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8 Working Angel CRRRC - Epilogue - An offer of interest

Discussion in 'IC [In-Character]' started by Desanges, Oct 25, 2023.

  1. Desanges

    Desanges Nomad Ne'er Do Well

    Mar 10, 2019
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    [Sender]: Unknown
    [Subject]: An offer of interest

    Dear @CHADwick

    Greetings and well met. We are a group of most certainly human and not a dolphin and his Morlock lover and Interventor accomplice investuhrs business bros who have watched your humanitarian actions with great interest. It is to this end that we are pleased to approach you with what we deem to be a very mutually beneficial proposal for all potential stakeholders involved.

    Without further ado, we are pleased to present to you Ur-Coin:


    We envision Ur-Coin to be the coinage of choice for those who are eager to support this new era of human and alien cooperation. As you can see from the sample promotional materials that we took the liberty of making, the potential of Ur-Coin of going to the center of the galaxy is near infinite, and with the help of human and alien stakeholders who are sure to make this project a success, we are sure that the value will always just keep going up until the entire human sphere and beyond become rich. Please see below for an in-depth explanation:


    As you can see, this depicts you and Ur-Coin going up with no ceiling or floor in sight. A total win-win scenario. But as a most benevolent and altruistic entity, I am sure that you are asking yourself: "What is in it for me?" to which our reply is that with the funds that you will most certainly generate, you will be able to afford all the Whole Protein™ you need to cover your operations.

    We have also attached sample materials for a new line of NFTs commemorating your bravery in Edda. Please see sample Angry Morat Montalban Club images below:



    I am sure you appreciate just how great an opportunity this is. Please reply soon with your answer. I assure you that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and not a scam by the Nomad Nation.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mutant and Cetacea LLC

    P.S.: Please feel free to let all your friends in O-12 know of this opportunity. We'd love to have them and have a proposal for a line NFTs featuring O-12 Commissioners going on cute dates with aliens also under development.
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  2. nehemiah

    nehemiah Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2018
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    Dearest unknown,

    We of the Tohaa Diplomatic corps believe this your offer may find little purchase in the Human Sphere as there was a small incident with Stultified Morat Sloop Party circulating within the Concilium system as of last year. Some of our agents were able to recover audio recording between a Raktorak identified as Bornyat and a Tensho Expert identified as Zorkash which laid bare their intentions:

    [Bornyat] "What is the meaning of this outrage!"

    [Zorkash] "This plan has been approved by the Pneumarch and has been devised to destabilize currency markets within the human sphere."

    [Bornyat] "How does this demeaning caricature of our people undermine the humans' currency, you sniveling cockroach?!"

    [Zorkash] "We are calling them Stultified Morats, and we will be selling them on an open market as a commodity with less bureaucratic

    [Bornyat] "Why would anyone waste money one these crude images?"

    [Zorkash] "We will tell them that they are backed by a quantum chain, but to be more specific they would not actually be buying the image. The quantum chain would store a ledger of ownership of the image and a link to the database which stores the image for them."

    [Bornyat] "What?! Why wouldn't they just make a digital copy if they liked the image?"

    [Zorkash] "Well, the only real value is in holding the receipt."

    [Bornyat] "But what value is there? Other than them being an affront to our entire race, these images are terrible."

    [Zorkash] "That is where the Stultified Morat Sloop Party community comes into play. We will have bots, and humans with social clout paid through third parties to promote the idea that these images are the next big investment, and that only cowards, and idiots would be foolish to let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass them by. We will also push the notion that the more people buy Stultified Morats the more early buyers' Stultified Morats will be worth. We will also encourage buyers to self identify with their Stultified Morat, thus creating a personal bond which will make it more difficult for them to question why they spent tens, or if not hundreds, of thousands on these terrible images."

    [Bornyat] "This is the stupidest plan you Shasvastii have ever devised."

    [Zorkash] "Let me tell you about Slurp Juices..."

    Our agents were also able to acquire one of these terrible images by a masterful use of a little known technique we will refer to only as 'right-click, copy'.

    Morat Fungible Token.jpg

    -Naami MuuKar
    Tohaa Diplomatic Corps
    Delivered through Thaam-Buur
    Authorized Chaksa Representative
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