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Breach and Clear! (Sudbury Infinity Tournament)

Discussion in 'Events & Tournaments' started by taylor, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. taylor

    taylor Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2017
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    I'm pretty sure I know of all the players in the Northern Ontario Region, but I thought I'd post this here just in case.


    This is our first Infinity Tournament of 2018. Here are the details!

    • Team Tournament. Each player brings a 200 pt list. Teams will be assigned and they will change every tournament round.
    • Special Operatives. Your list must include one spec-ops, with 24 xp.
    • Big Prizes; Small Fee. There will be an entry fee of $10.
    • Limited Space. We can accommodate a maximum of 16 players, though it's looking more like 12 can make it out. The attendance list is down below.
    • Mmmmm... TACOS! This is a TACOS tournament. There will be one primary mission and secondaries determined by TACOS cards.
    The signed up attendees are as follows.

    1. Roman
    2. Brear
    3. Alex
    4. Pete
    5. Pat
    6. Mike
    7. Geoff
    8. Josiah
    9. Max
    I've also posted this on our official infinity page on Facebook. Check it out if you're interested in what the local infinity crew is doing.

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