what to expect from our main battle TAGs. Few frills, lots of firepower. All of our TAGs share it's Ballistic Skill15 and Ghost: Remote Presence. This gives us top tier shooting and some unique advantages for being pilotless such as courage, two levels of unconsious and allows our engineer to reroll repairing it with command tokens. Our pilots are the most abysmal being the crabbo(t) with WIP 10 and nothing else of note, but by being rem presence pilots, we can reset the TAG if the pilot is destroyed outside of the TAG and get the TAG back. Uniquley has the advanced ECM compared to our other TAGs, it's a skill you'll hope to never have to use even with the slight advantage. Our high PH

    on our TAGs actually means dodging isn't as horrible as it sounds funnily enough, as the Squalo dodges on a respectable 11 and other stats such as Close Combat 18 can reduce the fear that some pieces may induce. I know of at least one cocky oniwaban who learned the power of the rising fist. The Squalo also has the standard 6-4 movement and 8 ARM 6 BTS to give it excelent speed and durablility that you can at least expect from all of our main battle TAGs. The biggest advantage the Squalo has is it's Heavy Grenade Launcher giving unprecendented coverage with speculative fire. Even a non observed enemy will get hit on a 9 by this bad boy, and if you manage to spot a target before, then all bets are off. The Multi HMG is used by several of our TAGs and is excellent with the Fatality lvl 1 granted by the ironsides rule from ITS making it damage 16 with a plethora of damage types. An AP heavy pistol is available for backup close range AROs, but you should never be caught out of suppression fire if you can help it. There is an Lt option, but it lacks the HGL and is on a piece that your opoonent will want to tear down making it very risky.

    Dragoes, Acontecimento Dragoons:

    This is essentially a Squalo that has been upgunned. It trades for the HRMC, which for most intents and purposes is a Multi HMG with burst 5. The Dragoes also trade out the pistol for a heavy flamethrower giving it some flexibilityin a dangerous rangeband. This TAG slaughters in active turn with the burst 5 combined with it's beastly Ballistic Skill15 to dominate with a staggering 22.6% chance to get at least one crit every time it pulls the trigger. The big trade off is the option to spec fire for full frontal firepower.

    Cutters, Varuna Naval Chaussers:

    A Squalo with TO camo pretty much sums this little hellbringer right up. Shaving off any extra weapons it's purely a Multi HMG machine. This may sound troubling to some, but the truth is that the Cutter REALLY shouldn't be using it or else he's in deep trouble to templates, particularly flame throwers. He must be protected and in his camo state at the end of the turn. In active turn, he's possibly our most powerful piece, a super powered Swiss Guard with more armor and better gun. It's important to remember that having camo grants him stealth as well giving him some protection against hacking and ZoC aros. He will eat up a huge amount of your list, so plan carefully. Has a terrain skill to help with missions that look for it.

    Clausewitz Uhlans:

    PanOceanian light tags are a bit more varied in loadouts. The Uhlan is our second camo state TAG, this one being regular camo rather than the TO of the Cutter. It's also lighter on it's stats than it's main battleTAG compatriots only having 15 PH and Close Combat. It's ARM is only 6, but that is augmented by the camo marker and mods. The Ulhan interestingly carries two main armaments with a regular HMG and a Feuerbach, but this means that it's close range is not covered. This makes for an odd setup that is rather pricey, costing more than some main battle TAGs. The Feuerbach needs faily heavy targets to be worth it's shots vs the regular HMG as being damage 16 (fat lvl 1) gives it good coverage for targets. The HMG lets it suppression fire and the Feuerbach gives it single EXP damage aro shots. It can make for a decent sniper TAG but is a bit more tempermental than your other options. Don't expect it to take the field by storm.

    Tikbalans, Armored Chassuers of Acontecimento:

    Widely reguarded as perhaps the best TAG in the game. Pound for pound, it offers great value. It's armed with a regular HMG, heavy flamethrower and anti-personel mines and for melee it swings a AP CCW. A highly mobile TAG it has climbing plus to climb tall buildings with it's 6 inch move and still have enough to shoot. Topped off with good defense in mimetism and ARM 6 BTS 6, this excellent package is packed with flexibility. It's manueverability compliments it's gunfighting. It's mines cover it's tracks and flanks. It has a heavy flamerthrower for when things get dicey. And it's only 85 points. This TAG is fearsome not because it's big and scary, but because it's sleek, trim and well rounded.

    Seraphs, Armored Cavalry of Military Order:

    The Seraph has had a controversial history amongst the community, but recent updates have completely alleviated any complaints about this beautiful angel of death. This TAG now has two profiles to rock: a spitfire, nanopulser and jumping heavy flamer auxbot or a HMG and double nanopulser. It also can swing an explosive sword pretty reasonably for a TAG at Close Combat 20. The highlight of this TAG is it's super jump capabilities. It's almost impossible to hide from this TAG as a result of it. The question now is whether to bring the auxbot or use the HMG. The auxbot allows for template and regular shots simutaneously as well as double discover rolls. The HMG offers higher damage and better range, but it's double templates are offset by the trade off by being harder to get rid of but easier to deal with than the auxbot's flamerthrower. Religious is rather pointless as remote presence grants courage. This is also our cheapest TAG at 79 points for the HMG. It has certainly become a very interesting choice with the modifications to it perhaps drawing more interest to it.

    Jotums, Svalarheima Armored Cuirassiers:

    Did you order a tank? Because this it it. ARM 10 and BTS 9 can make this thing truly annoying to deal with. In cover, damage 13 weapons need crits in order to actually damage it. However, this defense holds out as long as you roll well. Missiles and autocannons will tear this up just as much as any other TAG. Hacker's can still overwhelm WIP 12 BTS 9 with various programs that cause multiple rolls or cut BTS. This moderate defense increase only comes at about 10 points over it's Squalo counterpart. Unlike the Squalo, it packs a heavy flamethrower rather than a heavy pistol. It's raw defense makes it an excellent bully against pieces that don't deal with high armor very well or general low damage attacks. Keep it well supported or you will leaern these lesson s the hard way.

    Most of our basic robots don't have any special tweaks. However, this doesn't mean we will leave them by the wayside. We do have some excellent attack bots with good bang for your buck.

    Pathfinder Dronbot:

    The basic Forward Observer bot. You'll usually take one to have cheap sensor and have a speedy reliable specialist. Can be used to rip melee units off of your models with triangulated shots. Throw in supporession fire or flashpulse for AROs.

    Sierra Dronbot:

    360 visor and total reaction HMG. Can be used to good effect either locking down a fire lane or going on the offensive with assisted fire giving it marksmanship lvl 2 to ignore cover mods and grant shock ammo.

    Clipper Dronbot:

    We don't often use guided as our specialsts are a touch on the light side of stats. Croc FO or using spotlight from an Assault Hacking Device through a repeater arr probably the most reliable ways to designate a target for this guy. Can also shoot decently at Ballistic Skill 12 since most of it's rangebands are +0. We aren't the most efficient faction at using this, piece but we can.

    Fugazi Dronbot:

    Cheap AROs and orders. Many an assault has been blunted by a flashpulse coming from these little 8 point nussiances. Mimetism makes them even more of a headache than they would otherwise be. If you get enhanced reaction up, the burst 2 can cause some table flips. It's sniffer is key to keeping oniwabans away from your back lines. It's worth plopping them down with a co-ordinated order with the pathfinder followed by a sensor on the next order to sweep. I recommend takking as many as you can.

    Armbots: Bulleteer

    PanOceanian engineering brings one of the finest attack bots in the game to the table. Armed with either a spitfire or heavy shotgun, give this baby support fire and let him rip. He is covered in an Optical Disrupter, making his spitfire profile a nasty way to lock down sections of the board with suppression fire giving out -12 in mods while in cover. The repeater can assist our infowar pieces and let the bulleteer pull double duty opening up opprotunities for them to function while he clears the field. Once you get past the ODD he's pretty flimsy at ARM 1.

    Armbots: Peacemakers

    Pretty much a bulleteer that gave up ODD for mechanized deployment and an auxbot. If given first turn, he can wreak havoc on the opponents' midfield and heaven forbid he breaks into your opponent's back lines. If he's going second, your opponent will try to eliminate him, so try to deploy him more conservatively and well covered by aros or he'll go down fast.


    The typical g:servant. He will keep your doctor or engineer safe while you do what you need to do. Mimestism will help him survive a little bit.


    Fatbot. Carries your baggage around. Comes in three flavors. The harmless minesweeper repeater can flip exposed deployables to your side against your opponent. The hacker brings EVO supportware to the table and lets you coordinate hacking and use command tokens to reroll hacking attempts. The last is a total reaction combirifle repeater, it lacks the 360 visor of the sierra but can still cause problems.

    Our smallest selection, but not least. These units fill unique roles with specialized loadouts.

    Paradiso Croc Men:

    Our infiltrating specialist. Croc men are pretty solid in the midfield wetwork with WIP 13, Ballistic Skill 12 and x-visor. They have TO camo and as such can hidden deploy. This can be combined with their minelayer profile to throw off your opponent and exert control without revealing. They are pretty good at assassinating and fighting with surprise shot and the x-visor gives them some good reach. The boarding shotgun shoots out to 24 inches on 0 mod and you're covered by your TO. All profiles come with antipersonel mines as well to exert control. The assault hacker can be risky with 0 BTS and should hide in marker state as much as possible. The FO is a but cheaper and comes with a deployable repeater to let other hackers take the risks and gives you a really good way to setup a hacking net.

    Locust, Clandestine Action Team:

    An infiltrating gunfighter. An interesting piece for sure, but also very high risk. No marker state, but ODD and stealth to cover him in the midfield can lead to very mixed results. He's vulnerable to specfier, mines and regular old templates that many other infiltrators carry around with them. His assault hacking profile is justasking for trouble from killer hackers. His others are much easier to use. The basic profile totes a breaker combi and d-charges which can help in several missions to damage objectives. The boarding shotgun comes with grenades and drop bears giving him some great template options but really limits his range. It can really thrive on dense boards. The marksmanship marksman rifle is possibly his most reliable. Makrsmanship allows him to turn off shock in the few cases where it's a detriment, but usually it's a boon. Close Combat 20 is mostly a defensive measure, but can help when slapping d-charges on things like TAGs in Close Combat.

    How to Get started: The easiest way to get started in PanOceania is to either buy the box starter or split a copy of Icestorm which will net you a Father-Officer in addition to the contents of the regular starter. After you get some games in with that, you'll want to start building your support pool. It's not the sexiest part of the army, but you'll want it every time you put models down. A support pack of the trauma doc, engineer and palbots is a high priority buy, Dronebot box sets are pretty key to any PanOceania list and I would recommened buying at least 2 as you'll run at least two fugazi and potentially a pathfinder and even a sierra dronebot often. The bulleteer box is also a really good purchase to help build up your core remote pool. Beyond that, you can start grabbing other pieces that appeal to you such as TAGs and other cool things and start experimenting with what you want. It may help direct your purchases if you build towards a particular sectorial as it will give you more ways to play your models and let you experiment with link teams.

    List Building Tips:

    When building Vanilla PanOceania you must consider that you're going to have 2-3 big hitters as our SWC allows. If you invest in the top of the line and burn all of your SWC on 3 weapons you won't be able to afford support hackers and other pieces that have good bang for the buck. Units like the Nisse who cost 1.5 swc for their special weapons and are aggresivly low on price help make room for specialists and other big guns. Units like the Bulleteer will need support to really shine, but make for good cheap assault pieces and their support being a specialist pulls double duty. If you bring a TAG, you will want to consider a way to unposses the TAG such as exorcism or repair it if it gets isolated, immobilized or goes unconsious so you'll have a tax of engineer and hacker potentially to support it making it more expensive than it may originally seem. Heavy hitters like the Swiss Guard have their place too even weighing in at 70 points, but they will force cheaper alternatives in other gunfighters and specialists.

    You need to keep the mission in mind and prepare your specialists with that in mind. If you need to attack scenery in a mission, you'll probably be looking at our Military Orders HI to help cover that role. When it comes to infiltrating camo specialist, there is only one option in the crocman. You should be looking for models that can do multiple things such as the doctor hospitaller as he fights well, pushes buttons, does tons of classifieds and revives models. Vanilla factions don't get the efficiency of link teams to move up an attack piece with a specialst at the same time, so you'll need to be very order consious.

    You'll also have to keep in mind what you want for a Lieutenant. Cheap fusiliers to play hide the Lt while generating orderes is never a bad idea. We don't have many aggressive Lts that aren't TAGs. Several options are HI that frenzy and as a result may not be the most ideal for defense. Father Knights are a pretty reasonable HI choice with the new FO andspitfire choices for a durable Lt that is hard to kill. Joan is a very good choice if obvious as she gives so much and is fairly tough which will help her survive. Our TAG Lts can be good for the extra order but don't boast a mediocre WIP and puts all of your eggs in one basket.

    Tactica: Under construction
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    I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read through it and any feedback or debate is welcome.
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