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Battle Report: Prologue to Cimmeria, First Contact

Discussion in 'FanFic' started by theGricks, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. theGricks

    theGricks Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    OOC: So I thought I would write a prologue via battle report to my units actions on Cimmeria. This is a Haqqislam perspective. Also lets me get my creative juices going again since its been about a year. Please note that some language is in Turkish and military rank names being used are Turkish.

    The wind whistled through the empty streets of the prefabricated buildings surrounding the Duban Prospecting site. A few lights spilled out onto the cold street, and the sounds of stray dogs were heard in the distance.

    “The Tohaa are our allies are they not?” The voice came over the AR with a small picture of an olive skinned woman with a small tattoo of a cross hairs on her left cheek. The picture floated momentarily in Tadashi’s vision before fading.

    “Allies of convenience Onbasi Teke. They showed themselves strong allies at the blockade, and perhaps they are thinking to take advantage of the situation.” Tadashi replied in a level tone. He was already scanning the streets. The dated software of his Janissary armor doing its best in the dark.

    The fire team’s heavy bootsteps crushed the packed gravel of the street when suddenly a message popped into his view. It was an emoticon from one of the two Al’Hawa forward observer units. It showed simply a gun, two bullets, and a crosshairs.

    “Raqib Kader, do not engage yet. I repeat do not engage yet.”

    Two loud shotgun blasts rang through the quiet streets, and a moment later, another emoticon message came through. It showed a crosshair and a face with X’s over its eyes. Sighing, Tadashi brought up his holopad and noted that the designated target in this town was now eliminated. More gun shots could be heard suddenly in the distance. A brief firefight brought small flashes above some of the buildings.

    “Kolagasi, I think I see Raqib Kader engaging enemy forces.” The report came from the Sekban heavy weapons specialist Serkan. A moment later the shots died.

    “Contact, right side!” Sekban Tegmen, Sadik, yelled over the unit wide channel.

    Fire erupted onto the building that the Sekban team was using for over watch. From the shared video channel, Tadashi saw a Tohaa heavy machine gunner firing on Sadik wildly. Sadik calmly leveled his rifle, and responded with a couple of shots, both finding their target, the alien falling to the cold ground.

    “Contact, front! Enemy infiltrator. Clipsos.” This report was from his own heavy machine gunner, Ignatia, at the door to a building. Unclipping her pistol quickly from its armored holster, she whipped it up just as the bloom of fire from a heavy rocket impacted the alien, burning it to a crisp behind a multicolored winter plant.

    “Enemy contacts appear to be moving back now.” Sadik said calmly over the unit wide communication channel.

    “Alright. Let us move forward. Orders are to leave no survivors to report back to the Tohaa command. Tanri harika!” Tadashi ordered, ending it with a quick prayer that was echoed by his unit.

    His weapon systems quickly populated his AR display, and looking to his left and right, he made sure the units weapon and armor information was loaded properly into his display using their short range synced systems. Moving forward, the unit jogged up the street, skirting a couple of buildings, making their way to the previous fire fight. Short range sensors began displaying a few of the enemy bodies, and the body of Raqib Kader, an emoticon hacked into the ar display, showing a smiley face with crossed eyes and stuck out tongue. Shaking his head he got a reading suddenly of a surviving enemy unit.

    The alien leader, Neema Satar appeared in his dynamic orders generation as a primary objective. Waving Mulazim-i Kartal to the front, the team took cover against the wall of a building that Neema Satar was using as cover. Checking his large shotgun was loaded and ready to fire, Kartal rounded the corner, and cautiously approached the door. His massive power armor somehow moving as silently as a cat.

    With a burst of speed, he rounded the corner into the doorway. Shots rang out, several going past his massive form in the doorway and the shotgun blasting. Ducking back out of the doorway, several bullet marks scorching his armor, he said, “That alien has the ferocity of Allah.”

    Kartals armor was reporting an injury to the shoulder in Tadashi’s overlay. Checking his ammo, Kartal looked to the door, and gave himself another burst of energy, reaching around the corner, and letting off round after round as enemy fire poured out of the door. Swearing, he ducked back into cover and began reloading.

    The enemy was not going to give him much chance though, and sprinted for him, shots ringing out. Kartal responded with a couple of rounds reloaded into his shotgun before the alien was on him with a blade. Finding a weak point in Kartals armor she drove the blade home, sending the giant man to the ground.

    From the building that the Sekban were defending, Tadashi heard the scream of heavy rocket fire and report of machine guns. Looking back to Kartal his armor was reporting that his vitals were in critical condition. Before Tadashi had a chance to give orders though Cavus Zandra pushed his bulk passed him. The Massive man ran forward, his underslung shotgun ringing out.

    “Seni uzaylı öldüreceğim!” the doctor roared, cursing in Turkish.

    Against this onslaught, the alien Neema fell back allowing Zandra to get to Kartal. Using his armors systems, the doctor quickly checked the man. His vitals were showing critical and he was crashing. Pulling out a device to access the armors internals, Zandra injected a cocktail of drugs and Zandras vitals began to normalize but only slightly.

    “He needs a hospital. That blade did far greater damage than I can heal here.” the doctor reported. Tadashi then knew that Kartals position was dangerous. Zandra was a prestigious doctor in their team and if the massive angel of mercy could do nothing for him, then they were fighting the clock.

    “Advance, eliminate the enemy, and secure the area. Call for med-vac now.” Tadashi told the unit calmly. Forming the unit around him, they advanced only to have the alien suddenly round the corner and jump on Zandra, the aliens blade bouncing off his armor. Both Tadashi and Ignatia jumped on the alien, her skill in close combat becoming very evident. After a flurry of blows Tadashi took his powered armor glove and drove it into the aliens side, launching it off the doctor and crashing into a wall. The creature collapsed on the ground, its colored blood draining from its side where the armored glove hit.

    Regrouping they quickly advanced to catch sight of the last Tohaa fire team. Pointing them out, Ignatia nodded and shouldered her missile launcher, sending a high explosive shot screaming at their team leader. The missile found its mark as enemy shots rang out around her and ricocheting off her armor, “Target down.”

    Switching places with Xun wielding her heavy machine gun as she finally came up to the rest of the team, the heavy weapon spewed bullets into the last two Tohaa as the medical craft arrive. Checking his sensors, Tadashi saw the last Al’hawa, and the sekban team quickly advancing towards the exfiltration aircraft. Turning, he leaned down and picked up the body of Raqib Kader, and slung him over his shoulder, quickly running towards the aircraft, his AR overlay making points on where the enemy bodies are for a clean up team. His mission log was already reporting the teams success to High Command.

    He could not shake the feeling though that this was only the start as landing craft and multi-national aircraft began lighting up the night sky. A report suddenly came through as he settled into the ships transport compartment, contact has been made with a significant Combined Army force in Noviy Cimmeria, and it had eliminated the Merovingian force that had made contact.

    “Tanrı hepimizi korusun...”
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