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Druze Homebrew Heavy

Discussion in 'Druze Bayram Security' started by Andre Lucas, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Andre Lucas

    Andre Lucas New Member

    Aug 30, 2018
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    Apologies if this is not allowed and please delete if so.

    Greetings Mercenary Brothers, I have a small group who are willing to try crazy things, and a hankering for Heavies that Druze has been unable to scratch.

    As such I cooked up some rules and I wanted feedback, mostly on points costs since I really don't know CB's formula, and make no pretenses of being a competitive player. Consider this my official Druze HI "Wishlist".

    Druze Juhhal

    Mov: 4-2 CC: 15 BS: 13 PH: 14 WP: 13 Arm: 5 BTS: 3 W: 2 S: 5 AVA: 3
    Fatality L1, Veteran 2, Fireteam (Duo)

    Shock HMG + LSG, Chain Colt
    Viral Heavy Pistol, Knife
    58 Pts, 2 SWC

    Shock MK 12 (X-Visor), Chain Colt, Blitzen
    Viral Heavy Pistol, Knife
    54 Pts

    Shock MK 12 (X-Visor, Haris), Chain Colt, Blitzen
    Viral Heavy Pistol, Knife
    54 Pts, 0.5 SWC

    Viral Sniper Rifle, SMG, (MSV 2)
    64 Pts, 1.5 SWC

    Special Fireteam: Haris
    One Juhhal may join a regular Haris Team of Druze Shock Troops.

    Special Fireteam: Core
    Juhhal and 2 Druze Shock Troops

    My thoughts going in were that I wanted it to be a straightforward bully unit, that punishes single wound models but has limited play into higher armor while itself being in heavy power armor. I felt that kept true to the Shockteams themselves, and I just built on the standard profile as a base. I also wanted it to be something that provided a rare tool in Druze (MSV2) but at a significant cost.

    Lastly, I wanted it to not have specialist options, as I envisioned them more as a front line gunfighter. I wanted them to represent those Druze who stayed in the Shock Teams and survived a lot of missions even for Druze, but never picked up skills outside of combat. I also felt the lack of specialists adds another weakness to prevent it taking over list building. Overall I wanted the Juhhal to need support from the rest of the army, but be able to bring specialists in it's fire team to accomplish ITS missions.

    I'm debating on customizing some Al Fasids as models for these, but that would be a ways out if I go for it.

    So, what does the Caravansary think? Too much, too little, too uninteresting?
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  2. stevenart74

    stevenart74 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    I'm NOT enough expert of the Druze play style to say the Profile proposed is "Too Powerful, Need Nerfing" OR "Well-Balanced & Good Enough" OR "Feeble and Full of Flaws" and so on. . .

    But what I concur TOTALLY is that Druzes need some kind of "Beefier Stormtrooper Infantry" to avoid their "Main Vanilla List" to be JUST "Lightweight Cheerleaders" there to give support to EITHER Jethro AND / OR "Lady Hacker" (for Infiltration / "Need Hacking" Missions) or "Scarface, The Heavyweight". . .

    Said those TOTALLY ignoring what is NOT a Druze, but rather "Vanilla Mercs Good for Everything" such as Brawlers, Wardrivers, Bounty Hunters or "Things Stolen From Other Sectorials"; Jethro is AS Druze as the "Yellowface Helmets" AS "Lady Hacker" as Scarface (Joe Turner and his sister, Cordelia, MAY NOT be "Technically of Druze Ethnicity" but the Ramrod T.A.G. is "Shaped" like an oversized "Yellowface"). . .

    Could NOT comment ALSO on the "Actual Leadership" of the Druze Clan, Arslan, as being WITHOUT a Mini could not comment ENOUGH on Him being "Graphically Appropriate" (the Art from the Outrage Manga have a Ponytailed Young Man with a very light Bodysuit and JUST a Sawed-Off Light Shotgun in a back-shoulder holster)

    The interesting Weapon List is "Background Fluff" enough to not warrant warnings from Me. . .

    I take care of the "Image Concepts" of an hypothethical "Heavy Druze Squad" as stopped TOTALLY caring about Infinity Rules when TWO of My Army Lists (Ninjas + I.S.S. and "Squat" Exrah) became unplayable and My "Dakini Heavy" A.L.E.P.H. List became too complex. . .

    What I care DEEPLY for Infinity is Background, Art and Graphic Concepts and being the "Baddies" of Outrage Manga the Druzes have a "Special Place" in My heart. . .

    . . . . .

    Graphically wise I tried to kitbash together some "Sketched Heavy Druze Concepts" made by "Beefing" the standard "Vanilla Yellowfaces" with adding Shoulderpads and Armourplates directly from Scarface's Ramrod; the "Inner Frame" of these Powered Infantry Suit was based on Yujing Wumings, the most CHEAP, but RELIABLE and Human-Sphere WIDE, kind of Heavy Infantry Armour (so Druze Engineers would buy them in bulk, modify slightly them and add "Druze Styled" details). . .

    If You want some Rough Conceptual Ideas and "Reworked Action Scenes" (I based much sketches on an awesome "Mini Splash Page" in the Infinity R.P.G. Quickstart with many "Yellowfaces" supporting and advancing Scarface in a tense Suburban Battle) then I would gladly try to provide some Ideal Sketches. . .

    . . . . .

    Should You be interested, JUST to have a "Visual Idea" what will be the "Faction Style" of the Guns in the List NOT YET present in the Druze Concepts (for an examples the Rifles of Druze Infantrymen appear to be BOTH coming from A.L.E.P.H.'s Armories AND Nomads AND Pan-Oceanians, while the Viral Pistols are OBVIOUSLY Haqqislamites in style). . .??
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  3. McNamara

    McNamara Merc Rep

    Jan 7, 2018
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    They seem to be Druze upgraded to Al Fasid Armor, which is fine I guess. It makes sense and isn#t totally out there.

    Usually units in Infinity seem to be more diverse and not just upgrades with the higher skill level. Shock Mk12 is a nice Idea.

    I would probably still just take an Al Fasid and home rule that use it in some games. Could try using it without Fireteam first and see how that goes, and then maybe experiment with the Fire Teams. Some people seem to have analyzed the points formula though, I have no idea, but maybe you could check with them.
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