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Gangbuster: A Summary

Discussion in 'O-12' started by Djase01, Mar 31, 2020.


Which Gangbuster option do you use the most?

  1. KHD + Madtraps

    15 vote(s)
  2. Lightriotstopper + Madtraps

    5 vote(s)
  3. Boarding Shotgun

    0 vote(s)
  1. Djase01

    Djase01 0 12 Mastermind

    Mar 4, 2020
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    Welcome again, 0-12 commanders, to another discussion about our wonderful faction.Today we will be discussing the Gangbuster. This unit is very useful with its ability to deny your opponent of some part of the board. I hope that after reading this you will be compelled to use our Madtrap weilding skirmesher.

    With the intro over, we will look at the basic stats of the gangbuster, then we will look at each of the loadouts, and finally we will look at how to use the Gangbuster.

    Stats and Skills:

    The Gangbuster has decent stats for a skirmisher, it has an average CC of 14, and a good BS of 12, it has the WIP and Phys of a Kappa (13, and 10), and ARM 1, BTS 3. This fairly good, BS 12 is on the high end of (non
    0-12) skirmishers, which is good, because depending on the profile, he should be shooting alot.CC 14 is lackluster, but this is not a CC skirmisher so hopefully it shouldn't come up much. The Phys is also very lackluster, so you will want to avoid dodging. The WIP is very decent, but will only be really used if you choose the KHD (killer hacking device).

    Along the lines of Special Skills and Equipment, he has MSV lvl 1, Mimetism, Peacekeeper (take that Concilium Convention!), and Infiltration. The MSV and Mimetism makes him better at face-to-face shoot outs, which he something he does well. Infiltration allows him to automatically deploy in an area you want to protect or hold.


    Let's take a look at each of the loadouts for the Gangbuster, each of the loadouts has a different job, and
    will not say which I like best, because I do not want this to be biased. Look at it and decide for yourself which is best for you.

    So let's look at the first loadout: Combi Rifle, Lightriotstopper, and Madtraps for 23 points. This profile is nice, it is great for controlling an area of the board because of the Madtraps and Riotstopper. This profile benefits alot from Infiltration, as it allows you to deploy your Madtraps in the area of the board you want to keep from your opponent.

    The second loadout, which comes with a Boarding Shotgun for 21 points, is also a great profile. The Boarding Shotgun is a very good weapon (about to get better in C1) and is good at killing other skirmishers and squishy units. If you run this profile you should be be going out and killing things with him, the MSV and Mimetism allows you to stack the odds in your favor, you just need to be carefull to only attack things in your good range.
    This a good unit to deploy last and where your opponents own Infiltrating/Forward Deploying models will be.

    The third and final profile is a KHD (Killer Hacker) + SMG and Madtraps for 21 points. This a good profile, great at area denial and protect bigger units. The weapon is a solid weapon, it is good at protecting the Gangbuster from threats. This profile is also a good one to hold back, so you can deploy it where there is an area to control or an enemy hacker that poses a threat, but if you don't want to hold it back then deploy near a objective you want to get, because this is a specialist. This unit benifits from the ok WIP score as yo will need to press buttons or hack enemys.


    With the stats and loadouts bit done, let's talk about how to use the Gangbuster; a lot has already been covered in the section about loadouts, but there is still a bit more to cover. We will talk about deployment, tactics, and list building.

    Deployment: The Gangbuster is fairly easy to deploy and the general ideas of how to deploy him our covered in the synopsis of the profiles, but there are some general rules of thumb. When deploying the Gangbuster try to keep him in a buildingwhere there are very few ways to in. A Gangbuster with Madtraps deployed in building with his Madtraps guarding an objective is good. The Gangbuster is safe while the Madtraps ward enemys away from the objective. Don't try to deploy in the enemies side of the board unless it neseccary. It is not worth risking misdeploying your Gangbuster to get him in an area which may not be all that advantagous. Board control is the Gangbuster's thing and failing the Infiltration roll (which will be on 7s) will mean you lose all that board control.

    Tactics: This is fairly easy and alot of it has been covered already. What profile you choose really effects hoy you play him, because to profiles are centerd around board control and the other one about hunting squishys. If you chose the BSG (Boarding Shotgun) then you need to try to only engage troopers that are in your good range. The BSG is also good at eliminating LI links. If you have the Madtraps then deploy them behind total cover where they can't be seen. Madtraps do not require LOF (Line of Sight) to activate, and will go off when anything enters their ZOC (Zone of Control).

    Listbuilding: There isn't much to be said here, seeing as the Gangbuster is a support troop. If you are running a powersuit heavy army, then choose the KHD. If your running multiple order groups then run the Gangbuster BSG as a good squishy killer.

    In synopsis the Gangbuster is a good skirmisher that can fill multiple roles. I hope that if you are a new player this helped you and you are a better player because of it, if you are a experienced player than I still hope this helped you, but I hope you comment and help make this better for new players.
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  2. D_acolyte

    D_acolyte Active Member

    Aug 6, 2018
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    I find the KDH has a bad habit of being killed by TO KHD.
  3. Djase01

    Djase01 0 12 Mastermind

    Mar 4, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Yes, fi you are playing against a factio with good hackers (Tunguska) or good To Killer Hackers (Shas, and ALEPH) theen you might want to take the light riotstopper instead, but if you are playing a TAG or HI heavy list, then it is worth taking him to scare away regular hackers.
  4. Mahtamori

    Mahtamori Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I usually find the KHD version to be cheap enough that as long as I don't plan on them surviving to actually do something, they will be a considerable and cost effective speed bump for everything short of McMurrough (whom has a nasty habit of tanking the MadTraps without even Dodging). The MadTraps forces a KHD to use Repeaters and they usually force a lot of extra orders spent on Dodging or sending Holoechoes for disarming. Plus, there's a relatively significant chance they'll win even a Surprise Hack. The fact that they are specialists usually mean the opponent has to deal with them.

    The Combi version is better at defending an area, but has a higher chance/risk of being ignored. Fairly good at slowing McMurrough down.

    For these reasons my O-12 lists tend to have one each or two KHD, regardless of list theme and regardless of mission.
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