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European Infinity Challenge

Discussion in 'Events & Tournaments' started by sparco_sj, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Apr 25, 2017
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    Finally we can announce it, after many months working on it and a lot of time willing to do something like this. Organized by Sin Petaca 2.0 and Bakunin Club.

    We present:


    A different tournament, with a lot of releases and created for maximum enjoyment!

    Before introducing the bases, this is the presentation flyer, which resumes in a single look the most important



    What is the European Infinity Challenge?
    This event was born with the intention of becoming a reference in Europe, offering not only a satellite tournament, but an entire experience for the players. Our all inclusive package will allow you to forget everything and enjoy a weekend of fun, relax and a lot of infinity.

    What makes it different from other satellites?
    This event is held in an Aparthotel where not only the tournament will be played, but it will also offer the possibility for all the players to live the three days side by side for a total experience. This hotel has a meeting room of 400 square meters for the tournament, 300 square meters of demonstrations and activities area, private bar for the event, etc ... more than 700 square meters of event! All players will be able to stay at the aparthotel, at an incredible price. All inclusive board and with SPA! Had you ever imagined getting into the cold pool after being beaten in a game? Relax in the Jacuzzi chatting infinity with a player from the other end of the country? This can only be done in the European tournament.

    Is it just a tournament in a hotel?
    Absolutely not, we have many things prepared to make it a unique experience, lots of fun and interesting activities. The Tournament is also innovative in some ways, has a new format unpublished, a qualifying format *.
    - qualifying? So if I get eliminated, I cannot do anything else?
    - NO! Here ,the fun never ends. On Saturday ,all the players will play 3 matches, afterwards all the players qualified below the 30th position will get eliminated. But on Sunday they will have the chance to redeem themselves in a tournament of Aristeia OR IN ANOTHER INFINITY TOURNAMENT! It's a 2x1!
    –“I do not want to play anymore, want to see the island, or enjoy this amazing hotel!”
    - No problem, because it is not mandatory to play if you get eliminated. Did you come with your partner? Recover some "familypoints" by spending the day with her/him in the SPA or drinking some Caipirinhas. This option will appeal to the most competitive players, who can give everything playing and the most relaxed players because they can enjoy themost of a unique weekend.

    As we have commented, the European is an experience. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Let's get it right; If you keep reading you'll need to buy theflight ticket because you will not want to lose it;)

    * The qualifying tournament is still pending to fix some details regarding the tournament manager and the ELO, so we will not give you more details until they are solved.


    March 9th, 10th and 11th 2018

    Apartahotel Playa Mar & SPA
    Ctra. Formentor 119, 07470. Puerto de Pollensa. Mallorca


    European Special Offer:
    As you can see, there is an offer pack of 150 € for players, but it can be upgraded or downgraded depending on what your needs are. Remove the airport transfer if you choose to rent a car with some friends, come but without playing the tournament, bring your partner and / or family ... etc.

    You can access different files with info and prices, conditions and hotel information in this link to a Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxRQ42KJSphMM0FVN2pNbWJ0RkE?usp=sharing

    ITS Mid Tier Official Satellite Tournament for 60 players
    Aristeia Tournament (Sunday)
    ITS LowTier Tournament (Sunday)
    Extreme Infinity Trivial
    Fast Paint Contest
    Group Dinner
    Infinity AlternativeGames
    And many additional things that we will announce step by step.


    The Organizers:

    Bakunin Club: Created by the community of the former Bakunin Shop, with many infinity player sand a really extensive experience in events organization of various kinds. We guarantee quality, originality and coordination.

    Sin Petaca 2.0: The world's largest Hispanic-speaking infinity podcast, with its three members that have already organized a satellite tournament in 2016.Theyare senior players and planners.

    With its own style, this team of planners are expected to create a Leader tournament through out Europe.

    Important dates:

    Pre-inscription: Today
    You can already pre-register, you just need to send an email to europeaninfinitychallenge@gmail.com, with the following information:
    - Name and surname of the player:
    - ITS nick:
    - ITS PIN:
    - Army / Sectorial with which you expect to play:
    - Contact phone number:
    - City of origin:
    - Club or association:
    If you come in a group you can send a joint mail, but we will need the above details of all the attending players.

    This mail will be used as a reference to know when a player has signed up should all the places be filled.

    You will receive a reply email with a form that you must fill out, so we can have a forecast of rooms and packs.

    In case the maximum number of players is reached, we will inform through this thread and put the exceeding players on the waiting list.

    Should the acceptance of the event be higher than expected, we would consider increasing the maximum number of players. For this reason we highly recommend you to sign up and make the payment as soon as possible.

    Pack or registration Payment- Starting on October 2nd, you can start paying the packs or the registration in order to secure your place. Another email will be sent with the account number and the breakdown of expenses.

    Limit Payment Date - December 30th. On January 1st the players on the waiting list will be informed that have obtained a place due to unpaid inscription or unsubscriptions. It is not recommended to wait til lthe last moment, the sooner the payment is made the better.

    Last payment date for players on the waiting list – February 1st

    Satellite tournament bases:

    March 10th and 11th 2018

    Conference Room

    yet to be defined

    Games will last a total of
    1 hour 50 minutes

    Kind of tournament:

    Qualifying *:
    This tournament is a new format. This format allows players who are no longer able to win to perform other activities in the event. After the third game the classification will be published, all players below half will be eliminated and the next day they will be able to participate in other tournaments, enjoy the facilities, participate in the activities, etc ... Even so, they can take special prizes and draws of the satellite.

    The ranked players will continue to play the tournament with the points they had.

    * We have to finish the details of the eliminatory in terms of the manager and the ELO, so we do not give more details of its operation until they are solved.

    yet to be defined

    Official Event:

    With the email of response to the registration will receive the bank details to make the payment.

    Basic rules:

    To participate in an official ITS event, players must bring all the necessary material to play their lists. That includes:
    »» miniatures
    »» Measuring tape
    »» templates and markers
    »» Dice
    »» Army lists

    Two lists of 300 points of the same army / sectorial may be submitted. Army Lists must compulsory with the rules outlined in the Infinity Rules and, if any, the special rules of the event. It is compulsory to use the InfinityArmy (available totally free on the Infinity website) to generate and check the game lists. In case of any discrepancy, the information available on the official Infinity website will be applied.

    The lists may be posted in the Official Event following the procedure before February 10th.

    Mercenary Troops (for example, Yuan Yuan or Avicenna) are only allowed on those Official Lists of Generic and Sectiorial Armies in which they have been included.

    Line of fire: (LoF)
    The player must point out at the base of the troop or through markers (such as Customeeple's Vision Line Markers or Visual ArcMarkers from Antenociti's Workshop), in a clear and visible manner, which are the 180º LDT of the troops, to facilitate and speed up the gameplay.

    the use of miniatures of other brands or manufacturers is not allowed under any circumstances.

    The use of transformed miniatures is allowed, provided that most or all of the miniature is made up of pieces of Corvus Belli miniatures and it is completely clear which unit and weapon option is being represented.

    Referees are not to explain rules, their function is to discern between situations in which the regulation is unclear, lines of fire, confrontations, very unusual situations etc ... The word of the referee is definitive and cannot be refuted. If a referee is requested, his decision must be followed.

    All participants, whether organizers, players or guests, are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and considerate manner at all times. If a participant disrupts the good atmosphere of an event, the Organizer may penalize them or altogether remove them from play. Minimum player etiquette includes giving the opponent time to clearly see the results on your dice before picking them up, sharing with the opponent all open information from your army list and clarifying it as often as requested, waiting for the opponent to declare ARO whenever you spend an Order, etc

    In our tournaments fairplay and good vibes are encouraged. There are actions that may be legal but that are contrary to this principle, in case of a continued form the organization may forbid the participation of this player in future events.

    ITS Rules:
    For more information about the rules see here: https://assets.infinitythegame.net/downloads/itsrules/season9/es/v1.0/season9.pdf

    Participation in any Official Infinity event implies and requires the acceptance of all these rules and those that may be established by the Event Organizer.

    All participants will receive a commemorative bag with gifts, for more value than the price of registration.

    Winner - Hexa Hull made by Big Brown Project at 1: 2 scale. Exclusive patch of satellite winner, winner pack, prizes in material and the place for Interplanetary.

    2nd - Trophy and Prizes in material.

    3º - Trophy and Prizes in material.

    All qualified players will receive gifts in the form of material in order of classification.

    Special prizes to:
    These prizes will opt all registered players (the 60)

    Star player - secret ballot among all players

    Best list painted in play (1st, 2nd and 3rd) - all miniatures must be painted with their finished base and that list must be played in at least one game.

    AssFlower - the one that gets the most critics in the event.

    Wood Rifle - last player. Plaques commemorating the best player of each faction - Panoceania, YuJing, Nomadas, Ariadna, Aleph, Haqqislam, EC and Tohaa.

    We work on some more that can be added to the bases in the coming months.

    Helmet made by Big Brown Project for Tagline​

    Bases of the Sunday Infinity Tournament:

    March 11, 2018

    Conference Room

    Yet to be defined

    Duration of the games:
    1 hour and 20 minutes per game.

    Tournament Type:
    Yet to be defined

    Yet to be defined

    Official Event:

    The registration fee is € 5, for players removed from the Satellite registration is FREE.

    Registration must be done by bank transfer to the account number: ES000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    General rules:
    Check the rules of behavior and details in the section of the satellite tournament.

    Distribution of a Winner pack among all participants.

    Bases of the Sunday Aristeia! Tournament:

    March 11, 2018

    Conference Room

    It is expected that in January the official bases will be put in place, as soon as we update the bases so that you can point them out. Anyway, the tournament is Sunday morning.

    Rest de Actvities:

    -Fast Painting Date:
    Saturday 10 and Sunday 11.

    Free, Limited to 50 participants.

    Players will have an hour to paint a miniature delivered by the organization. Only the colors of the organization can be used. If you can bring a brush / it's own. There will be a series of shifts so that the participants can paint their works.

    Saturday: 11 to 12, 12 to 13, 15 to 16, 16 to 17, 17 to 18 and 18 to 19. Sunday: 11 to 12 and 12 to 13. Prizes: A trophy for the first classified. All the participants can carry the miniature they have painted.

    -Trivial Extreme:
    Rules will be announced during the event. Only players and companions with accommodation pack can participate.

    - Gymkhana Spec-Op:
    All visitors, with or without accommodation pack, can participate in the gymkhana. It consists of a series of skill tests of various disciplines. The player who completes them with the best score and less time will take a special trophy.

    Some of the Official Corvus Staff will be with us, and maybe other partners related to Infinity. These will give interesting seminars for all the visitors. The seminars will be announced before the event.

    -Group Dinner:
    All players, companions and organizations staying at the hotel can enjoy a group dinner on Saturday night. Something we really wanted to do and thanks to the fantastic facilities of the hotel is possible to do.

    - Infinity Alternative Games:
    Also called Fan games, test games based on the world of infinity totally different and new, like the RemoteRace, DogBowl ... etc.

    AND MORE!!!

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    This looks awesome! If I wasn’t broke had no social anxiety I would definitely come.
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