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Final Campaign Statistics - Tohaa matters in the HS

Discussion in 'OOC [Out of character]' started by Wizzy, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Wizzy

    Wizzy Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    :alien: We Tohaa people have used our supercomputers to release some statistics.

    And GREAT NEWS GUYS !!!! :laughing:

    The Tohaa Faction is may be have the fewest players and therefore to be the second-last in the Victory Point rankings. But the Tohaa Commanders succeeded to be the most effective in the campaign!!!!! :the_horns:

    The Combined Army thought they were finished with the Tohaa …
    The Human Factions thought the Tohaa were an old story …
    Corvus Belli in conjuration with the Triumvirate has stopped the production of half the Tohaa Army …
    BUT DESPITE THAT, TOHAA STILL MATTERS IN THE HUMAN SPHERE :muscle::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


    Tohaa, outraged Tohaa, broken Tohaa, tormented Tohaa but avenged Tohaa! Avenged by herself, avenged by his players with the help of his Tohaa's commanders, with the support and assistance of the whole of Tohaa community: that is, Tohaa Nations fighting. That is to say, the only Tohaa Nation, the true Tohaa Nation, the eternal Tohaa Trinomial.

    Tohaa, Tohaa outragés, Tohaa brisés, Tohaa martyrisé mais Tohaa vengés ! Vengés par eux-même, vengés par ses joueurs avec le concours de ses commandants Tohaa, avec l’appui et le concours de la communauté Tohaa toute entière : c’est-à-dire des Tohaa qui se batttent. C’est-à-dire de la seule Nation Tohaa, de la vraie Nation Tohaa, du Trinôme Tohaa éternel.

    :trophy: For memory, here is the ranking:
    1. Haqqislam - 791 pts
    2. NA-2 - 763 pts
    3. Yu Jing - 734 pts
    4. Panoceania - 563 pts
    5. Ariadna - 547 pts
    6. Aleph - 533 pts
    7. IE - 451 pts
    8. Nomades - 450 pts
    9. Tohaa - 379 pts
    10. O-12 - 333 pts

    The campaign being closed, I was able to make final statistics on it (of course, except reports cancelled later).
    And for the moment, not only are the Tohaa Faction among the most successful in their battle, but taking into account the number of players, the Faction has been the most effective in the campaign. :kissing:
    I made a new ranking based on my statistics, and you can see a different ranking vision in this campaign.

    Final Statistics of the Asteroid Blues Campaign at 18:00 10/15/2019
    * with number of registered players (with or without reports)

    Players Final Statistics of the Asteroid Blues Campaign at 18:00 10/15/2019

    * without number of no-players (data of Cazboab)

    In terms of effectiveness in the battle, we can see a whole new podium.
    Of course there are the statistics and there is the storyline, the war objectives, ...

    - If in the Haqqislam ranking is number 1, Yu Jing shows better statistics and could also be considered number 1:clap:, whether in terms of the score per commander, the number of victories won per commander, etc....

    - And Ariadna, who is however in the middle of the ranking, are at the bottom, because of his defeats and the loss of his Strategic Locations.:scream:

    - We can also ask ourselves if the Nomads did not have their Stalingrad on Novyy Bangkok with a red sight like blood or red like their uniform, from their statistical line. :face_with_head_bandage:

    But the most important :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    – The Tohaa Players were the most victorious, the best strategists of the campaign:the_horns:, 14 victory points per player with a coef 2.92 of win, against 1.63 per CA player, DEADALUS FALL AVENGED :heart_eyes:

    – Apart from the O-12 anomaly, the Tohaa have one of the best win/loss ratios:trophy:. Meanwhile, Haqqislam, Panoceania, Ariadna, C.A. and especially the Nomads have the worst ratios, with a tendency towards generalized defeat. Although the most important is the poor ratio of the Combined Army. The deshavastisatisers Tohaa are in the place vermin ( ・_・)r鹵~<巛巛巛00 0 (゚Д゚?)

    – And while no one was expecting the Tohaa faction anymore:expressionless:, the Tohaa Trinomial hold 2 locations on this lost rock. And the EI and Ariadna have no position. :v::sunglasses:

    If nothing changes significantly in the verification, then the Tohaa should make a significant impact on the History.

    :laughing: Guuuuuutieeeeeerrrrrrr Heroes Tohaa Live matters :smiley:

    Excel File: https://cjoint.com/c/IJpsw7OCDzY

    These are the data, do you enjoy debating. But REMEMBER!!! Tohaa Heroes Lives Matters, Tohaa heroes are there for Humanity. Peace Guys :wink:
    #1 Wizzy, Oct 15, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  2. Lion Tremere

    Lion Tremere Herald of the Trident

    Aug 21, 2019
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    Tohaa matters! We will not go extinct! Witness us as we fight for our place in Valhalla Human Sphere!

    Thank you again @Wizzy for taking your time to collect and analyze all this data. And honestly, your super cute replies under each Batrep was the force that kept me playing till the end. *__*
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  3. Einhorn

    Einhorn Tohaa Chain of Command

    Mar 21, 2019
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    Thanks again for these really nifty statistics and the nice presentation. I shared it also in the Player Numbers discussion for their use and hope that CB finds it helpful also in future campaign planning!
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  4. Abrilete

    Abrilete Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2017
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    Awesome, thanks for the hard work!
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