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A couple of questions from a beginner

Discussion in 'ALEPH' started by Mekozaurus, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Mekozaurus

    Mekozaurus New Member

    Feb 17, 2020
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    Hi there!

    recently I decided to give aleph a try. I really like the oss sectorial, because of it’s look, but I’m afraid it might be not the best option to choose. I don’t see any real strengths of the sectorial. Dear experienced aleph players, could you share some some strengths and weaknesses of the oss with me? What is the general play style of it? Or maybe I should go for the phalanx? And how would oss even deal with smokes? how do you deal with them when an enemy throws it in your face and has a multispectral L2?

    anyway, sorry for the long description and for language mistakes. I’ll be really thankful for help ^^
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  2. yoink101

    yoink101 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2018
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    I’ll start with some shameless self promotion: https://forum.corvusbelli.com/threads/oss-tactica.34712/

    I don’t think there are any duds in infinity, not really. OSS is a potent army. They have a few clear strengths and the same can be said for their weaknesses.

    • Good gunfighters. Linked Dakini can beat almost anything in their reactive turn. Garudas are fantastic AD troops. The post human sniper is amazing active and reactive.
    • Hacking. OSS is about as good if not better than nomads or vanilla combined at bringing a potent hacking game. Between the Danavas, Asura, Nagas, Deva AHD, Apsara KHD, and Shakti, OSS can dominate the hacking field. As for MSV2 models in your post, just throw down white noise and the MSV model won’t be able to see you.
    • Remotes. OSS relies heavily on remotes. They tend to have low armor, but they have two levels of unconscious and can be easily repaired.
    • Elite units. OSS and ALEPH in general tend to have elite stat lines. They pay for it (except post humans) but the models tend to be very good at what they do.
    • The army plays kind of like a glass cannon. They can be very aggressive and do a lot of damage, but the low armor of the remotes and the lack of cheap warbands means that a cleaver opponent with some direct templates can collapse your army pretty quickly.
    • Remotes. Having most of your army be hackable means that you can find yourself trapped if your opponent wins the hacking game.
    • Lack of cheap warbands. You don’t have them, and they’re a useful tool.
    • Elite. The army is elite and tends to be expensive.
    In short, if you like the army, play it. You’ll figure out the game. It may end up that you don’t love their play style, but play the crap out of them anyways.

    Mines and hackers are fantastic tools for dealing with smoke. Not to mention 6th sense from being in fireteams.

    Another shameless plug: https://forum.corvusbelli.com/threa...or-at-least-the-sectorials-that-i-play.28070/

    This one is for PanO, but a lot of lessons I’ve learned apply to OSS.

    In any case, welcome ALEPH!
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    Last edited: Feb 22, 2020
  3. Stiopa

    Stiopa Trust The Fuckhead

    Feb 21, 2017
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    I'll just chime in that I disagree on the glass cannon part. Phalanx is one; it strongly depends on ODD and NWI without Shock Immunity. OSS has well priced and equipped units with 2W/STR, NWI, or both (as well as NWI+Bioimmunity). Yadus, including Shakti, are HI in all but name. Rudra with Supportware on is very hard to stop in active, or shift in reactive (Suppressive Fire) turns. Posthumans allow you to sacrifice units without losing orders (not that it's that easy to kill a ARM 5 HI with two wounds and HMG or HRL/SMG). Remotes have two Unconscious levels thanks to Remote Presence rules, and OSS' Engineers are top notch - so it's not that difficult to bring them back up (which means that most of the time opponent will spend (read:lose) another order just to make sure your unit won't be repaired next turn).

    The only real weaknesses in OSS is 1) cost of the troopers - it's hard to include all you want in one list, but this is largely negated by Netrods and Posthumans, and 2) it's hard to include everything you want in one list, because everything is so cool :P

    Smoke+MSV trick is best cancelled by either deploying MSV2+ of your own (not that easy, given cost of your units - and the cheapest one, Deva, isn't stellar as an ARO trooper), using a fireteam so Sixth Sense L2 will negate shooter's advantage, or simply deploying in a way that makes relying on the trick very order-intensive. And there's always the option of just killing the guy with the visor. Garuda or one of the HI Proxies are great at the job. No MSV, no problem ;)