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Fanfiction Character Summaries: Crossover & OC "Mild Spoilers"

Discussion in 'FanFic' started by Golem2God, May 6, 2021.

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    Recently I have been working on trying my hand at writing some Infinity Fanfiction. Since I feel there is mostly a lack of user submitted fiction on the forum. My first work is going to be a Crash Bandicoot crossover. Basically taking the major characters in the series and placing them on Bakunin. Because Bakunin's Black Labs & Uplift program are parallel to the Crash Bandicoot series' plot device of giving animals human-like intelligence & anthropomorphic bodies.

    When I sent my draft to a few forum members to to give their critic on my work they mentioned that they were unfamiliar with the Crash Bandicoot series. Therefore they suggested to me that I should explain who the characters where & a little bit about their series so readers would have an understanding of who I am writing. This bit of feedback made me realize that while this video game series is known well enough in the USA the could not be said for other areas of the world or for people who never got into video games as a pastime.

    So that is what the focus of this thread is. Namely to summarize & briefly expound on the crossover characters I'm writing in the Human Sphere setting of Corvus Belli's Infinity. This will include links, such as series wikis that cover details on the character/characters & youtube videos where possible. I will also expound a little on how this "Human Sphere version" of the character fits into the world of Infinity. Why I choose & thought that him, her or a particular organization would work in CB's setting. If at least in the way I'm writing them.

    This is where the mild spoilers part of the thread's title comes in. Namely in telling you the reader a bit about the characters' life & place in the Infinity universe. Because of these tidbits of background information I will end up spoiling some of the major cast of the crossover characters that shall appear in these stories. But I'd rather the readers, you members of this forum & anyone else who reads these works of fiction, having a good grasp in understanding who these characters are instead of them stumbling into the story blind not knowing who these established people are.

    I will be also including brief backgrounds for the major original characters that will appear in these crossover tales & the my non-crossover Infinity fictions. Those that focus on an OC, original character or characters, that is based in the Human Sphere in CB's Infinity universe instead of an established character/characters from other outside franchises. I do have a few of these original works planned out for future release down the road. Hopefully I'll be able to explain all of these ideas in a manner that is understood by everyone. So those of you who will read my fiction will see where I'm coming from or where my ideas are headed.

    I'll begin a summary on the major characters of the Crash Bandicoot series that are going to be the focus of my first crossover story in my next post. Namely Crash, Dr. Neo Cortex & Nina Cortex. I'll add other characters from that series in future posts. The same model will follow the other Infinity fanfictions I'll post on the forum, both crossovers & original works. Feel free to comment on this thread and make your thoughts known about my fiction. This will help keep the actual story threads to just the chapter posts. If you know of a good idea for a character to appear in these fanfictions or a crossover feel free to expound on it.

    I'm looking into creating an account for FanFiction, Archive of Our Own, Deviantart, etc...in order to post my fiction works to get more exposure. Maybe these works could also get people outside of the hobby or those who have never heard of Infinity interested in trying the game out. Perhaps encourage them to write their own Infinity fanfiction or play the RPG. Becoming a part of this community & maybe a forum member themselves. But enough rambling on, I have to get started on summarizing & introducing people to these ideas in my head. Looking forward to all who comment on this thread in the future ahead.
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    Nov 25, 2017
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    Well Cortex's summary was much longer than I thought. I ended up going over his backstory right up to the beginning of the fanfic. Thinking that it would be better to set up what Neo Cortex had gone through until the present day. I don't believe any of my other summaries will be as long as his except for any original characters I've created. Let me know if I did a good job at expound on these characters or what I should change storywise or the format I present these summaries in.

    Then there was the forum sever 503 error from this weekend that made it impossible to post the summaries until today. But here it is at least. I'll be doing more summaries and posting the first chapter of the Crash Bandicoot Infinity fanfic hopefully this week. Hope that you are all doing well in your current situations.

    Crash Bandicoot x Infinity Human Sphere

    Dr. Neo Periwinkle Cortex

    Human Sphere Cortex:
    So what do you get when you throw a scientist with a penchant for creating enhanced anthro-animals as his minions into the Human Sphere of Infinity lore? Well my idea follows as such...

    Dr. Neo Cortex was born on the Nomad mothership of Bakunin some 30+ odd years ago. The youngest child of a couple who were part of a clown module. Growing up Cortex didn't care for the lifestyle of being a clown despite how his elder siblings & parents enjoyed their existence. Burying himself into books, when he was able to, Neo began to cultivate a scientific mind from the early age of five. By the time he was eight years old the future doctor was fed up with his family & his birth module. Seeing modules as fake fantasy lands where people played pretend instead of accepting the wider world for what it was. Cocooning themselves inside so that they wouldn't have to live in an environment that didn't conform to their thoughts & feelings. It made the young boy disgusted to see his kin and so many others on the mothership encourage this constant state of denial.

    Being a young child made the plausibility of staying afloat in the world outside of a module's confines more difficult. Lucky for Cortex he had figured on use his smarts as a counter to living his early life out on the streets. Applying for certain schools that would caterer to his scientific interests. Eventually one of the boy's inquires was answered by Madame Amberley who invited him to join the next school semester in her "Academy for Gifted Children." Seeing this as opportunity finally come knocking on his door little Neo packed up his belongings and left his home to join Amberley's Academy. It would be the last time he'd set foot in the module he was born in.

    While Cortex excelled at the Academy in his studies, particularity the science behind genetic modding, he was terrible at making friends. He did gain a rival in a boy similar to his age, Nitrous Brio. The two males were nearly equal in their scientific knowledge and shared similar attitudes of intellectual superiority. Neo & Brio's rivalry became the main force driving them forward. Being more focused on beating each other over their original academic goals. After watching this game of tug-of-war play out, Amberley decided to have both boys share living and work together on school projects project from now on. She did this for the selfish reasoning that having Neo & Brio's great minds co-exist mutually would help them reach new scientific heights together. Which in turn would bring fame upon her Academy and more funds along with the students who would try to emulate their "heroes."

    The plan ended up working. Cortex & N.Brio became best friends, shared their ideas among themselves and helped improve . One particular idea that would be of future importance was the concept of the "Evolv-O-Ray." A name coined by Brio in order to hide the fact that it wasn't an actual device but a technique to bypass the brain's defenses. Making mental reprogramming a simpler task. Ya...Madame Amberley isn't concerned with the morality of the subjects she has taught to her students.

    Interestingly Brio had requested that Neo would take credit for coming up with the "Evolv-O-Ray" instead of himself. Cortex thought that the request was strange especially for a competitive genius like Brio but his friend's adamant pleading eventually caused Neo to cave in to the demand. The reasoning behind Brio's insistence on not wanting people to know he came up with the technique will come up later on in the story. Cortex will not be pleased at the reason when he finds out.

    Shortly after the boys graduated from Amberley's Academy they found work as assistants in a Praxis Black Lab. It's here they meet a young Dr. Nefarious Tropy and an engineer named N.Gin who would later become partners after Neo managed to procure a Black Lab of his own. Doctor Tropy finds Cortex & Brio's chosen field of animal experimentation "stupid". Preferring to unlock the secrets of the universe through the study of time. He reluctantly joins Cortex's Black Lab since it was the only place that would allow Tropy full freedom in his experimentation. Still dismissive of Cortex's occupation despite how much he owes his continued scientific work to the blading scientist.

    N.Gin is much more loyal to Neo & Brio than Tropy. Around the time the newly graduated scientists joined the Black Lab where Gin was working a freak accident occurred causing a rocket to be lodged into the Engineer's skull. Thanks to Brio's quick thinking the lab staff was able to save N.Gin's life but at the cost of the rocket remaining in his cranium. Despite the side effects from having a deactivated ballistic in his head Gin is extremely grateful to be alive. Though he dislikes it when he blacks out acting & spouting crazy nonsense. Preferring to remain in or near the lab than venture forth into the wider world.

    An example of N.Gin's crazy rambles in the video below. One thing of note is that when N.Gin blacks out his voice changes along with his personality. It's seems that the damage done to his brain has resulted in two different sides of him. Effectively the engineer now has a personality disorder.

    Around the time Neo Cortex had acquired his own Black Lab and hired personnel through generous financial patrons he met the love of his life. An activist named Cornelia who focused on animal rights & fighting animal cruelty. Considering that Cortex's livelihood was the Uplifting & selling of animals, either in custom orders or to the highest bidder, Neo's colleagues thought he had chosen poorly or blown a gasket. A man like him with a woman like her was most definitely going to fail. Yet to the shock of everyone in Cortex & Cornelia's circle of friends the two lovers got along well.

    After almost a year of dating Cortex announced that Cornelia was pregnant with a baby girl and the soon to be father further stated that he was leaving the Uplift business. Brio was gobsmacked at this turn of events. On one hand he was happy for his friend and yet he didn't want Neo to leave. Especially in the running of their back alley business. However when Neo explained that he promised Cornelia that he would give up this line work when they got married Brio couldn't fault him for that considering the woman's beliefs. If only the woman was a more open minded type then he wouldn't be left to run the operation by himself.

    However Brio wouldn't have to worry about working without Cortex for to long as the newlywed & father eventually returned after not being able to find a steady job. At least one that he was willing to continue working in. Neo however changed the way the operation was run. Making sure that the process the animals went through was more humane. This included removing Brio's "Evolv-O-Ray" technique from the equation. That decision infuriated Brio. When he complained to Neo that his work was being thrown out over Cornelia's ridiculous assumptions Cortex was incensed at the accusation. He then coldly reminded Brio that the "Evolv-O-Ray" was technically his creation since their Academy days and thus he could do what he wanted with it. Shocked at Neo's statement stormed off, packed his things and left to find new employment elsewhere.

    Unlike Cortex who came back after a couple of months, Nitrous Brio did not return until 5-6 years later. His pride preventing him from reaching out to contact his old friend. But after being unable to hold on to the same position in other labs Brio's pride finally broke and he decided it was time to make up. If Neo was willing that is. Cortex was ecstatic upon seeing his old pal once again. Starting off by apologizing about how he handled their last conversation together. Brio shock his head stating that it was since he insulted Cornelia to Neo's face. Cortex countered that they were both wrong and he was just happy that the two classmates where on good terms.

    Just then a young girl ran into the room hugging Neo leg which earn a laugh from Cortex. Picking up the child Neo introduced her as his daughter Nina. As if on cue Nina reached out her hand shook N.Brio's introducing herself in a polite but cute manner. Nitrous smiled at the girl's antics. While he didn't get along well with her mother he was beginning to take a liking to Nina.

    Not long after Brio rejoined Cortex's Black lab Cornelia suggested a family trip to Sunset Boulevard. This excited Nina since she had only seen the dome changing spectacle that the Boulevard was named after a few times before. With his daughter so giddy at the prospect Neo couldn't help but agree to his wife's suggestion. What good was life if lived it in a bubble?

    The sunset certainly lived up to the hype. Neo was glad Cornelia had gotten Nina to drag him out to see it. Though now that it was over he wondered if heading home would be the best option. While pondering this Cortex was suddenly approached by a woman.

    "Excuse me sir. I'm conducting a survey the Bakunin populous' views on our many urban legends."

    "Ah...I see." Cortex responded. "You work for a media network and need a story to air?"

    "Actually it's more of a curiosity of what people truly think about the subject. And what better place to obtain opinions than in the heart of Vaudville."

    She was right in that regard. With all of the people that frequent this area she was bound to get a good amount of answers to her inquiry. Neo was not one to partake in these mini interview but in Bakunin one could truly speak their mind & express themselves without fear of deadly repercussion. As long your public behavior is not perceived as unhealthy.

    Cortex: "Alright..I guess I'll bite."

    Female Reporter: "Thank you sir. So to repeat my question what are your opinions on Bakunin's urban legends?"

    Cortex: "Some..like Johannus Montauk, his tachyon field research, possible assassination and temporal distortions have a possibility of of being actual phenomena. One of my colleagues is obsessed with that type of science. As for the multiple cat legends I think they are ridiculous. The idea that a Human Shuet is reincarnated into a cat? That the way you treat a cat effects the resurrected shuet even though the resurrected Human can't remember his or her time as cat? Members of the populous swearing that feral tomcats where behaving in the same manner as their deceased loved ones after the tragedy of the Phantom Conflicts? I'm sorry but that just cannot be."

    Female Reporter: "So you are of the opinion that most of the cat legends are fallacy?"

    Cortex: "They are just animals. Infected ones at that. Despite all the health warnings of not going near them the populous seems to be dull of hearing or simply willing to catch multiple strains of tapeworms themselves. If we don't do something about these walking worm incubators then Bakunin is headed for a health crisis the likes we haven't seen. Even now the situation is bad and yet people get absolutely defensive about helping or dealing with all these cats. Why? Because of these ridiculous stories that have been beaten into us Bakuninites since an early age. It has to stop or else we will pay the price."

    Female Reporter: "That is quite the statement sir. It will likely cause anger in alot of the populous.."

    Cortex: "Somebody had to say it. If we can't be open and discuss touchy subjects & matters in Bakunin of all places then where else do we go in the Human Sphere? Yu Jing?!"

    Female Reporter: "A good and fair point. Thanks for taking part in my discussion piece. I'm sure your comment will be quite the head turner."

    Cortex: "As long as it wakes people up to their surroundings then I'm ok with it."

    The Next Day:

    Brio: "Um..N..Neo? Can we talk?"

    Cortex: "Of course old friend..."

    Brio: "Thank you. Uh Neo..I saw that opinion piece you took part in..."

    Cortex: "Let me guess Brio, you are worried about my safety."

    Brio: "Y..Yes. Yes I a..am. Neo you know h..how those with n..neg..g..ative views on the stray cat subject are treated. Incidents happen to them a..and cont..ti..tinue to get worse u..until they silence their opinion. You've just m..made..."

    Cortex: "I meant what I said about the populous' beliefs. They need to be set straight."

    Brio: "Y..Yes we agree on th..that but I still th..think it would be b..best to.."

    Cortex: "Out of the question Brio. There will be no apology "

    Brio: "Cortex you c..could get..mark my words. Something b..bad is going to happen to you or wor..worse your family if you don't change your tune soon! Things might e..escalate & get out of hand."

    Cortex: "I understand your apprehension but backing down will defeat the whole purpose of sticking my neck out like that. Harassment I expect but I'm not going to let fear of violent threats or reprisal stifle my family from going out."

    Those words would later come back to haunt Neo. It wasn't long after this conversation that during another family trip into Sunset Boulevard Brio's fear would become a reality. The Cortex family was violently attacked by a small mob who found Neo's opinion on Bakunin's stray cat superstitions disturbing. Though some of Bakunin's Moderators managed to break up the group & place arrests they didn't get there in time. Neo's wife Cornelia was killed and Nina's hands were removed despite Cortex's attempt to protect his family. The father got off light compared to them with a deep scar in the shape of an N on his forehead. Nina also bore the same N shaped scar from the attack.
    When news of the assault spread around the mothership public opinion began to sway towards Cortex's expressed views on the stray cat situation. Those of the populous who had held the same opinion on the subject now started to bravely speak out. Bakunin's the public health warnings on strays were starting to be followed. Cortex's social energy rose rapidly after dropping down shortly after the opinion piece aired. He had become a famous face and an icon for a new social movement.

    However, Neo could care less about all of these current ongoing events. He had lost his wife, his daughter lost her hands & her innocence, and he had lost faith in Humanity. In contradiction to the promise he made to himself back when he was a child, Cortex enclosed himself in a cocoon of his own making. His reasoning was it was to protect the only important thing he had left, Nina, from the outside world. Hoping that his vigilance would mean she'd never be hurt again.

    Besides this betrayal of his younger self's convictions Cortex dived deep into his work. Focusing on creating Uplifts, Chimeras or any radical body modifications people wished to buy. No matter how dangerous it was. If Bakuninites wished to destroy themselves or the outside Human Sphere wished to dabble in the morally questionable or outright amoral he'd help them. It kept the funds flowing to support the lab & provide Nina with what she wanted or needed. Plus there was the vengeful satisfaction in letting his Bakunin customers choke on their own lusts. Like a drug dealer who got a kick out of the suffering their business inflicted on their buyers.

    But Neo's vengeful tainted dealings and his life in general would take a drastic turn a few years later. A day where a routine mental programing of an Uplifted male Bandicoot Wombat hybrid didn't go the way it was planned.

    Nina Cortex

    Human Sphere Nina:
    Neo's daughter Nina Cortex is around 13 years old at the beginning of the story. A few years after the incident where an angry mob killed her mother, scared her father & lost both of her hands. Since then Cortex has been keeping Nina safe from the outside world at the expense of her being couped up in he father's large Black Lab. While Nina understands why her father keeps her from leaving the Lab's grounds she still wishes to return & experience to the outside world once again. She wants friends & to relive the older days when life was happier. The days when her family was still an intact whole instead of the shattered pieces it lies as now.
    Besides Cortex's close associates, such as N.Brio & N.Gin, Nina's only friend or companion is her pet Bandicoot that Brio gifted to her on her last birthday. She named the female Coco and has been carrying her around wherever she goes. In a way Coco became Nina's support and she loves the little creature dearly. While her father could care less about the little beast the fact that Nina is happy and smiling more often since receiving Coco gives Neo some joy in his life. However Nina will end up losing Coco and she then latches onto Crash to fill the void that Coco left. This is helped by the male Bandicoot/Wombat hybrid taking a liking to Nina upon first meeting her. Cortex is worried about this new relationship considering Coco was still an animal but Crash, as Nina so named him, is an Uplift. He is an animal with Human-like intelligence and thus makes the creature more dangerous in Neo's eyes. So while Nina treats Crash as her pet/friend her father constantly on guard just in case something snaps in the Bandicoot's head. After all the mind programing process was interrupted before it could complete it's course. Who knows what state Crash's mind is in or if his current mindset is just the programing covering up his instincts?

    While Nina had new hands grafted on her Cortex suggested that the skeleton structure of her new hands be metallic. In order to make them stronger & more resistant to serious damage. Injuries that would crush or break natural bones could be prevented from transpiring. Her punches & grips would become more effective. The metallic structure would also allow Nina to interact with substances that can or could cause negative effects on unprotected hands. With the grown grafted skin covering the metal hands she'd be able to live her life normally without anyone being wise to her replacements. Kind of like how the Terminator-800 series has skin & flesh covering their metal skeleton. You wouldn't know what was underneath until the skin was torn off or removed.

    Nina wants to be a Vet or Doctor like her father when she grows up. Her love for animals is obvious to those who get to know the young teenager. However while Neo's intentions with the metallic skeleton hands were good ones they made life harder for Nina at first. One incident was when Nina first tried to hold an animal after getting her new hands grafted on. In her excitement she ended up gripping the little creature too hard and ended up killing it. This made her cry & scared her from touching anything. Until her father, Brio & N.Gin helped train her in how to adapt to her new appendages. N.Gin in particular was helpful since he had a cybernetic arm & hand as well. While Nina recovered and is able to interact with objects normally she still has that fear in the back of her mind that if she is not careful she'd could break something or worse someone. She is not mad or angry at her father for giving her these new hands understanding the reasoning behind his decision to do so. But just like with her being couped up in the Black Lab Nina wishes life was different. That the clock can be turned back to happier days. A feeling Cortex shares with his daughter.

    But life keeps moving forward and while you can't change the past you can effect the future so that it rectifies the mistakes of the past. And with Crash & her father at her side Nina intends to do just that. They are in a bad position and the only way to escape it is to keep pushing & navigate the trails ahead. Perhaps this adventure will change things for the better. If the three of them can just survive the Mothership after being a couple of years enclosed in their own bubble.
    Crash Bandicoot:
    What is there to say about Crash? Considering that he is Uplifted and in a sense born at the beginning chapter of the story there is not much of a backstory to cover about him. While having him as a pure bandicoot I think it would be a idea to have him be a Bandicoot/Wombat hybrid. The reasoning being is that the video game character Crash was going to be a Wombat named Willy until Naughty Dog decided to change his name to what it is today, Crash Bandicoot. Plus Wombats are more sturdier & tougher than Bandicoots. So it would make since to have Crash be a hybrid of those two species. I mean there is Dingodile, a Dingo Crocodile hybrid that appears as a boss in the series, who's mammal & reptile dna pushes the boundaries of science. So Crash as a duo marsupial hybrid seems more possible in scope & is a great cameo homage to the video game series itself.

    In the games he does not have much in the way of speaking just grunts & other noises to communicate. This aspect is carried on in the fanfiction. Communicating in various noises and sometimes simple words or sentences. As he grows he'll be able to better communicate howbeit not by much especially compared to Human standards. So he'll won't radically change much in that regard.

    Even with that disability he seems to be able to convey his feelings & intentions. Letting a personality show despite being incomplete or the experiments performed on him a failure. That is the reasoning I'm using in Crash being limited in speech capabilities. Since other Anthro animal characters of the Crash series seem to be able to speak like Humans while Crash doesn't.
    The other characters in the pic below besides Crash are N.Gin (top center), N.Brio (dead center), Dr. N.Tropy (bottom left), Pinstripe Potoroo (top left).
    While I had the idea of Neo growing to see Crash as a sort of son/child for over a year's time the most recent game in the series, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, actually shows Cortex starting to feel a fatherly bond towards Crash. This happens shortly after the 2:30 mark in the video. Neo also names the bandicoot "Crashworth Cortex the 1st" in the 4:00 mark section. He also fondly reflects on how it was like yesterday that little Crash was eating scraps of Wampa (a fictional fruit that appears in nearly every game of the series) out of his hand. So Cortex bonding with Crash to the point of seeing him as family is now something that is part of the series' canon & lore. Which also makes the times the two have butted heads take on a more personal meaning. A father vs son dynamic.

    I think these pictures below from deviantart sum up the dynamic between Human Sphere Crash, Nina & Cortex. A loyal pet, a content happy girl, & a dad annoyed with the pet's antics. Though I believe that the Doctor will warm up to Crash when the marsupial's diehard loyalty towards both Cortexs is proven again & again & again...Eventually Neo will see Bandy Boy as an adopted member of the small family.
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    The Preist, the Vampire, the Ronin & the Hacker - Infinity Human Sphere Crossover Idea
    Another fanfiction crossover idea I have takes place the South American planet Acontecimento.The main characters in this story come from a South American country in their universe/series or in Boone's case he is a priest. Which has been a part of the many cultures of the continent since the Spanish & Portuguese arrived. And Sombra being Mexican by birth in her Overwatch universe.

    Lafcadio Boone the Priest/Sinful Preacher from the video game Sexy Brutale:

    Lafcadio Boone is the main character of this story. A Father Knight who was formerly of Santiago Order but is now part of the Calatrava Order of knights. I got the idea of Boone being a Santiago Knight in his younger years due to the design of the cross that appears on his shoulders. The color & shape of the Cross is very similar except for the Santiago's pointed sword tip. Even the Santiago's cloak color is a close match to the shade on Boone's own priestly garb.
    Calatrava Knights are made up of veterans from across the other Military Orders of PanOceania. This is different from the Holy Sepulchure Order who takes the best of the best from all the orders. In the RPG Corebook it states that Calatrava Knights are characterized by ascetic lifestyle. They either are Father-Instructors in PanO's Military Academies or wander throughout the Human Sphere intervening in any fight they consider fair & just. Boone has chosen the wanderer lifestyle since it allows him to help people in need. A concept that a Santiago Knight would gravitate towards since it mirrors their own Order's task of protecting pilgrims as they travel across the stars.

    Howbeit Boone has grown tired of Catholic politics & dogma over his years of service and wants to leave his priestly role in the church. Rather wanting to spend his remaining years in peace and having a simple relationship with God without all the red tape of religion. Just the Scriptures & nothing else. However he has put this off time and time again since he fears that he would not be able to help people in need more effectively without the powerful resources of the Catholic church & the current united front of the organized religion of Christianity. Even though a close friend, a Jewish Rabbi named Issac Zidelman, encourages him to follow through with this decision Boone keeps finding an excuse to put this life changing choice off. The convenient distractions of people who are in need or in trouble. From being hounded by criminals, a corporation employee abusing their power, or other lesser trails that he has come across. He always finds an excuse to make in order to stay in his current position.

    Things begin to take a turn in Boone's life when he touches down on Acontecimento intent on visiting his Rabbi friend in Zacuto. When he does reach the northern most city on the BomJesus continent Boone finds to his dismay that his friend was murdered a few days before he reached the planet. While Zacuto is known among Acontecimento for it's domineering religious culture, being called the town of churches, it also has the highest murder & accident rate out of all the major cities. So the Rabbi's death is not an usual event in the multi-religion metropolis. Still Boone couldn't understand why his friend was murdered as there didn't seem to be a motive or theory as to why he was targeted. However Issac's assistant rabbi revealed to the priest that the elder rabbi was looking into a few disappearances in the local Jewish community before his death. The assistant also heard Issac mumbling "Estrie" under his breath the week he died.
    An Estrie was a female vampire spirit in Hasidic lore that could take the shape of a woman or an animal such as a bird or cat. In some stories they were identical to a Succubus. Though Estrie are able to walk into holy places and even get religious people to pray for them such as for healing. They are not effected by religious iconography & required feeding on blood to continue surviving. Because of their shapeshifting they lived among Humans as one of them making it easier to obtain their prey. If an Estrie's hair was bound then the she could not fly & would stay grounded.

    This information at least gave Boone a clue of what to look into. Apparently the populous of Zacuto had an urban legend of a vampire that haunted the streets at night. As bodies drained of some or alot of blood had steadily been among the number of murder victims for a couple of years. Issac had seriously considered that the legend of the Estrie was the possible reason for these drained corpses or someone mimicking an Estrie. With no other options to getting closer to the truth Boone decided to postpone the original reason he came to Acontecimento & hunt down this murderer.

    After a few nights of roaming the streets of Zacuto in his Knight power armor Boone stumbled across the living legend hunched over an unconscious body. However the vampire turned to see who was behind it revealing the black clothed being had the face of a woman. A helm with glowing red cross stared back at her and both parties could feel the other glaring. While she quickly deliberated how she should deal with the Knight in front of her Boone voiced a question.

    "Why did you kill Rabbi Issac Zidelman?"

    To which she replied, "Why do you think I killed him?"

    He responded back with another question. "Why are you drinking that man's blood?" She could feel his glare intensifying.

    "He is not Human and neither am I."

    "In what way?"

    "Look..father.." saying the title cautiously. "You have no idea what is happening in this..afflicted city. I'm trying to save the population from..the monsters in their midst."

    "By becoming one yourself..?"

    "I was born a monster."

    "And I was born to hunt monsters that wear the visage of Humanity."

    Pulling out his Breaker Pistol as he finished the sentence. Hoping to wound whatever this monster was. The monster however began to close the gap between them causing Boone to fire in a quick frantic fashion. His target dodged the shot and was nearly upon him when Boone reach out his hand in a defensive action. The Estrie managed to avoid this and using strength that was at odds with her form pushed the heavy armored male into a wall. Stunning the Knight long enough for her to close the gap again. Boone fired blindly as a fist connected into his helmet's Cross visor smashing the faceplate inwards into his nose & face. Both combatants then keeled over in pain. Apparently the now blinded Boone realized he had managed to shot the vampire but he didn't get the chance to dwell on the thought as he was picked up and slammed into the wall again & again. Then thrown into the opposing wall on the other side of the alley. As Boone tried to recompose himself he heard the woman seethe in pain and then make her escape if the footsteps where anything to go by. As long as he kept this damage helm on he couldn't see.

    Boone's armor was beaten up. The faceplate was pushed in from the punch he received. It had also broken his nose. The good news is that seem to be the most extensive damage his armor received. But judging by how the encounter went if he hadn't shot the Estrie then things could have taken a turn for the worst. At least he was alive and not injured badly. The front & back torso of his armor had some damage but mostly remained intact. He could use his connections in the Church to easily fix the damage done to the suit but until then he didn't feel like it was a good idea to go vampire hunting until the armor was good as new once again.

    Despite this setback Boone takes to wearing the plain white mask with the bloody handprint on it's front when he goes out at night investigating Zacuto. Since he doesn't want to give away his identity and allow his enemies to retaliate against him for snooping about. His priestly robes help in this matter since Zacuto is a heavily religious city. There are hundreds of priests alone in the city besides the religious leaders of other religions. It would take an angry opponent a long time to comb through the sea of priests to guess who is behind the bloody mask.

    During this downtime waiting for his armor to be fixed Boone receives a visitor at a church he is watching over for an Orthodox priest. Here he is meet by Adrian Seidelman, CyberSix's alter ego & literature teacher at Da Gama University, who reveals that the reason Rabbi Issac died was due to him working with her. After Zidelman found out about the disappearances and began to look into them he stumbled into a conspiracy that eventually lead to Six contacting him in person. She then revealed the full scope of what was transpiring behind the curtain of Zacuto's conservative setting.

    The person behind this is CyberSix's creator Von Reichter's clone/son Jose. Jose has aspirations of ruling the criminal underworld of Acontecimento and had chosen Zacuto as his first step towards that goal. Namely because of the religious town having a higher murder per capita rate than the other major cities of the planet. People in powerful political positions, such as mayor, police chief & Mayastars, are killed & replaced or bribed & blackmailed. While Jose uses artificial Humans; Technos, Types, Fixed Ideas & Data series to further his selfish goals. Prideful, bratty, conceited to a fault, Jose won't stop until he gets what he wants no matter what the cost takes.
    After learning the truth behind Rabbi Issac's demise Boone fully allies himself with CyberSix to combat the threat Jose's ambitions present. They will have to learn to trust and rely on one another since any of their friends or acquaintances could have been replaced or are secretly working under Jose's command.
    At the end of Arc 1 Boone mentions to Six that the real reason he came to Acontecimento was to track down a Christian Indian woman that he had a relationship with while he was a priest at a church. This relationship with a member of his flock ended with her getting pregnant and Boone left his position in order to not bring scandal & stigma upon the woman. However even after all these years he wonders what became of her and the child and so finally worked up the courage to visit Acontecimento once again. But with the death of his close friend Rabbi Issac Zidelman he got off track of his true purpose for being on the planet. Thus he now is heading to Cidade BomJesus hoping that old contacts in the Church will be able to help him find her. CyberSix comments that she wants to tag along with him. Since she, as Adrian, turned down the inheritance Abraham left behind she has been wondering how Seidelman's company has been fairing. Feeling at least some responsibility to both Adrian & Abraham to see what has become of their fortune.

    CyberSix/Adrian Seidelman the Vampire from the comic book & tv series CyberSix:


    It was the idea of Lafcadio Boone & CyberSix interacting that sparked this Acontecimento crossover. The Priest vs Vampire dynamic with a twist. With the vampire being a hero & ends up working together with the priest to overcome an enemy.
    Six in the comics needs to feed on Von Reichter's other creations for Sustenance which seems to be their lifesource/blood. If she went without Sustenance it would cause pain & weakness which would most likely leading to her death. This seems like a artificial kill-switch built into Reichter's creations so any disobedient ones would eventually die off unless they found a source to feed off of. A smart idea on his end. Though I see a Human Sphere version of CyberSix as being able to feed on both Von Reitcher's undercover experiments & normal humans. However she'd try her best to not resort to feeding on humans having a conscience against it but nothing of the sort when it comes to lab grown infiltrators loyal to Reichter.

    I thought it would be interesting for Reichter to be commissioned by powerful people in PanOceania's military & politics to create super soldiers to combat the Combined Army. My Infinity stories have a backdrop of the nations of Humanity, PanO, Yu Jing, Nomads, Haqqislam, Ariadna & O-12, realizing that over time they will eventually lose the war against the Ur Hegemony. Having Humanity's overall numbers be whittled down over the course of years or decades of war. Thus to prevent this future from occurring the Nations have all secretly green-lighted varies top-secret projects from recreating or countering Voodoo tech, plagues designed to target Combined species, to Humanity's own lab grown troops. Super Soldiers such as the Cyber series which Six is a part of. Aleph, being the major A.I. of Humanity, also takes part in keeping these projects a secret from the public. Both to prevent panic of the populous finding out what their leaders truly think about the war situation & the shock at the amoral experiments that are ongoing to help keep Humanity form being absorbed by the Ur.
    In the comics after a young CyberSix escapes Von Reichter she tries to enter the city of Meridiana but realizes that she needs some sort of identification to avoid drawing suspicion upon herself. Shortly after this Six witnesses a fatal car crash that kills all three of the car's occupants. After dragging out the charred remains of a boy and burying him she looks over his identification card and realizes that Adrian & her looked rather similar. She then decides to become Adrian Seidelman taking his place in the world. Somehow she manages to keep this a secret from everyone including Adrian's grandfather Abraham. When the elderly man tracks down CyberSix thinking that she's his grandson in order to leave his fortune to Adrian. Six refuses to take the inheritance since she feels guilty as masquerading as the dead boy and didn't feel it was right to take the inheritance that rightfully belonged to Adrian.

    An interesting thing to note is that the name Seidelman is an Ashkenazic Jewish family name. Ashkenazi Jews were Hebrews who had settled in the Rhineland Valley near the Rhine River & in the neighboring parts of France. They migrated to Eastern European Slavic lands after the Crusades of the 11th-13th centuries. Most of Argentina's Jewish population is descendant from the Ashkenazi Jews so CyberSix taking on the identity of an Argentinian Jewish male fits into the detail that Estries live among Humans who they feed on. Another Estrie aspect is shapeshifting into animals like birds and cats. Since Six has Data-7, a male Cyber that had his brain transplanted into the body of a panther, following her about it could be misconstrued as her transforming into a panther or that Data-7 is another Estrie hunting with Six.

    That is just some observations of CyberSix's character that I think what fit into the mold of an Estrie vampire.

    Jetstream Sam/Samuel Rodrigues the Ronin from the video game Metal Gear Rising First appears in Arc 2 of the crossover.

    The Brazilian Breeze, the Cowboy Samurai. Jetstream Sam is perhaps the most remembered thing to come out of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance besides Senator Armstrong. It is hard not to forget him once you take the time to watch his scenes.
    Samuel Rodrigues appears in the second Arc of the story as a roaming vigilante/mercenary hunting down both criminal elements & corrupt corporations. Ever since his own father was cut down by a student who was carrying out orders from the Brazilian Cartel Samuel's life took a violent turn. On the run with nothing but the family blade his father past down to him Sam's survival hinged on how well he could defend himself. Or more correctly how well he could kill those coming after him. Over years of roaming and taking up jobs such as being a bodyguard Sam could afford to upgrade his family's sword & sheath into a modern CC weapon. Along with a biosynthetic suit of armor to help him in the task of hunting down his family's killers.

    He was successful in this endeavor reeking vengeance upon the Cartel to the point that it collapsed. This propelled the then unknown Sam into legend status which only grew with each fallen foe that he cut down. The Brazilian Wind of Destruction who swept across Acontecimento leaving bodies in his wake. Judge, jury & executioner dishing out his own sense of justice regardless if written law was against his own notions.

    However those that personally knew Sam or meet him in person got a different view of the guy. One of these people was a young hacker named Olivia Colomar but known mostly as Sombra. Her skill at digging up dirt on people or groups of interest is both awed & valued by Sam. The relationship between the two was more akin to an elder brother & younger sister. They both shared the status as being the last surviving members of their families. Sombra picked up some of Sam's cocky mirth as she grew & the cowboy samurai grew to care about the girl. Though both of them still have their self preservation instincts. Along with Sombra having a manipulative nature & Sam's enjoyment of violent fighting.

    The Los Muertos gang that Sombra hangs with realizes that she is most likely the reason why the Wind of Destruction hasn't set his sights on them.

    Sombra/Olivia Colomar the Shadow Hacker from the video game Overwatch. First appears in Arc 2 of the crossover.

    Olivia Colomar the Shadow Hacker Sombra is one of the standout designs from the Overwatch series and like Jetstream Sam her character is one of the most remembered playable heroes of the game.
    It shouldn't surprise anyone just what an Human Sphere Sombra would be. You don't have to change much about her. She'd still be a hacker addicted to retrieving and exposing data. Especially dirt on famous entities like corporations, governments famous people, etc...Even her loadout of a camo wearing SMG toting e/m grenade throwing hacker can easily find an equivalent on the tabletop of Infinity.

    Sombra appears in the second Arc 2 of the Acontecimento crossover as a teen ally to the Los Muertos gang located in Cidade BomJesus. She doesn't sport the neon glowing skeleton designs that most of the gang wares. Gangers permanently tattoo their skin with skeletal Day of the Dead designs while allies don't wear them in order to easily move among Acontecimento's society. Being unobvious eyes & ears for the Los Muertos. Sombra has been an ally to the gang in the past as her data hacking into major cooperate & government entities has been helpful to the Los Muertos' cause.
    Besides being the capital of Acontecimento, Cidade BomJesus is home to one half of the Orbital Arch. This has made Cidade a massive amount of manufacturing, corporate, research & development center with enough warehouses to support the industry. Aleph aspects help keep the automated system of transportation & shipments running smoothly. Keeping a watchful eye on the many vital operations that Human workers are tasked with to keep the gears flowing. With the amount of development & manufacturing accruing in Cidade BomJesus it has become a natural hive of corporate industrial espionage & sabotage. Where stolen data & revealed secrets are a commodity unto themselves. And the market providing those prized bits of knowledge can make a lucrative business. Provide one manages to survive retaliations & rival info brokers along the way.

    Sombra has an obsession with obtaining & exposing knowledge especially the kind hidden behind locked doors. Her successful hacking endeavors in her pre-teen years coupled with any lack of failure helped fuel this obsession in the young girl's mind. However there came a day where Olivia's curiosity would almost get her killed. An Aleph Danavas along with Posthumans were sent to ensure that data breach containing sensitive documents was contained and dealt with. The sudden attack wiped out the Los Muertos cell Sombra was a part of. Only the timely intervention Boone & CyberSix manage to save Sombra life. As Six's super soldier abilities caught the Aleph aspects off guard. Thus giving Boone openings to take the Aspects out.

    The hack turned out to contained information that showed Abraham Seidelman's company had contact with Von Reichter during the time Seidelman was still alive. CyberSix explains that she believes that this is the reasoning behind why the Aleph killteam was sent to track down Sombra. As Von Reichter's existence & experiments would be from the public eye as it would cause scandal. But know she wonders if her replacing Adrian Seidelman was really her choice after all or if she was actually ordered to asume Adrian.

    Regardless of wether she was intended to replace Adrian or not Six tells Boone they should take Olivia along with them as she has become a target. Sombra reluctantly agrees as she doesn't wish to help in their quest. Only joining them as it benefits her survival more if she followed them. At least for now. Her hacking skill provides Boone with protection from enemy infowar attacks due to the priest's Knight armor. Along with all the other perks hackers can give & the damage they can dish out upon the enemy.
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    Nomad Boy Meets PanO Girl: Xenoblade Chronicles 2/RWBY Infinity Crossover

    Pyra/Mythra/Pneuma: Aleph's Aegis Mythra aka Mithras "The Unconquerable Sun" worshiped by the Roman Empire

    For those of you not in the know, I have been converting a Roman Steel Phalanx force for a good while now. I thought it would be more interesting for an Aleph force to be Roman themed. Plus it would make sense that if the Greek Phalanx failed or just was not cutting it against the Combined Army then Aleph would move on to the next Empire that overtook them. Namely an Iron Testudo, a Roman Legion. Throughout Rome's military history of both Byzantine East & Roman West they have endured and survived so many close calls that should have ended the Empire right there & then. But God allowed the Romans to pull clutch victories seemingly out of nowhere. Wether it was against themselves, Germanic hordes, etc...critical battles seem to crop up throughout Roman history.

    So it was during the time I was brain storming model conversions/proxies for the force that my sister got into a video game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which she enjoyed. Thus I ended up watching a good bit of her playing it and learning about the characters. Well one of the main protags of this video game was a "Blade" named Mythra. While I didn't know it at the time she would end up sparking not only a model conversion but this idea of an Infinity Crossover.

    The reasoning behind this idea is that it turns out Mythra is named after the Persian sun god Mithras, Vedic sun god Mitra & the Zoroastrian angelic divinity Mehr. Her name being a feminine version of the masculine word Mithras. The Mithras cult was popular in with soldiers, merchants, politicians, among other classes. Mithras was so prevalent in the Roman Empire that remains of temples to the god were found as far north as Britain, west as Spain, and places like Germany & Egypt. Even today in the religion of Zoroastrianism Mithras plays an important role in their rites.

    You can watch the video in the link below to better understand the Mithras' cult.
    (I'd like to point out that so called "early church fathers" like Justin Martyr, Augustine, Jerome, Origin & others are Catholic Church fathers. As they have said/taught many things that are not mentioned in either the Hebrew Old &/or Greek New Testaments. People are taught and seem to forget that the churches & ideals that became the Catholic & Orthodox branches differ from the first century Jewish Christian teachings. Those that Jesus' apostles, Paul of Tarsus and their followers held & taught. So don't automatically assume that when an early church father speaks that it agrees with the Holy Bible. Many false doctrines have sprung up from their teachings that have no basis in Scripture but are held as canon.)

    In the Rigveda, the oldest Vedic text, Mitra is mostly indistinguishable from another god Varuna in characteristics. So much are they alike that there is only one hymn that Mitra is addressed separately from Varuna and Mitra is known as Mitra-Varuna. Yes, the water planet of the Helots under PanO's control is named after a deity that has a connection to Mitra. Another interesting thing of note is that while both Mitra & Varuna are Asuras they are addressed as Devas with Mitra being referred as a deva in the only hymn that separates him from Varuna. So the O.S.S.S. Asura & Deva units would be a good fit for a Mythra conversion.

    Also in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mythra has a dual personality of sorts in Pyra. Who instead of being the same as Mythra in character holds alot of the opposites in personality. This ties into the seemingly duality of Mitra & Varuna with them being one and the same but different beings at the same time. I was thinking of using this duality in Mythra/Pyra by making Pyra be Mythra's geist. Helping her in tasks that the Asura is not good in performing or feelings she has trouble conveying.

    So having a Mithras recreation/aspect would fit for an Aleph Roman force. Not to mention the Indian religious connection to Aleph's Vedic O.S.S.S. forces. And Aleph taking creative license, ticking off boxes for positive media propaganda would makes sense. Make the god of justice, contracts, covenants, friendship & light into a beautiful woman with a fighting spirit to lead the troops into battle. So Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would fit as an aspect Mother Aleph made to be the warrior goddess of this new breed of Roman Troops. Giving her the special treatment of Achilles in not sparing resources to make her a cut above the rest.

    However in my story Mythra's first campaign, a joint operation with other Human Sphere nation forces, in the Combined/Humanity War didn't fare so well. After a couple of victories she got an ego since she hadn't tasted the bitterness of defeat. So when that first defeat came Mythra almost undid all the success she had previously accomplished in one flew swoop. Which resulted in alot of Human military causalities including those soldiers she had gotten to know personally. Even though the campaign was a success in gaining considerable ground against the Combined forces, Mythra was traumatized that her stupid actions lead to so many deaths. Closing herself off from relationships not wanting to lose another friend or friendly acquaintance.

    Aleph newest daughter, who was intended to lead the next generation "Romanization" of the Steel Phalanx, suffering a mental breakout could not be tolerated. Mother Aleph needed this new replacement of Achilles to be as mental strong as the L-Host she was contained in. Humanity's future was on the line. So a plan was formulated and Aleph sent Mythra to seemingly wander out into the Human Sphere until she regained former self and reformed bonds of friendship with others. Unknowingly being guided by her Mother's hand, partly through instructions given to Pyra her dual personality turned giest, Mythra would bump into a Nomad Merc company Garfont lead by Aquila Paronet Sol Esteriole known mostly by the moniker of Vandham.

    Managing to pass off as a reborn Human in a high grade L-Host body Mythra joins Garfont and gets to know:
    Rex= A Corregidorian Orphan engineer who takes to Zero-G spacewalking as natural as breathing. Who works hard to provide funds for a Corregidor orphanage since he was a pre-teen.
    Nia & Dromarch= Two Uplifts, one Alley Cat the other a White Bengal Tiger, who joined Vandham's group to see the other worlds of the Human Sphere.
    Pyrrha= The Invincible Girl who ran away from her successful life in order to just be seen as a average woman. Surrounding herself with others that are gifted in some way so that she doesn't stand out. Free from the pressure and constraint of being a famous Human Sphere celebrity. Including the influence of her parents.

    Though she tries to prevent it Mythra does grow feelings of commodity among the crew. Though when Garfont Mercs take on a job Mythra's world is threatened to fall apart once again. For another Nomad Merc group of great success & some ill repute has been hired to oppose Garfont's mission. Lead by a Corregidorian only know by a single word, Bane.

    Rex & Azurda: Corregidor Orphan & his childhood giest Azurda. Azurda is based off of Qinglong the Azure Dragon who is the Chinese constillation god of the east representing spring & wood.
    In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rex is a salvager who uses diving equipment to retrieve sunken treasures of various kinds. So it makes sense to translate this skill into navigating the oceans above aka outer space. Like in Xenoblade Rex was raised in an orphanage and at a young age he began to take on jobs to help keep the orphanage afloat. Wanting to take care & keep of his elder & younger peers off the streets of Corregidor. Over the years he began to find he had a knack for putting broken items back together. This skill coupled with his small stature gave the young tinkerer an advantage in going into places that adults or taller kids his age couldn't reach.

    Before becoming part of the Garfont Mercs Rex's main ally was his giest Azurda. Though Rex grew up calling it Gramps due to the parental advice the persudo A.I. gave to the child. Along with researching subjects that Rex wanted to be taught in. Azurda's appreance has not changed over the years and thus looks like a child's stuff animal plush toy. Rex doesn't mind the childish design since most of his funds go to the orphanage or other more important finacial matters. Gramps also has helped guide Rex through social interactions & acting as a conscience in time of need.

    Azurda: "Rex, how is your tinkering coming along?"

    Rex: "I'm nearly done. Just got to touch up some things here and there."

    Azurda: "Why don't you take a break now? Perhaps there are some newcomers Vandham has brought on board? "

    Rex: "Not when I'm this close Gramps. It won't feel right leaving a job undone."

    Mythra: "You having a conversion with your giest?"

    Rex turned around to see a blonde woman who seemed to be in her earily 20's.

    Mythra: "Either that or your crazy and talking to yourself."

    Rex: "Wha..? Oh no, it's that later."

    After finishing screwing a bolt in Rex take some time to get a good look at the female standing near him.

    Rex: "You seem to.." Eyeing her outfit with scrutiny.

    Rex: "Show an awful lot of skin."

    The Blonde gave a huff at the boy's comment.

    Mythra: "Pervert.."

    Rex: "Wha?! I'm just stating the obvious."

    Mythra: "Well this is the only outfit I curently own jerk."

    Acting huffy at the boy's plain faced honesty.

    Rex: "Whoa, whoa take it easy. I didn't know alright?"

    It was at this point Rex noticed the lady's giest floating near her. A red haired haired girl that had a similar body to her owner. The giest looked like she was glaring at the blonde.

    Pyra: "Come on Mythra..." Mythra's twin spoke on a private channel to her. "Give the boy a chance. He seems really nice..."

    Mythra: "Fine, fine..." Now Rex was sure that the giest had said something to the blonde.

    Mythra: "We seemed to have gotten..." Stopping to look at a message that only she could see. "Ok, ok. I' got off a on the wrong foot with you. So.."sigh"..my name is Mythra. Looks like we are going to be working together."

    Rex: "I had a feeling that was the case. So, what skills do you have? I mean you had to tell Vandham something that got you hired."

    Mythra: "Oh ya..I..."

    Pyra: "Just repeat what you..." Her twin mentally whispered.

    Mythra: "I know what to say!" Mythra yelled back in her head.

    Then taking a moment to gather her thoughts she continued...

    Mythra: "Combat skills. I'm good at fighting."

    Rex: "Anything besides that?"

    Mythra: "Uh..."

    Pyra: "You forgot the cooking part."

    Mythra: "But that is your speciallity." She mentally snapped back.

    Pyra: "Mother created me to help you branch out. Don't worry. You'll get better over time."

    Mythra: "If I tell him I can cook but...You know I can't cook!"

    Rex: "Uh Mythra? You're taking a good while there. Having a conversation with your giest."

    Mythra: "Ya I remembered what that other skill I have is. I...cook."

    Rex: "So you are going to be a cook? Thats great! Can't wait to see what dishes you will make."

    Azurda: "Now Rex..." Rex's giest spoke up. "Lets not go and put unneeded pressure on her. Starting over in a new place is diffitcult enough."

    Rex: "Oh, sorry Gramps. Guess I got too excited for a second there." Replying back to his giest privately.

    Mythra: "Just don't get too excited..." Mythra's reply pulled Rex back attention towards her.

    Mythra: "I'm not that good at it. So don't go thinking I'm gonna produce a feast or something."

    Rex: "Since Vandham trusts you.."

    Mythra: "Vandham doesn't know I can't cook well."

    Rex: "Well then..you'll just have to practice until you can. Don't worry about Vandham, he is a nice guy. I'm sure he won't kick you out just because you twisted the truth about you being abel to cook."

    Mythra wasn't worried about that being the reason she would be kicked out or worse. Being an Aleph Aspect in disguise among Nomads...What was Mother thinking? Sending her out into the Human Sphere to only end up in a den of people who would turn on her if they found out the truth. She didn't want to think about what they would do to her.

    Rex: "Mythra? Mythra?!" The blonde woman's head jerked startled at Rex's voice pentrating her thoughts.

    Mythra: "I think I should leave."

    Rex: "What?!"

    Mythra: "This is not a job or a suitible working environment for me."

    Rex: "You can't just give without even trying!"

    Mythra: "It was nice meeting you Rex. Take care of yourself." She turns & begins to walk away.

    Rex: "Wait don't..!"

    Azurda: "Rex! Let her leave. You can't force her to stay even if it is the right desicion. She has to make that choice herself. Besides you still need to finish your current job."

    Rex: "But Gramps...alright. I just.."

    Azurda: "I know Rex. I know. You just want to help."

    Meanwhile 5 minutes in another part of the camp:

    Pyra: "You just brought attention on yourself being doing that."

    Mythra: "Shouldn't have even come here. Why did you convince me to apply for this, a Noamd Mercenary group of all palces?!"

    Pyra: "The reason for.."

    Vandham: "Mythra?" The blonde jerked her head suddenly in Vandham's direction.

    Vandham: "What are ya doing here?"

    Mythra: "I'm leaving."

    Vandham: "I see. Any reason why you decided not to join us?"

    Mythra: "I lied. I can't cook."

    Vandham: "Oh...Well that can be rectified. You can get better with practice..."

    Mythra: "I'm not comfertable being here."

    Vandham: "Has any of my mercs...?"

    Mythra: "No. No body made me feel uncomfertable or mistreated me."

    Vandham: "Then what was the problem?"

    Mythra: "I simply don't want to remain here. That is all."

    Vandham: "Look Mythra...I know who you really are." Mythra's face changed to one of surprised horror at the revelation.

    It was at this point that Pyra spoke up.

    Pyra: "You see after your failed outing on Paradiso. Mother wanted you to learn from someone with experience in the art of leadership. Both social & comabt. A tutor of sorts. After searching for canidates she came across someone who would be open to the prospect."

    Mythra: "Mother did what...?!" Mythra was so shocked at Pyra's explation that she spoke out loud.

    Vandham: "An Aleph Aspect contacted me asking if I would be willing to train one of their own in the art of leadership. After hearing the whole story, or more likely a somewhat censored version, I decided to give take you on. Don't worry no one else but me knows about this. And I promise to keep it that way. If by some reason your identity is compromised and you are descrimated against I've got your back. Though I don't believe descrimation will be a problem considering how I vet those who join the Garfont band."

    Mythra: "And I was supposed to be left in the dark about this?"

    Pyra: "That was so..."

    Mythra: "So Mother is basically sending me to boot camp in hopes I'll pick something up from you." She pointed a finger at Vandham's chest.

    Vandham: "That seems like the plan. I'm sorry for keeping this from you but I was sworn to secrecy. Guess that is mute now."

    Pyra: "Mythra just...give it a chance. The time spent here could work wonders for your confidence. Let alone your skills."

    Mythra: "And if I don't I'll likely end up in some other Merc faction no doubt. Regardless of where I run." Sighing as she spoke.

    Mythra: "Fine. I'll stay here."

    Mythra wasn't about to be recycled. She knew full well that Mother Aleph would replace her and have a more competent Aspect at the helm of the new Roman Legions. If being a part this group helped keep her from being casted aside...perhaps it would turn out to be worth it.

    "Vandham" born Aquila Paronet Sol Esteriole & Roc: Head of the Garfont Mercenaries Band & his giest. Roc is based off of Zhuque the Vermilion Bird. The Chinese constellation god of the south who represents summer & fire.
    Whirlwind Yew: Vandham's right hand
    Lightning Zuo: Vandham's left hand

    Vandham the big man. Leader of the Garfont Mercs & a surrogate father of sorts for Rex. He is beloved and respected by the Garfont Mercs under his command. Being considered a wise and strong leader who many trust with their lives.

    One of the reasons Vandham has allowed Rex to be employed under him and worked around Rex's age so that he could be paid is due to Vandham once having a son of his own. However due to Vandham having a son that died at a young age the older man views Rex as sort of a surrogate son and a worthy successor to lead the Garfont Mercs when Vandham dies.

    Unbeknownst to alot of people Vandham's real name is Aquila Paronet Sol Esteriole. Originally born to a rich influential PanO family the boy called Aquila grew to find the lifestyle he was born into boring. On top of that he felt that a future under his parents was not what he wanted in life. However he was unsure of what exactly he wanted to do with himself when the time came to strike out in the world. That time came around the age of 21 when Vandham was told that a marriage was arranged fro him. He consider that his que to leave the life he didn't care for behind.

    However it didn't take long for the man to realize that despite his dislike for the life he once lived it wasn't all bad. Roaming around jobless and living like an Atek, Aquila broke down enough to take a job as a grunt for hire. There he meet two young Chinese men from Yu Jing going by the monikers Yew & Zuo. Not caring that their home nations were enemies & rivals Over the years a bond between these three men grew. Eventually Aquila, now going by the name Vandham, decided to use his experience as a mercenary to form an outfit of his own. one where he could stay true to his ideals instead of the moral compass of someone else who he'd not agree with.

    Yew & Zuo were the first to join Vandham's new enterprise & became Vandham's right and left hands in doing so. It was a some time before the Garfont Mercs got a repretation as one of the nicer soldiers of fortune. Eventually being compared as another Star Co. who was still a paragon for "nice guy" merc outfits across the Human Sphere. A bestowed honor that Vandham was proud of earning. Now in his 40's the mercenary is seriously thinking about who to pass on the torch to carry this legacy that he created. He may have more years left in him but experience taught him that it never hurt to be prepared in case trouble came knocking.

    Whirlwind Yew: "So what did you think boss?"

    Vandham: "Not bad. We might have stuck gold in that beaut Pyrrha. "

    Lightning Zuo: "That would be my highlight in today's events. Still surprised she easily opened up to us on such a personal subject."

    Vandham: "She's afraid of people tipping off where she is located. I remember I was like that when I ran away from home all those years ago. Jumped into the first Mercenary group that would take me. I was lucky that the company was not one of ill reprute. Thigns could have turned ugly and I might have turned out very differently from what I am today."

    Yew: "You feel a personal connection with her based upon your past life & experiences."

    Vandham: "I suppose so. But the thing that convinced me to accept her was her honesty about her past. Being willing devouge that kind of personal infromation is not easy for most people. Well I think we can end the recuitment drive early today."

    Zuo: "You're sure about that?"

    Vandham nodded his head.

    Roc: "Having Pyrrha Nikos join our family is as good of a note to end on. Besides we have tomorrow before we set sail once again. We may get lucky again."

    Vandham: "Thats the spirit Roc." The man agreed with his giest's imput.

    Vandham: "But as someone who came from a similar family situation...It took me awhile to open up to others after runnign away from home."

    Yew: "Boss, she is different from you. Unlike you she is a famous icon around the Human Sphere. It is not going to take long before someone reconizes her. Not to mention she has been trained to put on a face for the public regardless of how she truly feels at that time."

    Vandham: "Alright maybe not exactly like my situation. But I'm fimilar with the feeling of being weary of the real reasons people get close to you if you are from a rich background."

    Looking to change the subject Vandham turns to Zuo..

    Vandham: "Hey Zuo, How is your family back in Yu Jing?"

    Zuo: "My sister is stationed on Salvaheima. Last time I talked to her she must have complined four times about how cold it was there."

    Yew: "Out of all the places to be stuck on...That frozen hell is just as bad as Paradiso according to some social circles. Perhaps your sister can helps us determine if that is true."

    Vandham: "What about you Yew?"

    Yew: "I don't care to find out who my family was. I lost that need to know them a long time ago. Besides this, these people here are my family."

    Vandham chuckled upon hearing Yew's opinion.

    Vandham: "Couldn't agree more myself. My parents didn't endear themselves to me at least. Made it all the more easier to leave my home behind."

    Roc: "I hate to interupt this conversation but we should check in on our new prospects and see how they are settling in."

    Vandham: "I think that can wait until...perhaps you're right. A quick check on the new recuits sounds like a good idea."

    Roc: "That and it is a good time to rest. You have a life outside of the mercenary life. That miniature tree garden of yours..."

    : "Alright Roc. I see where this is going. Well Zuo, Yew.." Turning towards the two men as he spoke.

    Vandham: "Guess this means goodnight lads. See ya tomorrow, hopefully."

    Zuo: "Goodnight big man. " Yew nodded his head in agreement with Zuo as he began to walk back to his living quarters.

    Yew: "Sleep well boss."

    Nia & Dromarch: Uplifted Alley Cat & White Bengal Tiger. Dromarch is based off of Baihu the White Tiger. The Chinese constellation god of the west representing autumn & metal.

    It is rare that Uplifts make an impact in the world outside of Bakunin. Most mentally enhanced animals don't leave Bakunin or the Nomad nation for that matter. On the other hand, Nia & Dromarch were not content to remain on the Nomad Motherships choosing instead to experience the Human Sphere together. Vandham was the first opportunity that came their way and the cats took it. They have been part of Garfont's Mercs for nearly as many years as Rex.

    Nia was a stray cat on Bakunin riddled with parasites like others of her kind. Because of Bakunin's superstitions concerning cats Nia was destined to live a shorter than average life for her species. Since the parasites inside of her would eventually cause serious medical problems. However she was "saved" by an unscrupulous lot who captured her and took the feline inside a Black Lab. Here the cat who would later be known as Nia began to undergo the process of Uplifting. As her intelligence grew Nia became more fascinated with Humans. Watching them move around and interact with there surroundings made her long to possess a body like that. Beginning to see the limitations of her feline form.

    After graduating, passing the Human equivalent intelligence test, Nia became vocal to the scientists about her desire to have a body like theirs. At first the scientists simply rebuffed her request but after Nia kept nagging them day in & day out they finally gave in. A small sized Humanoid body had to be grown for her & her brain was transplanted into it per her request. However after waking up from the surgery Nia was in the process of being hauled away to the Ultralight District to live out her existence as a exotic companion. The scientists wanted to make back the money they spent on providing the stray cat a Human-like body. As expected Nia was against the idea and began to struggle hard to get free from her captors.

    It was during this time that Dromarch burst onto the scene. An Uplifted White Bengal Tiger, a powerful beast of prey with the added cunning of man. The large wildcat threw himself into the scientists and began to maul & maim them. After killing or leaving the group transporting Nia bleeding out on the floor Dromarch tore off her restraints. Because of just waking up from surgery Nia was not used to using her new body and had to ride atop of the tiger's back. Holding on with her feline teeth biting into his fur. Now on the run the two cats banded together in order to survive the Bakunin mothership. Their experience on Bakunin made them wish to leave that place behind. As if God had heard their silent prayers Vandham was holding a recruitment drive at one of the shipment docks on the day Dromarch & Nia passed through. Despite initial misgivings Vandham changed his mind after interviewing the two and allowed them on board with some additional rules of conduct pertaining to them.

    Dromarch: "Nia? What is it that you are so keenly..oh, Rex."

    Nia: "Isn't he lovely Dromarch?"

    Dromarch: "As you've told me many times before with that same longing look in your eyes."

    Nia: "He just purrfect for me. Compassionate, a handyman, understanding, a dwtty mush butt (cute sweet), a great cwtcher (cuddler) and to top it all off he is my size."

    Dromarch: "Nia we have talked about this fascination of yours at great length..."

    Nia: "Ya ya I know what you are going to say."

    Dromarch: "I seriously advise you to give up on having the boy to yourself."

    Nia: "Isn't that up to him to decide?"

    Dromarch: "You two are of different species..."

    Nia: "Hello? I'm a girl Dromarch."

    Dromarch: "Just because your body is now Human does not mean your mind is. Every creature the Creator has made has their own special nature. No amount of Uplifting, training or discipline will change that. I am a tiger and always will be a tiger regardless of my physical form. Just as you will remain a small domesticated cat despite your womanly body."

    Nia hissed at the larger cat to which Dromarch simply closed his eyes & shook his head at the display of aggression his smaller cousin exhibited. When he open them however he became interested as someone new had engaged Rex in a conversation.

    Dromarch: "Oh.." the white Bengal stated with some mirth in his voice. "What is this I see?"

    Drawn in by his expression Nia turned back to view Rex once again and began to regret it.

    Nia: "Wha..Who..Who is that girl?!" Pointing at the 6 foot tall red head that was standing near the under 5 foot Rex.

    Dromarch: "It seems to be a new addition to Vandham's Garfont Guild."

    Nia: "Isn't she..?"

    Dromarch: "Pyrrha Nikos. Undefeated Junior Aristeia! Circuit Champion. Never lost in the ring and went mysteriously missing a couple of...actual it would be a month give or take a few weeks from now. She dropped off the face of the earth so to speak."

    Nia: "What is she doing here of all places?"

    Dromarch: "You mean what is she doing with Rex of all people."

    Nia: "Don't get chopsing (mouthy) with me Dromarch!"

    Dromarch: "She seems to be interested in the boy." The cat wore a hidden cheshire grin underneath his lips.

    Nia: "You are just saying that to.." The words in Nia's mouth died when she heard Rex and this Pyrrha laughing together.

    Dromarch: "It has already started."

    Nia: "N..No..I..I haven't told him how I..."

    Dromarch: "And you have lost your advantage my lady. Human mating courtships are such convoluted matters."

    Nia: "I..I won't lose him. I didn't wait..I didn't watch from afar just to see him taken by some..!"

    Dromarch: "Incredibly beautiful athletically gifted excellent specimen of a female of his species? Just give up while you are ahead."

    Nia: "You stupid beast! Can't you see I'm absolutely tamping (enraged) right now?! And why are you staring at her like that?"

    To the untrained eye it looked as though the tiger was simply watching but, being a cat, Nia saw the Bengal focusing on Nikos. It was enough to pipe her curiosity and clam her temper in order to get answers out of him.

    Dromarch: "I was just thinking on how fun it would be to play with her."

    Nia: "This again?" Nia sighed. "You have a fascination with the red furred woman and my own fascination with Rex is weird?"

    Dromarch: "You are fascination with Rex stems from to your goal of having him as your mate. I on the other hand simply wish to have someone to release pent up energy with. Swiping, biting, batting around, much like how you used to be with those toys the scientists gave to keep you occupied in your cell."

    Nia: "This is a living thing Dromarch.."

    Dromarch: "Yes..Yes she is." This time his grin was on full display without him realizing it. The sadistic nature of the feline species as a whole was displayed along with it. Nia knew full well that Dromarch had no intentions for killing the girl but knowing how her kind played with things until they got bored or broke them the Bengal's smile unsettled her. He might go too far by accident if he became drunk in the excitement of playing with miss Nikos.

    Nia: "At least my fetish won't cause me to maim or maul my dwtty mush. Remember Dromarch, the rules Vandham had us agree to.."

    Dromarch: "I was about to tell you the same thing. You could end up trying to take out the competing female through violence. After all it is in our nature.."

    Nia: "Save your breath you masochist. I will win claim over Rex my own way. The Human way."

    The tiger chuckled at Nia's statement.

    Dromarch: "Good luck with that." His voice clearly stating that he had no confidence in her succeeding in the task.

    Nia: "Oh I will. You'll see soon enough."

    Pyrrha Nikos: "The Invincible Girl" Undefeated Universal Champion of the Teen Aristeia Circuit

    Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY. The Invincible Girl with no losses in the ring. Her background of being an athletic child prodigy fits well into the Human Sphere especially when the most famous sport of the future of Infinity is Aristeia!, a combat sport where Nikos would shine in. Plus she is the equivalent of a major Mayanet star that crosses nation boundaries. Since in the RWBY show Weiss Schnee, who will show up in my Svalaheima crossover lore, states she is shocked that one of the main characters does not recognize Pyrrha. To which the Invincible Girl is actually happy that she is not known to the boy.

    Human Sphere Pyrrha is similar in that she is a household name due to her success in the junior arenas of Aristeia!. Everyone from sports casters to fans speculate that she has a bright career ahead. Past Aristeia legends such as Final Boss, Gata, Koorie Queen commenting on looking forward to Pyrrha's future in the adult league. Loved by people across the nations of the Human Sphere, an outstanding financial networth from merchandise deals, her destiny laid out bare in front of her. She has got it made.

    Except she does not want any of it. When Pyrrha first began to fight in her younger years it was for fun & the great feeling of preforming athletic feats. There was of course the joy and thrill of fighting against someone that accompanied it. But as Pyrrha grew older to her current age of 18 the joy was mostly gone. Her parents that had been supportive at first now where more concerned with the money their daughter could rake in. Same went to her outside family circle. Uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings and friends began to use Pyrrha's wealth and fame to their own advantages. When she tried to reach out to others in creating a friendship Pyrrha found them either jealous of her success, thought that she was out of their league or over time it became apparent she was being used as a springboard to advance themselves as Pyrrha's friend.

    Feeling trapped in a lonely situation that was devoid of true love, the Invincible Girl choose to bide her time until she was of legal age. Then in the early morning of the day she turned 18 Pyrrha ran away from home. Taking everything that mattered & removing her funds from the bank account her parents made she seemingly disappeared. Of course this action freaked out her parents & family, who though they wouldn't admit it, were more concerned of how this would effect their cash flow. Search parties were sent, suspects & rivals were questioned, conspiracies abounded on both Mayanet & Arachne as to how & why Pyrrha simply vanished at the top of her game.

    During her travels Pyrrha tried to keep a low profile though pictures of her did surface from time to time causing her to run to a new location. But as she ran Pyrrha realized that she didn't know where she belonged. She felt lost without a purpose or a destiny to cling to. However when she stumbled across a recruitment drive that multiple Nomad mercenary companies were holding together things changed upon meeting Vandham, the head of the Garfont Mercs. Feeling as if she was called to join them Pyrrha Nikos convinced Vandham to take her on as a new recruit. Becoming a part of the Garfont family the same day Mythra came on board.

    Pyrrha: "Um..hello."

    Rex: "Wha..? Oh..hi there. Are you new here?"

    Pyrrha: "Yes I...just joined today."

    Rex: "Wow. Guess Vandham is on a roll. You are the second new girl I spoke to today."

    Pyrrha: "There is another girl?" Her voice and face showcasing her curiosity at the younger male's statement.

    Rex: "Ya thats right. Blonde, a little bigger than me but you are like a head or more taller than her."

    Pyrrha: "When your a tall girl you seem to stand out from everyone."

    Rex: "Speaking of standing out you look familiar."

    Pyrrha: "I..do?"

    Rex: "Well you don't see many redheads in your life and I remember seeing...Oh! Are you Pyrrha Nikos?"

    Pyrrha: "Yes thats me." Her voice slightly sullen. " Pyrrha Nikos."

    Rex: "Should have realized who you where earlier. I mean you're..you're a..um..uh?"

    That fact the the boy was struggling to remember her former occupation caused a smile to slowly grow on Pyrrha's features.

    Pyrrha: "It's ok. There is no need to remember who I was."

    Rex: "Really? I feel a little embarrassed at being unable to.."

    Pyrrha: "It's fine. Besides I find kinda charming." Why did she say it like that?

    Rex: "Charming?"

    Pyrrha: "Well I..what I meant to say was..oh dear." Her cheeks were sporting a light blush.

    Rex chuckled at Pyrrha's embarrassment.

    Rex: "Looks like we both made a fool of ourselves."

    Pyrrha Joined in with Rex in laugh at their combined embarrassment.

    Pyrrha: "I guess you're right."

    Rex: "Guess I check that one off the Salvager's Code checklist."

    Pyrrha: "Salvager's Code?"

    Rex: "Salvager's Code rule 3: Make a girl cry thats not gonna fly. Make a girl smile you've passed the trail."

    Pyrrha: "I see..." It was at this point Pyrrha realized that she didn't know the boy's name.

    Pyrrha: "Here we are conversing like old friends and I don't even know your name. Yet you know mine. Seems unfair doesn't it?"

    Rex: "Ah sorry. My bad. I got carried away I guess and forgot to properly introduce myself."

    Standing up from the project he was tinkering with the teenager held out his hand towards the girl.

    Rex: "My name's Rex. I'm an orphan so I don't have a last name."

    Pyrrha's face change to one of concern upon hearing this revelation.

    Rex: "It's alright. No need to feel sorry for me. While I never knew my parents I got alot of kids, teens and young adults at Corinne's orphanage that rely on my fincial help. Can't let them down now can I?"

    Pyrrha: "Thats..That is a very noble path you have taken. Can I follow it as well?"

    Rex: "Huh?"

    Pyrrha: "When I was young I thought fighting in the arena was my destiny. My calling. The reason I was granted existence. But now...now that path has been distored beyond previous reconition...I need a new calling. I believe that I was lead here to this place in order to help you."

    Rex: "Wha..? La..Lady you barely know me.."

    Pyrrha: "And yet I strongly feel atuned to your goal of helping those who you grew up with. So Rex.."

    Holding out her own hand towards the fifteen year old.

    Pyrrha: "Let me share the burden with you even though you are able to carry it alone. I know I'm being selfish asking this of you but..I've been lost without a purpose and I don't want to continue living without having something to fight for."

    Rex: "Well when you put it that way guess I have no choice but to accept. Can't let a girl cry after all."

    Pyrrha: "I'm not going to cry if you say no."

    Rex: "Good, cause their is no need to. Welcome aboard Pyrrha.."

    Speaking as he took her hand and shook it firmly.

    Rex: "After all Salvager Code rule 2: Always help those that help you."

    Pyrrha: "What is this Salvager's Code you keep mentioning Rex?"

    Rex: "I'm glad you asked.."

    Bane: "Rompedor de Hombres" Head of the Las Sombras Mercenaries

    The man who broke the Bat. Bane's backstory of being born & growing up in a South American prison fits in well with the idea of him coming from the prison ship of Corregidor. As you can imagine growing up on a prison island will greatly effect your childhood and I think growing up in the more lawless parts of Corregidor would have the same effect.

    Concerning Human Sphere Bane's role in the story he leads a militant Corregidorian merc force. Taking jobs that will pay him and his men favorably. And those that double cross or deal underhandedly with the group will find themselves as Bane's next target. He has an inner circle which includes Trogg an electronic device expert, Zombie a pharmaceutical expert, Bird a former criminal. The Los Sombras have earned a name among Nomad Merc circles for their ability to get the job done. Which is to say they have no qualms of committing ruthless actions to succeed. Bane having earned the moniker "Rompedor de Hombres" or Breaker of Men.

    When the Las Sombras & Garfont Mercs find themselves on different sides of a conflict at first it seems to be a random occurrence. Until later on Mythra finds out from Pyra, who feels guilty about keeping Mythra in the dark, that Bane was hired by Mother Aleph to target the Aegis & the Garfont Mercs. In order to recreate a smaller simulation of the Paradiso campaign. Namely the time where Mythra's immature cockiness caused those underneath her to nearly perish because of her subpar leadership. This was done in order to test her ability to overcome her trauma or lose her new friendships & perhaps her own life in the process. A sink or swim mentality. Aleph theorizing that if this Mythra can't contend with overcoming her fear of losing someone close to her then it is time to form a new replacement Aspect to succeed on the warfront.

    Bane's men don't realize who hired their boss. Only Bane's inner circle knows the truth of the matter. Aleph has gifted Bane with an exo-suit to be able to go toe to toe with Mythra and push her limits. Along with some other gifts that the inner circle alone uses. Will Bane break the Aegis or will Mythra manage to rectify the past and save those she has grown to love? Perhaps a beatdown will be required to fully answer that question.

    Mythra: "Leave them alone!! Kill me instead!!"

    Bane: "I was told to test you not kill you. But if you are so inclined I'll end your soulless existence only after you watch those you care for perish."

    Mythra: "I'll never let that happen!!" Then screaming like a banshee the Aspect lunged forward towards the warlord who rushed forward to meet her head-on.
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    In the Garmont Mercanaries kitchen facility:

    Mythra: "What's the problem? I actually like cooking..."

    Pyra: "You like experimenting with ingredients. What you create is only edible to your personal tastes."

    The twin personalities of Pneuma where busy arguing among themselves. To most passers by it looked like a Human & their Geist were having a disagreement.

    Mythra: "And what's so bad about that?"

    Pyra: "You are cooking for a group of people. Well for Vandham's inner circle that is. Still you can't just..."

    Mythra: "Don't get your virtual panties in a bunch..."

    Pyra: "I don't wear...nevermind. Lets just follow the recipe and..."

    Mythra: "Create a boring bland meal that won't knock some socks off. Come on Redhead you are supposed to be good at this."

    Pyra: "I am good at this." Her voice had a hint of uncharacteristic anger in it.

    Pyra: "What you need to do is follow the directions and not throw in what you think will taste good together."

    Mythra: "Alright, alright. I'll do it the boring old fashioned way." She uttered in an irritated voice.

    Pyra: "It's the correct way."

    : "Whatever..."

    30 Minutes Later:

    Mythra: "Why is this dish taking so long? According to the recipe it should have been done by now."

    The blonde haired aspect stirred a pot of sauce as she spoke.

    Pyra: "It should be soon judging by the consistency of the..."

    Dickson: "Well now..."

    A strangely familiar voice drew Pyra & Mythra's attention away from their current task. It belonged to a man with semi-long light blonde hair which was confined in a red bandana that covered his forehead.

    Dickson: "Never thought I'd see you again after that Paradiso offensive went belly up but here we are. Small universe ain't it Mythra?"

    Memories from a time when Mythra was not two separate pieces but a single personality flooded in. The botched offensive that managed to push back the Combined Forces but also shattered her mind.

    Somewhere on Paradiso in the Past

    Dickson: "Let them have it Beast!!"

    Shouting at the top of his lungs Dickson yelled at the Mercenary off to his right side. His partner was a tan-skinned man with shoulder length dark brown hair.

    Dunban: "Don't have to tell me twice old timer!"

    The tanned man yelled back as he fired an explosive grenade at the Morats who remained in jungle foliage 50 feet away. The men had stumbled upon a Morat scouting party and were desperately trying to keep the aliens at bay.

    Dickson: "Good! I ain't got time to waste on barking orders."

    Munkar: "What we need to be doing is...Ah!! We need to get out of here!"

    Dunban: "And leave our fellow soldiers of fortune behind Munkar?"

    Munkar: "It is either some of us live or we all die!! And I ain't interested in playing the sacrificing hero!!"

    Dickson: "Can it Munkar! The chances of any of us making it out of this situation are slim to none!"

    Dunban: "If we keep fighting then we have a chance at changing our luck! We can survive this...!"

    Munkar: "Bullshit I say!! What's the use of of us going on fighting if doing so will only get us killed?! This war has been going on for what, a decade or more and victory..."

    Dickson: "Twelve is more like it! But I wouldn't finish that sentence if I was you Munkar! I don't care about all this talk about defeating the Combined Army is impossible!"

    Dunban: "I concur with Dickson. Even when it looks hopeless we can pull victory out of the..."

    Dickson: "That's not what I meant Dumbum. I only care only about being in a fight. Lead me to one and I'm a happy man. War is the only reason to keep on living."

    Munkar: "You're both stupid foolish Idiots!!"

    And with that said Munkar left his cover made a dash towards the jungle while the Morats fired into the position Dunban & Dickson hid behind.

    Dunban: "Munkar!! What are you doing?!"

    Dickson: "Fuck myself sideways! He really did it!! The blood moron actually went through with his threat!!"

    Dunban: "Dickson?! You knew about this?!"

    Dickson: "I have heard him say on occasion "One of these days I'll straight up leave you two to fend for yourselves." But to see him actually perform it in a real time firefight...And he calls us idiots?! He'll only succeed at prolonging his demise a short while running into the jungle like that!!"

    Munkar: "Have fun dying for your worthless causes!!"

    If Munkar had watched where he was going he might have made it back. But the selfish soldier ran right into a Shasvastii that could have been avoided. All Dunban & Dickson heard was Munkar's scream from a mile away.

    Dickson: "Serves him bloody right!!"

    Dunban: "Dickson! He was our comrade!"

    Dickson: "Some comrade!! He dumped us when it got too rough for him!"

    Dunban: "Still...We shouldn't be happy that he..."

    Dunban's sentence was interrupted by a Morat crying out in pain. Curious at what caused it he risked peeking around his cover and found an astonishing sight.

    : "Dickson! There is a green haired girl taking out the Morats!!"

    Dickson: "Damn! The stress has gotten you to cra..."

    The words in his mouth died when he too saw the same sight. The green haired woman that looked at those she belonged in an anime was rushing and cutting down the Morat at superhuman speed. Around her troops that looked like Roman Legionaries followed her into battle. Firing their own weapons at the hostile aliens. After a couple of silent seconds both Dunban & Dickson found their voices.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dickson: "Who the hell brings a sword to a firefight?!"

    Dunban: "She has a rifle of sorts & a pistol on her hip."

    Dickson: "That means nothing since she isn't using them!! Aleph and her creations I swear!!"

    Dunban: "Just be grateful we are saved old timer."

    Dickson: "Aren't you a fucking Nomad? Shouldn't you be angrily shaking your fist at this?"

    Dunban: "I could care less about the origin of our artificial rescuer as long as she is pleasant and of good character."

    Dickson: "This is Aleph we are talking about Beast. You can never know with her designs."

    Mythra: "Excuse me..."

    The two men suddenly turn aiming their weapons towards the direction the where the voice came from. Only to find the green haired woman standing a few feet away from their position.

    Mythra: "The Morats are dead. It's safe to fall back now."

    Dunban: "All of them?"

    Mythra: "Yes, cut them all down in a flash. Your thanks is welcome."

    Dickson: "Thank you. We should be grateful that we are the only ones of our group to have survived."

    Dunban: "Dickson please!"

    Dickson: "What about it?"

    Mythra: "I'm sorry about the loss of your comrades. I can't save everyone..."

    Dickson: "I could care less about the lot we were thrown in getting offed. You bug me that's all."

    Dunban: "Despite what my partner says we really are happy that you came to our rescue."

    Dickson: "Can those lips of yours get any sweeter?"

    Dunban: "I'm being polite."

    Mythra sighed at the blonde man's bad attitude.

    Mythra: "There is a PanO army base not far from here. I'll walk with you until we reach it."

    Dickson: "Of course you'd walk us there. Because Aleph is there to help Humanity through thick and thin. We're just neanderthals compared to the future of..."

    Dunban: "Dickson, light up a cigar and cease this backbiting Now!!"

    Dickson: "Don't mind if I do."

    The rest of the walk through the jungle was mostly uneventful. All the native creatures running about their business living their lives as the two Humans & one Aspect trudged through

    Dunban: "Aren't you from Ariadna Dickson?"

    Dickson: "So?"

    Dunban: "Considering the history between Big Blue & your planet I would have thought you'd act disdaining towards the idea of staying with their soldiers. Similarly to how you are treating our rescuer."

    : "I'll take PanOceania soldiers over the living breathing wafiu. It's obvious what Aleph is doing building something like that. Cute & deadly. The people eat it up & go crazy gushing & blushing over her design. She or it is a propaganda publicity stunt. Leave winning the war to real soldiers."

    Mythra: "This propaganda publicity stunt can hear everything you are saying."

    Dickson: "I don't give a fuck or two shakes of a rat's ass if you do."

    PanO Army Camp - One hour later

    Mythra: "Captain Ironwood I've brought back survivors from the mercenary group."

    Ironwood: "Ah Mythra..."

    The PanOceanian Captain turned around to greet the familiar voice behind him.

    Ironwood: "I'm happy to see you have returned safely. And these must be the mercenaries you rescued?"

    The Aspect nodded her head.

    Mythra: "These two manage to hold on until my combat patrol arrived. I just wish that I was faster..."

    Dunban: "Don't kick yourself over it. You saved people and that's what counts."

    Mythra: "Thanks. You're sweet Mr.?"

    Reaching out her hand as she asks the question.

    Dunban: "Just Dunban. I haven't used a last name in years."

    Mythra smiles as Dunban takes her hand.

    Mythra: "What would you do if there is a Mrs. Dunban?"

    Dunban: "Right now I'm more concerned about raising my sister. But who knows what will happen in the future."

    Mythra: "Well I hope the time comes for you someday. You seem to have what it takes to be a father."

    Dickson: "Just get a room you two."

    Both Dunban & Mythra send a glare at the older man.

    Mythra: "And who is Mr.Sunshine over here?"

    Dickson: "Dickson m'lady."

    The blonde mockingly bowed.

    Mythra: "How appropriate. Did you forgo your last name too?"

    Dickson: "Actually it is my last name. Decided that Dickson was good enough of a moniker to be known by."

    Dunban: "I've been with this man for a few years & I don't even know his birth name."

    Mythra: "A dick until the end huh?"

    Dunban: "Believe it or not he is a good friend. Despite his bouts of rudeness."

    Looking at Dickson as he uttered the word rudeness.

    : "If Dunban says I'm guilty then I must be. "

    Mythra: "Well that is as good a note to end on."

    Rolling her eyes at Dickson but retaining a pleasant disposition towards Dunban.

    Mythra: "Maybe we will meet again someday under better circumstances."

    Dunban: "Perhaps you would be able to meet my sister when that time comes."

    Mythra: "Perhaps I will. Goodbye Dunban."

    Smiling as she walked away from the mercenaries heading towards a small group of Roman style soldiers.

    Ironwood: "I haven't seen her act in a displeased manner towards someone before."

    Glancing over at Dickson.

    Ironwood: "You seem to have a gift for agitating people."

    Dickson: "Only those who get on my nerves Captain...Ironwood was it?"

    The PanO Captain gave a swift nod of the head to confirm Dickson's guess.

    Ironwood: "Beware Mr. Dickson that I will tolerate a repeat of the scene that recently played out before me."

    Dickson: "Don't worry about me. Just make sure your men & women are hospitable to strangers."

    Ironwood: "As long as the stranger behaves himself no problems should occur. Now you two must be exhausted from your ordeal. The showers are available for use & food when it is served. But remember as long as you remain here in this camp you will follow the set rules. If you can't accomplish that then you can request safe transfer to another camp or settlement. I'll leave you both to do your necessary business."

    And with that the Captain turned on his heel and left. Walking further into the army camp to do whatever is required of PanO Captains.

    Dunban: "Lets go old timer. A shower sounds good considering what we just lived through."

    : "Hopefully the water is hot & the food tastes good."

    Present Day


    Mythra: "Dickson..."

    Dickson: "This pretty little face jog your memory? After all the time we spent in hell and back again I'm glad I've made a lasting impression on you."

    Mythra: "Don't go stroking your ego Dicky."

    Dickson: "Ah..so this is what the Aegis of Humanity is like without..." Turning his head to look at the small floating form of Pyra.

    Dickson: "...Her better half."

    Mythra bristled at the comment.

    Pyra: "Mythra, don't let him get to you."

    Dunban: "Dickson? What are you doing in there?"

    Another familiar voice was heard just outside of the kitchen along with the sound of approaching footsteps.

    Dunban: "Stop harassing the new cook and leave her..."


    Upon entering the kitchen Dunban's eyes rested on Mythra. His feet promptly stopped in their tracks & a new sentence began to form in his mouth.

    Dunban: "Miss...you look familiar. Have we meet somewhere before?"

    Mythra & Pyra kept silent as they looked over the man. Dunban was different from what little memories they had of him. A cloak concealed his right upper torso completely. If the decorative eyepatch was anything to go by something terrible had happened that caused the loss of his right eye. Possibly most of his right side as well judging by the cloak covering his right arm.

    After staring at Dunban for a couple more seconds Mythra broke the silence.

    Mythra: "What happened to you?" She spoke in a sad concerned voice.

    Dunban: "I had an injury while on military duty on Paradiso. Lost complete use of my arm & my eye. Doctors said it was a miracle that my right leg & neck were not paralyzed. "

    Dickson: "The man is a stubbon beast I tell you. Still hasn't gotten a replacement for his dangling appendage or an optic sensor for the eye. Believe me I've tried but he is reluctant to part with any member of his body."

    Dunban: "It's true I a little hesitant about..."

    Mythra: "You should get them replaced."

    Pyra: "True. You'll find that..."

    Mythra: "How can you be so stupid?!" She suddenly yelled out loud.

    Mythra: "How can you simply be alright with your body like this?!"

    Dunban: "I've managed well enough with just one arm & eye."

    Mythra: "Managed is not good enough! You need to be in optimal condition! You can be in optimal condition easily in this day and age! What about your sister?! I thought you were supposed to take care of her not the other way around!"

    Dunban: "How do you know my..?" Dunban turned to look at Dickson who smiled back at him.

    Dickson: "A sight for sore eyes isn't she?" Confirming to Dunban that his hunch was true.

    Dunban: "Mythra?"

    Mythra: "Ya?"

    Dunban: "You look so different."

    Mythra: "I feel different. I'm in pieces right now." She muttered sadlyas she glanced over to Pyra.

    Pyra: "Apparently I...um...we suffered a serious injury ourselves. One that Mother decided it was best to take this course of action. Thus the split personalities."

    Dunban: "So your mind is split in two?"

    : "We also lost a chunk of our memories. I don't know if they can be brought back."

    Dunban: "I'm sorry to hear that. Though it is a pleasant surprise that...Dickson, how are they even here in the first place?"

    Dickson let out a heavy sigh.

    Dickson: "A couple of weeks back I was contacted by a Deva. Apparently Ara Ara Aleph had tracked me down in order to convince me to keep tabs on a rehabilitating "old friend". Namely this Mythra Pyra duo you see before you."

    Mythra: "You?! A friend?! As I remember you were rude & seemingly hated me."

    Pyra: "Disliked would be a more correct term for his actions."

    Dickson: "Anyway, at first I told the Deva to go beat it but the machine offered me a spot in the PostHuman program as they called it. Namely making my singular purpose in life a continuing reality after this body gives out. The decision was not easy but I decided to take it. Besides my selfish desire to experience continual warfare I thought you would like to see her again."

    Dunban: "Dickson does Vandham know about this?"

    Dickson: "Of course he does. The Deva had a talk with him to explain the reason of this request. Vandham naturally accepted and Mythra was lead to our recruitment drive. Outside of you, me & him no one else knows of Mythra's little secret."

    Dunban: "I suppose you are hesitant of people finding out who you really are."

    Mythra: "Considering Garfont Guild is a Nomad Mercenary force ya, I'm not exactly keen on people figuring out I'm directly from Aleph. I almost walked out of this position..."

    Dunban: "I can understand that. Still I'm glad you decided to stay with us. If you need anything come to me & Dickson we got your back. After all you had ours on Paradiso."

    Pyra: "It is a relief to hear that. Especially coming from you Dunban."

    Mythra: "Can't imagine Dicky here having my back."

    Dickson: "I backed you up quite a bit on...You smell that?"

    It took a few seconds of sniffing the air before the group realized that a pot with left cooking on the stove.

    Mythra: "Oh No No No No No..."

    Pyra: "Quick lets change!"

    Mythra: "Pyra!"

    Pyra: "Just do it! It might be salvageable!"

    With an angry groan Mythra & Pyra both closed their eyes & reopened them. "Mythra" suddenly moved with calculated urgency to save the meal. While "Pyra" watched nervously as her sister went to task.

    Mythra as "Pyra": "Hey! Careful with my meal!"

    Pyra as "Mythra": "I'm the cooking expert here!" She retorted in hurried tone. "Please give me some mental space!"

    Mythra as "Pyra"
    : "You're going to mess this up!"

    Pyra as "Mythra"
    : "I'm not going to Mythra! Just calm down!"

    Mythra as "Pyra": "My secret is on the line!"

    Pyra as "Mythra": "It's our secret!"

    The two men in the room watched with surprised awe at the role reversal that was transpiring before their eyes.

    Dickson: "Well...I've seen everything now. Aleph and her fucking anime designs."

    Dunban: "Perhaps we should give them some space to finish." Eyes still staring at the twins/sisters bickering back and forth while simultaneously rescuing the meal from disaster.

    Dickson: "Fine by me. I could use a smoke..." Pulling a cigar from his shirt pocket and a lighter from his belt. "Considering I can't do that in the kitchen quarters."



    This look reminds me of a St. Lazarus Knight. Mainly due to the white with green accents. What do you guys think? Should I have Dunban be a former PanO knight that went over to the Nomads?
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  6. Danger Rose

    Danger Rose Sand Cats Tactical Security LLC

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Your idea for Dunbar's backstory sounds solid. If I may, he could be a Bran Do Castro proxy in terms of profile.

    Also, great story! Really interesting character interactions.
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  7. Golem2God

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    Nov 25, 2017
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    Thank you. I'll take that complement to heart.
    Concerning an army piece I see the Garfont Mercs as the Foreign Company on the tabletop. Namely because of the named characters & the PanO+Nomad units that are in the sectorial.

    The dancing catgirl Nia would be a Daktaris, Acivenna or similar medic unit. Namely because in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 she is a healer in both her forms. So being the one that patches up the force fits her perfectly.
    Dromarch could be a large Palbot since he is a healer in the game as well. Or he could be a remote. A furry white tiger with a Flash Pulse & weapons placed on top of him.

    Pyrrha Nikos would be Valkyrie. The stats seem to fit her well and Valkyrie's role is also a good fit for Pyrrha as the busier of the group.

    Rex is the engineer of the combat group. A Clockmaker or a similar unit would suit him. Fixing up the armored units & remotes of the combat group.
    Dunban as Hannibal sounds like a good combo. Being the leading voice of the list or a CoC backup would fit him. As he comes across as a wizened veteran.

    Dickson is a good choice for Wild Bill. The lone gunman, risk taker and wild card cowboy. I think he'd be a good fit for Dicky.

    Pyra & Mythra could round out the group being the equivalent of Senor Massacre & Laxmee. Mythra matching Massacre's aggressiveness while Pyra takes the supporting & attacking role of a Plus Hacking Device.

    All the loadout options for the Foreign Company characters plus a Clockmaker:


    HANNIBAL (Chain of Command, Strategic Deployment) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 36)
    HANNIBAL (Lieutenant, Strategic Deployment, Strategos L1) MULTI Marksman Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0.5 | 38)
    VALKYRIE Heavy Shotgun, Grenades / Heavy Pistol, EXP CC Weapon. (0 | 35)
    VALKYRIE MULTI Rifle, Grenades / Heavy Pistol, EXP CC Weapon. (0 | 37)
    LAXMEE (Hacker) Submachine Gun, Pitcher, Cybermines, D-Charges / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0.5 | 24)
    SEÑOR MASSACRE Boarding Shotgun, Eclipse Grenades, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CC Weapon, Shock CC Weapon. (0 | 26)
    SEÑOR MASSACRE Breaker Combi Rifle, Eclipse Grenades, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CC Weapon, Shock CC Weapon. (0 | 28)
    CLOCKMAKER Combi Rifle, D-Charges ( | GizmoKit [+1B]) / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 18)
    AVICENNA Combi Rifle, Flash Pulse / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 27)
    WILD BILL Contender / MULTI Pistol(+1B), CC Weapon. (0 | 22)
    WILD BILL Rifle / MULTI Pistol(+1B), CC Weapon. (0 | 25)

    I'll be posting some of the Infinity OC's I've created for tabletop & stories very soon. I think you might like them after reading my expounding on their background and reasons what I made them thus.
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    Well if you're doing fan-fiction crossovers, I know a few chars that came to mind as templates for infinity characters. Mind if I submit a few?
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    Sure thing. If you want to add OC original characters as well go ahead. Feel free to add ideas, summaries & story segments to the thread.
  10. DeepThought

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    Mmm. All tied up. Ideas in my head start off as direct crossovers, while others get to be more of a baseline foundation to work from.
    Example: When I wrote Natalie in another Fan-fic with Scribbler for example, one of my concept art-pieces was modified from an image of Yoko from Gurren Lagan. I had no wish to duplicate the char (most of those characters make better nomads, which would be nice if I had any interest in crafting a nomad, but I don't), but it made a good starting point for the naga sniper I was trying to picture. Fearless, level headed, and a deadeye shot.
    Naga stand 1.png
    Nomads, eat your hearts out! lol

    Then there are crossovers I love because they could go in without even ruffling the infini-verse. A small rewrite and Kei and Yuri of "Dirty Pair" Fit perfectly if you revamp their backstory. Cast them as former Nomads who threw their lot in with O-12 in exchange for the prestige, authority, and best of all high-tech toys that would come with serving as investigators for of Stramata's Interpol force. Certainly couldn't be a step down for a bureaucracy based on the UN! The only difficulty is finding units that would stat them well, since Kei uses everything from Hvy rocket launchers to an illegally modified laser pistol akin to a MULTI-SMG, and Yuri almost always uses something akin to a monofilament blade!
    DP Flash.gif Kei Rocket ezgif.gif Kei+Yuri2.png

    Then there's the character I'd love to just superimpose. Sometimes you get an image in your head and go "Oh that would fit, now wouldn't it."
    Kiddy Grade may have been a little fast-and-loose with its science to the point where it classifies as "Space Opera" more than science fiction, but then infinity dances to a similar rythem, and that's no crime unless you're some kind of cynical speculative fiction purist. Indeed, Lumiere looks and acts like she was meant to play the part of an aspect of Aleph. Her logical nature and cool, rational approach to problems fits an aspect to a T!
    Lumiere Hack.png Lumiere Dmged.png
    I remembered thinking "It would be fun, statting Eclaire in Infinity terms, but Lumiere almost came written with infinity in mind! She deserves to be statted!"
    After all, a functionary should be more Elegant!

    Ok @Golem2God, What do you think? Any promise in these? If you're familiar with any of them, I'd also love your input on the best units to base them on.
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    First off, I apologize for not posting summaries on here for more than over a month. My dad had a close call that required intensive care from double pneumonia and a bacterial infection that made his brain swell & had to be taken to a hospital. He has recovered from said systems but his legs are weak. Though my father's recovery is going along very well according to the nurses who visit our home. Hopefully he can begin to walk again without help soon. Though his has made very good progress in the past few months. The nurses have said that they will not need to come by anymore so that is good news.

    But until then I have been taking care of my dad along with my mother. She takes the day shift and I take the night. However I don't get to sleep until around 5-6 in the morning and wake up between 12-1 pm. Less then 6 hours sleep and with half of the day gone. So that alone has caused hindrances in writing. Even in the free time I do have it doesn't come easy to me. My dad's condition comes first though it is my hope to still complete some written work.

    Anyway hope you all understand and pray for my dad's recovery. I'll try to not let long periods of time transpire between posts. Ok, back to business.

    I've been working on a couple of posts over time but being on call all night has hindered me. I hope 2022 will be much better and I'll post a bunch of stories for the Human Sphere to post on this forum & Fanfiction, Archive of Our Own & Deviantart so people have many avenues to view & read them. Looking forward to sharing these ideas I've been having as of late.
    I do believe your ideas show promise. I always thought Alpeh would use exceptional anime characters from shows, video games & the like for specialists in her forces. Both for the skills these fictional characters showcased & the propaganda potential they would generate. Very good publicity. Any more ideas you have in your backlog?
  12. DeepThought

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    Oh my! Say no more! Real-life takes precedence! Do me a favor and keep me updated so I can know how to pray for him! I'm so sorry to hear your dad is in such a state!

    Glad to hear you like it as a starting point. I have a few other concepts I'll try putting together. No guarantees, particularly since I'd feel bad 'double dipping' or prototyping a character with one fan-fiction to use in a different one, but I'll sort through what I have and let you know.

    Kallen and Suzaku of "Code Geass" come to mind as excellent JSA, Yu-Jing and/or O-12 mech pilots! (Images courtesy of Granblue Fantasy, not mine!)
    3991430000.png 3991429000.png
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    He is much better than he was before currently. Not in dire straights at the current moment but he still needs to walk by himself again (though he is getting better over time) with the use of a walker. Despite being partially bedridden he is leaning closer to overcoming this.
    I personally don't feel that way. Since I feel it is how the characters are written into a story. My Infinity/Human Sphere crossovers do overlap between other characters from a different story set in that universe. Sometimes it is a cameo mention to a full blown actual meeting of characters coming into contact with each other. If the situation works I like to have cameos or interactions like that throughout my fanfictions if the universe/world of stories is shared. After I finish these summaries I'll make a one about how these ideas of mine interact with each other. They will contain spoilers for my stories but I don't mind sharing them.
    They certainly would. I think alot of characters from different franchises could easily live in a nation of the Human Sphere with some tweaks to their backstory such as equivalent events of their past just in the Infinity universe. Or have fun with new life events for them that fit into the universe they are born into. In this case the Human Sphere of Infinity.
  14. DeepThought

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    Well in that case, I don't mind posting some projects I've set aside for conceptualization, as I would love your ideas on them, and if I should tweak more or less. Kallen was A scinch from a stat standpint. She's definitely An O-Yoroi mech pilot.
    Still others are proving more recondite to stat, so I'd love the advice. Take this character:
    We hadn't set out initially to put Lelouche into the infinity universe. Not outright anyway. He originally was altered from Lelouche as a concept art I made in response to a request by my friend Scribbler to make a 'self-insert' of sorts. They were spec-ops characters that were supposed to gain experience when they survived scenarios and fulfilled objectives for their faction, and we each wanted to be imaginative with our backstories. As I was playing OSS for the first season, I felt I needed to get creative to explain my character's presence. While I did indeed draw inspiration some from Lelouche (I did, after all, want him to be a 'mastermind' of sorts), I also drew from Xellos of Slayers and his "that would be- ...a secret" mantra to reflect that he was a part of the OSS that acted as the 'left hand' of Aleph and a little more hands-on in operations, leaving it to my competitors to imagine what kind of underlying agenda he might be working toward. He's also proven the "mysterious soldier", as he tended to complete a lot of his objectives without getting into the thick of fights, only making the odd kill from the shadows (which only added to his mystique lol), so now that N4 has totally revamped the point system for spec-ops, we're aware he will need a different stat-block than the one shown above (gonna miss that 3 wounds+ODD lineup), and I suspect a new baseline will be needed if he's going to show up to any more operations in person.

    Another good example would be if I tried to stat Kei and Yuri from "The Dirty Pair". Not only am I trying to pick between 3 interpretations of a character (I placed the art from flash since its most recent), but their personalities vary by career too. If anything the easy part of the integration was the backstory revamp.
    Dirty Pair.jpg
    How would you stat these two? Yuri seems straightforward as a monofilament sword wielder who specializes in CC, but Kei (if we go by their last incarnations) tends toward her laser pistol (illegally modified, just the way she likes it!), and the two are intended to be a dynamic duo, so a fireteam would be a must in a way.
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    As for stats for crossover characters I haven't thought of going that far. I'm currently more focused on the writing aspect of crossovers. The only time I think of in game stats is when I'm making a conversion of said character. Usually I take a unit already in the army and stamp the crossover character into that loadout. Never really took the time to make a stat line of my own. Just tried to find a box where the character would basically fit inside. I had never though of using the Spec-Ops tool to create statlines.

    As for your work here I think you did a good job. The summaries & stats both look & sound well thought out. Makes me excited to see the rest of your ideas when you post them in the future.
    Which careers are you choosing between? The backstory you posted above sounds good in my opinion.
  16. DeepThought

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    Ooh. Hard one. I'm most familiar with the pair from the "Dirty Pair Flash" reboot (can't get my hands on the original series), so I'd probably go with them, which may be for the best, since they possess the clearest combat styles, and I suppose I can live with the fact that will mean they don't get quite the same access to jetpacks as their predecessors, but I'll get over that:sweat_smile:.

    I have two other characters you can look over. They aren't as refined, partially because I'm still verifying certain aspects. For example, Scribbler and I have no idea what the father knights dressed as in N3, nor the extent of their change when they joined the knights of justice in N4, but I've played with both the clergy look and the military look for him outside his armor. Since your main character Lafcadio is a father knight, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I can't help but think the two would make close friends.
    Then there's Mila. She kicked up the subject of what makes up the bulk of the OSS, particularly the SSS, and bureau Toth. We know Aleph's functionaries are aspects of Aleph, and that particularly talented and driven humans are enticed into joining the OSS as post-humans, and then there is supposedly an in-between that I still can't quite remember the details of (its been months since I've read scribbler's literature on N4 and I can't rely on the veracity of war-cors without citation since pretenders like NemoNoName).
    Trying to get answers to that for xellos caused questions like it to spawn for Mila, but even more so. Can Nagas become Asuras? Can Post-Humans use Asura L-Hosts, or is that reserved for a different kind of servant of Aleph? This led to us ultimately asking: As a Naga turned Asura, Should Mila be a talented human who achieved post-human status early due to ridiculous levels of talent, or perhaps be one of Aleph's more curious "children" or a full-blown aspect, -or something else entirely?
    I'll add others as I get the chance, but I'd love your feedback.
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    Agresta's background sounds perfect to me.Your lore bit about how the Father Knights nearly got wiped out on Paradiso & were replaced with the Justice Knights got me thinking about Boone once again. Namely his traveling the Human Sphere as a Calatrava Knight would have saved his life over being a Father Knight of another order. Boone & Ignazio are the part of a dying breed so to speak and the end of an era. It makes my future posts on the story between Lafcadio & Cyber 6/Adrian carry a bit more wait. As both Six & Boone are the last or one of the last of their respective kinds. One is a living specimen of an experiment series & the other the last of the Father Knights. One that wants to leave the system while Agresta is help building the new generation and replacement of their brethren. Seems like the two would have an interesting interaction if they ever met.
    That is a good question. I think the answer would be yes on both accounts unless proven otherwise. Aleph could pull someone from one field into another if the A.I. thinks it would be better for them. Like how I imagined Mythra form Xenoblade 2 being made to go on a journey into the Human Sphere to test her character and resolve by Aleph. Mainly due to Mythra being a replacement for Achilies in leading the revamped Steel Phalanx into the Iron Testudo. I see Aleph being viewed as "Mother" by a good portion of aspects & post-humans due to her/it's parental patron like power over them. "You live in my house you obey my rules." Though as all parents her orders or advice are not always followed. Plus arguments do happen. Though Aleph does hear her "children" out to understand them and to perhaps glean an idea that could be better than her original plan.

    Mila certainly looks the part of a post-human or aspect of Aleph and her backstory fits as well. I think she is a very crossover along with Ignazio. Both seem like they naturally fit into the Human Sphere.Hope to see all our ideas and I hope to finish posting my own on here as well.
  18. DeepThought

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    Ok, so this next character is one I've wanted to make, but I'm not sure how to fit her, particularly since she'd come with another char I love but that doesn't fit nearly as organically into the infinity universe. See if my pages make sense and if they don't, then ask me questions. Again, this is something I built for theory's sake, and still has a lot of bugs to work out.
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