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Freelance Spanish to English translator

Discussion in 'Anuncios/Announcements' started by Morgana, May 11, 2018.

  1. Morgana

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    Nov 20, 2017
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    What are we looking for?

    • A professional of translating Spanish to English. Especially valuable native English speaker.
    • Knowledge about the world of our hobby (wargames, boardgames...) and about science fiction genre ambits.
    · It would be interesting good handling of technical lexic in military or scientific areas.

    What would you translate?

    · Rules and background of our games.

    · Promotional texts, articles for our web, social media and newsletters.

    Why should you join our freelances network?

    • You´ll join several different projects: The world of the game will come into your life!
    • We take care not only of our internal employees, we care about our external collaborators too.
    • We´ll warn you about our playing activities. You just have to come willing to play, eat and talk!
    • We want to give you visibility. In order to do so, we are defining forthcoming spaces in our communication channels, where you´ll be able to share your activities.
    But beware! We aren´t forgetting the economic aspect, make a propose and we´ll negotiate it with you.

    Are you who we are looking for?

    Send us your Resume, in English, presenting any of your Works and your economic proposal to career@corvusbelli.com