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Deadalus falls. Risky Area.

Discussion in 'Rules' started by M0Dark, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. M0Dark

    M0Dark Member

    Feb 6, 2018
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    The Risky area in the Daedalus falls campaign mission days:
    "Each player can choose one trooper from Their army list to deploy freely in the enemy Risky Area if the trooper succeeds at a WIP roll. If the roll is failed the trooper must deploy as normal."

    Does this allow you to deploy the 3 post human proxies with one WIP roll in the risky area?
    Can you deploy one proxy in the risky area and 2 in the normal way?
    If the roll fails then can the MK2 proxy deploy using infiltration and hidden deployment?
    If a yep with airborne deployment fails the WIP roll can they then use AD?
    If a minelayer tries to deploy in the risky area can they deploy a mine there too, and if the WIP fails do they lose the mine? Or is the roll done before deploying the models?
  2. xagroth

    xagroth Mournful Echo

    Nov 23, 2017
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    I'd say that this thing is similar to Datatracker selection, in which you select one body and not the Posthuman. You would be able, however, to deploy a mk1+yudbot if you desire so.

    I assume this is the way to do it. The Proxies count as one trooper for group movement, slots, deployment, etc..., but nothing else.

    A more detailed read of the rule should be made. Considering Biotechvore, at least he should be able to deploy in marker state.

    AD does not work like that. if you place the model on the table, then you would not be using AD. Remember, AD troops can choose to deploy like a regular dude without the skill during deployment.

    I assume you can attempt to deploy the mine, and the only roll they need to pass is the deployment one... but if the roll for deploying in the Risky area fails, they lose the mine, like failing to Infiltrate in the enemy side of the table.